What i love most about the huawei nova y70 is its outstanding battery life. Personally, from my experience, i have been struggling with my phone always running out of charge, especially when i am outside the huawei. Nova y70 has a built in 6000 mah battery partnered with the huawei unique ai, smart power, saving technology, providing users with a superior long, lasting battery life that eradicates any fear of running out of charge. It supports type c usb with 22.5 watt huawei supercharge, wherein users only need to charge their phone for 10 minutes to enjoy three hours of video playback, which is perfect for users on the go. The device itself has an integrated 13 layer charging protection system which further makes charging not only easier but faster and also safer. The long lasting battery life will only require charging twice a week, which is far better than other smartphones. With the same capacity. The huawei nova y70 can also double as power bank that supports wired, reverse charging for users, owning smart watches, bands and other smartphones. It boasts a 6.75 inch, hd plus full view display. The display has a screen ratio of 90.26 granting users a fuller viewing experience when watching videos and playing games aside from watching and playing games. The ebook mode has a black and white screen that lets avid readers. Like me, enjoy the feeling of reading a book coupled with the accessibility of a smartphone, so whether youre watching movies, reading books playing games or just browsing the web, the versatility of the huawei nova y70 screen will give you a comfortable experience for the camera.

This smartphone is equipped with an ai triple camera. The 48mb high resolution main lens 5 mp wide angle lens and 2 mp depth lens just bring life to every picture and scene. It is capable of bringing in more light coupled to the huawei algorithm, optimization, allowing further reduction of noise, improved photodynamic range and wider angles to fit your frame and background booking. This allows users to have instagram friendly shots on any type of subjects. You are capturing. It also has an 8 mp front, timer that supports the same bokeh effect when taking selfies hey guys. So i am currently testing out the front camera of the huawei nova y70 for a video this, along with the huawei ai beauty, allows improvements in image, sharpness and digital noise, so users can capture selfies the way they want them. Using multiple devices has never been so easy now, with the huawei nova y70 creating a super device. You can now connect any smart gadget to your huawei nova y70 at ease by just dragging the icons corresponding to the device you want to connect with the smartphone. The huawei emui 12 comes with a fully upgraded control center that allows users to interact and manage multiple devices, hassle, free and lastly, the huawei nova y70 also comes with the huawei app gallery, providing the needed applications and smartphones that users can directly download. It also comes with a wishlist feature: reward system and four layer. Detection security thanks to huaweis unique, hms core applications are capable of all scenarios and cross device collaboration, providing users a more convenient and safe app experience.

All in all, the new huawei novo y70 is a good entry to mid range smartphone for a price point of only 99999 passes that focuses on giving each user their needs this 2022..