Okay, were gon na, be driving away from the car niche for just a little bit um its not going to be an everyday thing, of course, were not every day going to be away from the carnage. But you know here and there we may not be in that niche, so i just wanted to keep you guys up to date on that. But, as you can see, this setup is a little bit weird alrighty guys. So the setup might look a little weird because i am sitting down in front of the wall: im usually recording on to get ready to go outside and do a vlog. So yeah the setup might look a little weird and it definitely feels weird for me, because i kind of just want to go. Do something out in the public but im sitting here, getting ready for a whole different thing and it kind of feels weird its okay. Well, figure it out me and you, if you guys remember back in fridays, video the top five future upgrades for uno. I talked about in the very beginning, something that i got, but it wasnt for uno. It was for you guys to bring better quality videos to you guys and it did come on thursday and it was supposed to come on sunday. So yesterday was supposed to come, but it came on thursday. It was supposed to be here on thursday at 10 p.m, but it came even earlier than that, so it came on thursday at like 6 10 p.

m, and it was just mind boggling, because i paid free shipping. It was supposed to be here on sunday. It came on thursday, and then it still came even earlier than it said it was supposed to come, but guys in todays video. We are going to be reviewing the movo. I vlogger smartphone video kit and guys honestly this. This right here is an amazing kit like if i had to give it an overall rating. I would give it a four out of five like it was a really good kit. I mean it has some of its cons, which i will talk about in the video but overall its an amazing kit, so with no further ado lets jump straight into it. So guys when you open up the box, you do get this nice little case for it. It honestly is super smooth. It has a little spot right here, so you can hang it. You could hold it by your keys. If you really wanted to, you could attach it to your backpack or, if youre like me, you just put this whole thing in your backpack and youre good. You take it around with you, wherever it has the little mobile logo right there. Oh, that sounds pretty cool. Mobo logo, mobo logo – hey all right. We cant get sidetracked right now. So this is the case it comes in. It looks really nice. It feels good everything works perfectly, listen to the zip mint, its mint condition, but yeah.

So this is the case. Were gon na open it up right now, so we just simply take this one all the way around boom and you guys are gon na. Take a look inside there for me boom there. You guys go. That is the whole entire vlogging kit right there, the price you pay and what you get is absolutely insane. You know some people may think that its bad, because its a budget thing, but i mean budget isnt, always bad. You know this is not as bad as some people would think so were gon na hop into the very first item, so lets jump into that, but guys the first thing youre going to want to grab when you open. This thing is definitely the tripod. So if youre going to be setting this up with me, if you have one with you, this is definitely the first thing youre going to grab honestly its very durable, even though its made out of plastic, it just feels really good um. It has great grip on it as well. The tripod amazing were gon na move on to the next item and, as im doing this im also gon na be assembling it as well. That way, if you guys do have it, you just follow along on assembling it. If you dont know, but yeah lets move on to the next item, so the next item is right here it is the ball head mount and guys.

This item right here is absolutely amazing as well. This is actually where the first con comes from as well, though, but before we get into that everything is made out of metal here, so its a lot more like reliable than the tripod, because the tripod is just plastic, but this is metal, so its definitely gon Na hurt more if it hits your head ow that actually hurt. I dont know why i did that, but okay, but yeah, this whole ball head. Mount is absolutely amazing, like i said its made out of metal and its very easy to use so right here. Hopefully, you guys can see it, it does say, unlock and locked. So simply, if you turn it left its gon na unlock it. If you turn it right its gon na lock it – and you know the tighter you go, the more locked its gon na be but anyways. If you turn left and unlock it, this becomes very, very movable um. You can even make it go in this lot to get into portrait mode, but if you go back to this way its going to be in a landscape, i shoot in portrait mode sometimes, but i keep it in landscape mode. That way, i can get like cinematics and stuff cut to the cinematics Music yeah. Like i was saying, there is only one small con about this and its when you whip, like, if youre doing a whip transition, sometimes no matter how tight you have it because of how heavy your whole setup is.

It will move off like a couple inches or centimeters, and then you just have to unlock it and move it back, but honestly its not that bad like as long as you hold the phone as well, when youre doing a hard whiff its going to hold in Place and its going to be amazing and really thats the only con about this, but anyways you just simply screw it on into the tripod, its very simple righty, tighty, lefty loosey, so dont be trying to do left. I think im almost dead left when i hit myself in the head with this thing, but anyways. This is the setup you have right now, its just the tripod and the ball head mount and then the next thing you hook up is the phone holder itself. So right here you have the phone holder itself, honestly theres, not much to say about it: um right heres, where you screw it in right, heres, where you put the next attachment and if you pull it it opens up to any size phone. So i have an iphone 12 pro max and with the case, it still fits this, so you dont even have to take off your case, its gon na fit amazing and, like i said, theres, absolutely nothing wrong with this. Besides me not being able to hold it, but yeah nothing wrong with it, it is made out of plastic and it does feel a little cheap, but i mean its not really that bad after you get used to it.

Theres really no complaints about a phone case holder because you can just buy another one and yeah its, not really that bad. So simply youre gon na you know connect the tripod to the ball head mount and the ball head. Mount gets connected to the phone case, holder itself, you just twist it on just like last time: righty tighty, lefty, loosey yeah. This is what you should have right now and seriously. This is all you need to start vlogging honestly, you dont even need this. You just use your hand, but if you ever get tired of using your hands, this is seriously all you need. You just need a tripod. The ball head mount and the phone holder and boom youre set for life. You dont even need the next three items, but it definitely does make it a bit better yeah. This is seriously all you need to start. Vlogging dont try and get anything expensive, dont try and go all crazy because our phones can now do insane hd like its insane. So the next item is the extension bracket. Theres, absolutely nothing wrong that i could say with the extension bracket. I mean its an extension bracket. Nothing really wrong with it. So simply its just hook it up to the phone holder. It just goes right in the slot and youre just gon na simply slide it in and then youre just gon na righty tidy this. But i record with my back camera and my setup.

I want to see all the movo stuff so the movos right here, so i usually set it up backwards like this. Just so, i could see all the mobo stuff, but anyways youre gon na write righty tighty. This thing dont lefty, lucy it because youre never gon na, tighten it on and right there there you go. This is now your new setup. You got a tripod, you got the ball head mount. You got a phone holder and an extension bracket where the next two items go so lets go into the next two items. This right here is the 30 led light and, honestly, it kind of looks like a toy. Are you telling me this doesnt look fake and like a toy like it, doesnt look real at all um. Honestly, there is no cons about it. Really, i would say the only con, i would say honestly like for me, theres not a con, but for someone else. Thats, maybe a nighttime vlogger or shoots more at night. I would say the only con is you have to charge it. It doesnt come with a battery, so i mean you dont just get all this insane life. You do have to recharge it, but i mean at the same time thats amazing, because i mean you dont have to go out and buy a battery. You dont have to buy a spare battery. You just recharge it, but for me yeah it doesnt really matter because most my vlogs are in daytime, so you guys can see what im doing, but right here next to the charging port is also the on off button.

So you flip it up. It turns on you, flip it down, turns off and then on. The other side is all the settings. It does come with three settings and the three settings are low, medium and high and honestly i dont really have a problem with this thing: its amazing it can blind you out, like its insane, so lets see im gon na just turn it on, and you guys Can see how bright it is im gon na try and not just put it at the camera and blind you guys out, like its the sun. So right here is the low setting its honestly really good for a low setting. You go up one. It turns off and turns right back on, and that means you went to medium and if you do it one more time you go to high setting – and this is the brightest setting and its honestly super powerful like i can use this as a flashlight at night And its absolutely insane so were gon na drop down low turn this off, so we dont kill the battery but yeah honestly an insane product like i wasnt expecting that much as it does look like a cartoon drawing but hey you get surprised like i said you Get surprised but anyways for my setup seeming that i record like this. I usually set up my microphone on this side and my light on the side that says movo. So if you guys want to have a complete setup like mine, simply set it up right here, um and i try and get it near the edge as well its kind of difficult to get it near the edge.

But you kind of just put your thumb there. So it cant move and you just tighten it down: righty tighty, lefty loosey. Remember that guys and then boom youve got this set up right here, make sure its tightly on nothings going anywhere and its boom so tightened up, make sure everythings tightened up and yeah its that simple youve got this setup going on now, so you got the tripod. The ball head mount the phone holder, the extension bracket and an led 30 light. So you got a really insane setup right here. You dont even need to hook up the microphone honestly because the microphone does change it a bit, but there are times youre going to have to unhook the mic. If you do want to talk – and i will explain that now as we go into the mic, alrighty and right here – is the microphone itself and honestly its not that bad of a microphone you know for the price you do get this at this isnt – that bad Of a microphone, the only thing is its made out of plastic right here, so dont drop it. It does come with two settings. I wish i could tell you guys what the two settings are, but i have zero clue honestly. So if you guys know what these settings are, one like aims down and then the other is just a straight line. So if you know what those mean, let me know in the comment section below because im not much into like camera equipment.

You know im just a car person, but i need to start getting into a camera equipment, so i can understand this stuff, but yeah its its a good mic. Um, like i said it, it does have its cons and thats. What im gon na talk about right now so the con about it is, i was just testing it. You know seeing how it works and all that, and simply if you are recording and its not really windy, you can have this plugged in like this will work phenomenal its going to be amazing, but if it is windy, do not have this plugged in, like you. Can have it on your setup that way at least looks like youre talking into it, but dont have it plugged in because your vlog or your video clip or whatever youre making is gon na become very, very choppy and its gon na sound, really bad youre. Barely gon na hear yourself and its more gon na sound like this yeah, its gon na sound like that. So definitely dont. Have it hooked up when its windy outside, unless thats the type of vibe youre going for and then im, not stopping you if you hook it up when its windy boom, you got a crazy vlog right there, but yeah. It does come with an out right there and honestly, this hooks up to four things it hooks up to. If you have a phone with the headphone jack, it does hook up with the newer iphones and it hooks up to android and it hooks up to one more thing.

I dont, i think its for, like actual cameras. So if you do end up getting this for an actual camera, it also hooks up for that as well, but yeah its it hooks up to anything you need it to and, like i said, the only really big con is that, if youre recording in the wind, This is not the way to go, so definitely dont do that, but yeah were gon na hook this up to the setup right here and then were gon na hop over to the setup itself. So you guys can hear the difference in the mic quality so yeah. Let me hook this up real quick. I put it on the opposite side. I hope you put it on the opposite side too, because i mean it isnt really going to go anywhere else, but just hook it up. Do the same thing like i said i like mine completely on the outside and then just do the righty tighty lefty loosey thing one more time and boom youre gon na have a whole entire setup, so yeah very simple assembly, very simple and everything works. Amazing. If you have it in the right spot and honestly, this is an amazing setup for the price you get. It looks amazing, its not heavy at all like this is not a heavy setup at all, and the last thing i need really is the cord that connects to my phone, so im gon na get that and then we can show you guys the quality difference so Lets hook that up and lets jump to the tripod alrighty guys.

So now we are hooked up to the tripod itself. We have everything hooked in the microphone the lights on everything everything you guys just saw me hook up is on this, and i just wanted to show you guys the light real, quick. That way, you guys can see what it is like and i do have it on the high setting so im just gon na flip this on real quick, and that is what the light looks like. It is absolutely amazing, it is super bright. I definitely look like a whole different skin tone right now. I can tell you that much so were gon na turn this off. So i dont look like an alien and yeah. Everything does work amazing right now. As you hear the mic, i will be unplugging it right now, so you will tell the difference and honestly, it is a very amazing setup. I have nothing wrong with it and, like i said, besides the two cons on it, which is the ball head mount when you just if you swing it too hard its gon na move a bit and the microphone when its windy – and you just cant, hear yourself Anymore, thats definitely the only two big differences. I can tell you about, like honestly, theres, nothing really wrong with this. This is a very good setup for the price you pay, but yeah honestly. This is definitely a good investment if you are a newer, youtuber and guys.

This will be in the description down below. It will be the link that says amazon, so i will have it that way. You guys know and guys. I just hope you guys did enjoy todays video. Thank you guys for getting me to 30 subs. I went up 10 subscribers in one day. I dont know what happened that day, but something happened. I went up 10 subscribers like what the hell but yeah. I definitely appreciate you guys so much were at 30 subscribers. We have been going for one week now and we are growing fast. So thank you guys so much for just the consulate, support and love.