So the good thing about this phone is that you can. Actually, you know remove the the case or like the body of this phone and change it with something else, and i only have one so im just im. Only keeping this um blue one, but whatever so lets, get started with a tour for of this phone, and you have the speaker, nokia, logo, screen keypad. I think the buttons actually glow and this right side. We have nothing except this little thing to put your little accessory on your phone and the left side as well. There is nothing except this thing you know to help you remove the cover with this uh phone or whatever, and also another. You know this thing for your accessory. Whatever i mean, this could be something else, but im sorry. So, on the back, we have the nokia logo and the camera on the top. We have power button, and this is just nothing in the bottom. We have the headphone jack, or i mean the charger and the headphone jack with the microphone i mean like both are chargers, maybe im not sure, because ive i didnt do lots of research search, so um just press like that, and then you can remove the back Cover of this phone so, as you can see, heres the battery which can be removed it like can be removed like that from this way and yeah thats, as you can see the sim card slots – and you just slide like this, and so you can change it Again, all right now lets turn on the phone, okay and, of course, guys the specs as as usual.

Of course, they are in the description below so just check him out. All right lets turn on the phone lets go somewhere else, so you can see the screen. All right all right guys, so that here is the phone. Just put this wallpaper and theme on it. So now i have messages, call register contacts, profiles, settings, radio, camera gallery, organizer games, applications extras connectivity services go to this is the sim card services. So um lets see maybe the radio, and so it also says, connects and enhancements and headsets so um camera all right lets see the camera and sadly you cant really take videos, you know record the videos and it doesnt it. Doesnt have bluetooth, or anything i mean you can just connect to the pc without support that weird looking boards, you know so its sadly, i mean even the picture thats in my wallpaper just took it from the camera and nothing and using nothing else. So um yeah thats, the gallery, organizer theres a alarm clock calendar a to do list and thats it and lets check the games um this movie star racing. Of course this is carrier game, but the original two games are bounce and chess puzzle, so Music yeah, i dont, want to play right now so well have applications, and here we go and converter portfolio, not for the app downloads. There are no no no downloads or anything, so we have also calculator countdown timer, stopwatch wallet, synchronization, um connectivity, infrared gprs and lets.

Let i mean lets see in fray reception. How weird? Actually it is. I dont know anything about this kind of uh. You know reception or anything, but maybe i could i could try you know later if you can send some kind of questions. Okay, so gprs is also there in freyas deception. I i dont know: how can i turn it off, so i have services and go to dont radio, etc. Um yeah. I guess i think thats it. I actually already made another. You know review video. I just really forgot it and just made it again. So i just remembered that i already made a review of this phone but anyways i dont care, you know just just want to why not just uploading it again, why not just re upload it so um yeah. I hope you guys enjoy this video, please like share and subscribe. My channel see you next time.