Is this guy the riomi knight compared to its 5g variant? It brings an amoled display, a 108 megapixel camera and a slightly less powerful processor and since its launched here in nepal a couple of weeks ago, one of our team members has been testing it. Alongside the redmi note 11s and the poco x4 pro, which are some of the best mid range phones of 2022., so lets find out if the realme 9 falls in the same category. Okay, so the most remarkable thing about this phone is definitely its design. I think this is the best looking budget smartphone in 2022 that i have seen so far. The stargaze white variant that we have here has a ripple typing going on and depending on how youre holding the phone its a back panel shimmers colorful race, which looks pretty cool. If you ask me, but uh, let me clarify that this is still an entirely plastic made phone, which interestingly, works in its favor thats, because this plastic build helps real me achieve a slim and lightweight design, and another thing that ive noticed is that its a curved Rear panel allows the phone to have slimmer frames and a more pocketable form factor. Furthermore, all the buttons here are well within reach, but i was quite disappointed to find that the real me 9 only has a single downward firing speaker its really weird. That real me offered stereo speakers on the much cheaper realme 9i and not this phone.

However, i found it super amoled screen to be slightly superior to similarly priced phones like the redmi note 11s, when it comes to colors and details that aside its bezels are pretty slim too, you even get an optical industry, fingerprint scanner underneath, which is something that you Dont see that often in other budget phones – and it works pretty well unless your fingers are wet or something just like the more expensive realme 9 pro. This uh fingerprint sensor even doubles as a heart rate, monitor, but not the most accurate reading, ive seen but its cool. To even have this feature, i guess by the way, this is also a 90 hertz screen, but still i think realme could have made it feel. A bit smoother through software optimization because there are instances like uh when switching between apps, where the 90 hertz refresh rate does not feel like 90 hertz. It also supports adaptive refresh rate, but it does not work as intended. For example, facebook runs at 60hz in the auto select mode, although such apps are capable of running smoothly at 90 hertz. This looks to be a software problem, since snapdragon 680 has handled 90 hertz quite well. In our experience with the redmi note 11s and the moto g52, hopefully realme will fix this with a software update as the phone feels smooth otherwise, with its 360hz sampling rate. Okay. Moving on the realme 9 is among the very few budget phones that ship with the latest android 12 out of the box.

Then again, the company has not committed to any kind of upgrade roadmap, so theres that and as expected, realmes custom android skin is loaded with a few bloatware apps, some of which can annoy you with notifications. Thankfully, most of them can be uninstalled and on our test we havent come across any major software bug in day to day usage. So far, Music, all right lets talk cameras. Now. The realme 9 is the worlds first phone to feature samsungs new 108 megapixel isl hm6 sensor. Therefore, it is also a feature that really has used to create hype around the phone, but how does it perform in real life usage, then, as you can see in these images, uh photos from the realme 9 have quite saturated, colors, um thats, typical of a real Me phone, if you ask me um its more evident when you place them side by side with other 108 megapixel camera phones, like the redmi note 11s. In this instance, the punchy colors work quite well in favor of realme 9, as its photos usually look more pleasing to the eyes. Okay, when it comes to portraits there is not a clear winner here: realme nine shots have a reddish tint, whereas objects look almost lifeless from the redmi note 11s. On the other hand, neither of them can take good enough selfies to set one as your profile picture. There is a lot of smoothing going on on the realme 9, whereas the redmi note 11s tends to add artificial details somehow, as for regular nighttime images, theyre, not any better.

However, the 108 megapixel sensor on this phone does work its magic under night mode, which delivers noticeably better exposure, details and colors getting to videos. You can only record at 1080p 30fps from both the front and rear camera from these phones and, as you can see here, they suffer from poor stabilization and color reproduction. All in all, realme 9s camera setup is pretty decent for the price, especially for photos. Then again, i guess not everyones gon na, like its over the top color processing. Now under the hood, the real me 9 is powered by qualcomm snapdragon 680 and i dont think this chip needs any introduction, since it has been widely used in many border phones. This year in case youre unfamiliar, the snapdragon 680 is built on a power efficient, 6nm process node. Hence the realme 9 offers great battery life paired. With a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, we easily got a days endurance on heavy usage from this phone. So someone with a relatively more relaxed usage pattern should easily be able to squeeze around two days of endurance. Likewise, the phone supports 33 watt fast charging and a real me has included a compatible power, brick inside the box itself, which takes around 70 to 75 minutes. For a complete fill up and an interesting feature here is something called optimized night charging, which slows down the charging rate overnight so that you get a fully fueled phone by the time you wake up without damaging the battery health or anything.

Apart from the excellent battery life, there is well not much to love about the snapdragon, 680 chipset, sadly sure regular usage and light gaming are not all that bad here, but this chip is too underpowerful for mobile gaming in 2022., for instance, you will be disappointed with How the phone handles popular modern titles like pubg as the phone maxes out at just smooth graphics and high frame rates, which means 30 fps gameplay and nothing more and its not optimized, to run high fps games like critical ops at 90, fps either long story short Dont buy the real me 9 or any other snapdragon 680 powered phone. If gaming is your top priority for that, older chipsets, like the helio g96 or newer ones like the snapdragon 695, will perform a lot better. Okay. That brings me to the end of this video. So do i love the realme 9? Well, i really appreciate what the company has done with the looks and despite not being a premium device. It has this touch of elegance that you wont find in many of the competition, and then you get this beautiful super amoled screen with a built in fingerprint reader too. However, if you dont care about the aesthetics, the poco x4 pro still remains. My favorite all rounder phone in its class. It offers a much better 120 hex has refreshed display. It offers stereo speakers superior performance, 5g support and better cameras, all of that for just 10 percent, more cost so guys.

That was all for my full review of the real me 9. Do, let me know in the comments if you would go for a design focused smartphone like this one or uh.