I dont know how the new one is, but compared to this one i much rather have this one, so you want the long review and so where to start. First of all, theres like three mounting points, theres one here, one in the middle one at the bottom and one at the top here – and it comes with this. Nifty microphone stands to regular, tripod threads, so thats kind of cool that comes with a adapter and the way it works. Its youve got like this locking slide a bit which you can adjust the length lock it in place, and then here you can just tighten it. Even further using this locking mechanism, so this is like a quick way to adjust. This is like a tightening thing, and so i bought it to mount this. The monster go dj because originally i had this one and my little problem is that it doesnt go in. Quite as deep as it should its missing like uh, half 50 centimeters, so uh, so it just rested here and my problem was: if i was to tap on it, it would bank like kind of fall out. So i bought this one in the hope that the clamping dimension would be deeper than this one and really hold it in place, because the dimensions werent marked on the websites which, in fact, i should probably tell you the dimensions. So this is, i believe, 2.5 centimeters. The clamping er length, i believe, its somewhere between six centimeters and nine, so nine as its largest, and if i unscrew this it gives me, you know the nine centimeters and its very minimum its like six centimeters of clamping air, and this is um.

One point id say: four centimeters im im counting it from this rubber bit, not like the whole height thing, just v from the top of the rubber, its a bit inclined, which is quite cool. If youve got a phone, i believe it holds it in place rather well compared to the manfrotto one. This is like plastic, and here youve got like rubber grips on both sides and very Music on the middle part, which honestly its like a grippy rubber, its rather good. Of course, youve got your cold shoe mount if you wanted to mount a light or a microphone or something come on, go in it. Well, i dont know why boom. So if you wanted a little light, you could have one and yeah its just a overall good uh good phone clamp its like a little rubber o ring here, thats quite grippy, and this is completely aluminium with robot. It just feels like a solid chunk of solid sort of thing, whereas this its like plasticky theres, two advantages to this one, its about one, its cheaper uh, the other one, is that its got this little stand. So if you wanted to hold your phone, you could just well if i were to stick it in the middle. Well, i still go to stick it in the window because ive got this, but if you had a regular phone you could just put it in place. I believe you could also maybe hold it vertically im, not sure i cant remember if you can just hold it vertically, like that, lets give it a try.

Well, well, you know you can so thats, rather practical its also a bit faster to just stick your phone in uh. If i remember correctly this, this is like a little yeah. Youve got like half youve got eight centimeters of clamping area instead of nine. So if your phone is really wide for some reason, this would be better, but this is probably adapted for most things, but anyhow, so far, im really happy with this one and yeah.