Obviously my dad got a ball here too. We got something. This guy inside is rather plain. Looking nondescript cardboard box is the worlds loudest smartphone, which also just happens to have infrared night vision, im, not sure who was asking for the worlds loudest smartphone, but here it happened. Speaking of opera. Did you know one of the very first web, the dawn on the browsers, was also called opera thanks to that same web browser for sponsoring this video come around the desk and let me show you how it works. This is the view of my desk, from where i sit. We have the main camera here, but were getting distracted were here for the browser. Opera is a Music but also free. Some pretty nifty features that arent normally seen on an internet browser it can import. All of your bookmarks, from whatever browser you were using previously, but it also has a built in vpn or a virtual private network. The integrated vpn secures your internet traffic and also has no subscription no logins, no data limits and no payments. Opera also includes a built in ad blocker, which protects speaking of tabs. Penboard is operas glorified, bookmark manager that helps keep my different projects and easy to select. It also has a built in player which handles music and podcast playback without needing to open up Music. I can just float that video around need to so, if youre, looking for the absolute swiss army knife of web browsers ill leave a link for opera down video description, its hard to beat a free, vpn and free ad blocker links down in the description.

And now i think, its time to see how durable the worlds loudest smartphone really is. Lets get started. The worlds loudest smartphone is Applause, theyve been around for a while, but this is our first look at what the company can do here on my channel. I doubt theyve ever experienced unboxing Applause, Music, charging, cable and an 18 watt fast charger. The hdmi is pretty solid. First impressions are important kind of reminds me of the kyocera sapphire phone we tested last year surrounding the larger speaker. Protrusion is a decorative carbon fiber. Looking back panel size, it has about the same footprint as my almost three year old, but even with my case, the h5 is nearly twice as Music: Music Applause, Music Music, which means agm, is on par for their specifications. Nice work, the speakers pretty legit lets see how the rest of the phone holds up and what that night vision camera looks like. I noticed there is a plastic screen protector that costs four times Music, which deeper curves at is seven, which is something ive said before. Once or twice there is a front facing 20 megapixel camera protected by the front, grill glass, the earpiece – and this is where we get our first glimpse of that budget build quality. The earpiece grille is just glued into place and well probably fall out of its own time. The hdmi is also ip69 water resistant, but that resistance definitely is visible on the outside of the speaker.

Hopefully, theres more protection on the inside, but we wont know until we open it up. Speaking of opening it up, the sides of the phone are covered in a thick layer of rubber, just like a built in case and digging past the layer of rubber. We find a plastic sub layer underneath the textured power button and volume rocker are made of plastic corner bumpers and quite is, is the last carbon fiber phone. We tested didnt turn out too well, and i think rubber would go farther towards impact and drop protection firewood. The aesthetic texture does look pretty cool, though Applause, instead of buying they pay good. I advertisements amazon should just pay it. The camera lenses are made from plastic, which is something since back in 2015., plastic lenses are pretty rare. I assume agm chose plastic for its impact protection, while, assuming the large speaker pump would keep the plastic from scratching. Plastic does have its benefits. Of course, it just probably wouldnt be my first pick for cameras. Speaking of games lets check out the infrared. There are several different kinds of night vision: theres these super expensive, electronic military grade, goggles that have the classic green image, but then theres much cheaper, that use infrared to illuminate the surroundings.