This is one of the latest phone offering from umidigi and umidigi sent this over to me just to do a review and in this video ill be sharing with you, the unboxing and review of this umidigi a13 pro, and if you are new here, the subscribe to The channel is much appreciated, as i do a lot of reviews on smartwatches and airpods. So if that really interests, you please consider subscribing to the channel right now hit that notification bell by the side so that you can get notified. Once i post a new video like this useful one, without wasting much of your time, lets get down to business. All right lets start with the price. The price of this umidigi a13 pro is 83 000 era, which is equivalent to 138 us dollars. As of the time of posting, this video, this phone comes in two variants, which are the 4 gig ram, 128 gig room and the 6 gig 128 gig room, which i have the 6g gram variant here. It is also available in three colors, which are the starry black galaxy blue and the sun glow gold, which i have the galaxy blue here lets i forget, umidigi, is giving out some of their smartphone in their 2022 global giveaway. So if you are interested, you can enter by checking the link in the description box below to the unboxing. It is packed in a yellow box, with umidigi beyond dream smartphone. On top and behind the box, youll find the specification of this smartphone opening the box.

You are greeted by the smartphone itself, with a pre installed protective transparency case next, come the manual envelope, housing, the sim injector 2 and a long red type c, charging cable and lastly, the umidigi 10 wax power. Adapter. That is all you find in the box. Lets go to the design this midiga a13 pro smartphone looks similar to an iphone 11.. Maybe just a little bit taller in terms of height it has this dazzling aegis, match glass at the back, which feel a little bit of plastic. However, this is still lightweight and cool to touch. If you need a smartphone that is lightweight and with a slick style design, then this is for you. The umidigi a13 pro has a wide 6.7 inches display, which is good enough for media consumption with the 16 megapixel selfie camera in the teardrop notch. At the top of this umidigi a13 smartphone youll find the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a microphone hole at the bottom. It has a secondary microphone, a type c charging port and a single speaker on the right is where youll find the volume keys and the power button that doubles as finger spin scanner, which i find very responsive. It unlocks the phone faster and on the left is the hybrid drill, nano sim and memory card slot with one shortcut button which you can customize to do anything you want it to do like screenshot, start recording or open flashlight. With all this being said, this is not a 5g smartphone, it is still a 4g smartphone and it is a good one.

So, keep that in mind now lets talk about the overall performance of this umidigi a13 pro it runs on android 11 stock version, and this is powered by the unisoc t610 octa core processor and notice. This smartphone can handle almost everything you throw at it. So handling multitasks is just an easy breeze. Its 5150 milliamps battery can last you for two days if you are just using it for basic attacks or basic use of a smartphone, and if you are a heavy gamer, then this should take you through hard the whole day. During my testing, i played every graphic demand games like pubg call of duty, and this guy performed very well hold this at medium or low settings. Now lets talk about the camera. The camera layout has a sony, 48 megapixel, camera 5 megapixel micro, camera and 8 megapixel. Ultra wide angle, camera why the front facing camera is 16 megapixel. These are not the very best camera setup, but they get the job done, and here is the camera quality test all right guys. So this is the back facing camera of the umidigi a13 pro, and this is recording at 1080p 30 frames per second, as you can see its clearer and it is sharper, at least for this price range lets, see the front facing camera all right guys. So this is the video quality of the umidigi a13 pro. So this is a front facing camera and this is what youll be getting if you are buying it right now.

So can you hear the voice world? Can you hear? Can you see the video quality? Is it okay, please let me know down in the comment section. This is recording at 720p 30 frames per second, and let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below one thing i noticed about the camera department is that if there is a good lighting like a sunny day, the image and videos of this umidigi a13 Pro comes out very good and creepy photos, look crazy, sharp and the video quality is decent enough for a smartphone of this price point, and in case you need natural, looking pink leaves on your photos, then umidigi has these features too. In conclusion, this is one of the best budget friendly smartphone that you can get at this price point. It has one of the best software that you can ever see on a budget friendly smartphone like this. If you ask me, i do recommend you get one today. Ive been using the umidigi a7 pro for a while having this umidigi a13 pro is an upgrade, and if you have any question, please drop it down there.