My name is joshua wong welcome to fast view, episode 61.. I do short and fast tech reviews on this channel thats. How the name came about first lets have a quick unboxing inside the box. You get the creative outlier pro earphone, different sizes of ear tips, usb c charging, cable and some documents. The metallic finish case has a unique way of storing the earbuds. Instead of the usually cover lid, all the outlier series are slide out. It uses a magnetic locking mechanism that is reasonably strong and wont slide out even with forceful shakes. The usb c charging port and led indicators that show battery and charging status are located on the left. The creative outlier pro can also be charged wirelessly with any qi enabled charging pad or smartphone the in ear design nearby. That has a glossy surface on the touch control area, which can pick up fingerprints easily. The stemless earbuds may look bulky, but its not as heavy by their looks. The proportion weigh made the earbuds comfortable to wear even for long hours. It does protrude more and i would feel it pushing into my ear canal when i taps the earbud. The touch control is sensitive and only support. Multiple taps. Double tap are to play, pause and switch between normal anc and ambient modes. Triple taps are to skip a song or summon the voice assistant press and hold is to adjust the volume. This control can be custom via the creative app which is available on both android and ios.

The creative outlier pro is probably the chunkiest tws earphone that i ever reviewed and theres a reason for it. It can offer up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge which can easily outlast your smartphone battery life. The charging case itself can also offer an additional 3 round of charges. Thats total of 60 hours of playtime. This is also will be the best companion for a long haul flight or travel without worrying the battery life of the earphone coming to sound quality. The outlier pro features 10millimeter graphene coated drivers, the latest bluetooth 5.2, and support sbc and aac sound codecs on a normal profile. It has a warm tonalities and offer robust bass. The sound stage could be wider. You can always tweak the audio with the 10 bans. Graphic equalizers or pick the wide range of eq presets, ranging from acoustic country rb, including game, specific options like fortnite genshin impact and more through the creative companion app. The outlier pro is super x, fi, ready its a holographic audio technology that offers a more immersive listening experience through a sophisticated head and ears mapping process. The outcome is like a magic with a wider, sound stage, clearer voice and instrument separations. Unfortunately, the super x fi lacks streaming service integrations like spotify or apple music, as it only works with local media files stored in your smartphone. The anc is just average and doesnt cut out much noise, even at maximum intensity.

As for the ambient mode, it feels more natural, but it tend to pick up wind noise prominently with a total of six microphone. It is able to cancel background noise effectively, heres a mic with the creative outlier pro a busy street noise playing behind and the air cond is blowing at this direction. Mic test one two: three mic test: one: two: three for the asking price of 80 us dollar, which translated to about 330 to 340 ringgit, malaysia, the creative outlier pro, is not the most budget tws in this class, but it offers a pleasing all rounder and excellent Battery life, that no others come close. If you are looking for a more compact design and more features like in ear, wear, detections and multi point connections, you may have to look elsewhere. If you are interested in getting one the where to buy link will be in the description box, thats all from me on the creative outlier pro. You know the drill, if any questions leave them in the comment box below ill be sure to answer them.