Well, dji has done it once again and brought us the om5 smartphone gimbal Music, so the dji om5 is the newest smartphone gimbal. That improves many things from last years. Om4 that we didnt even know we needed improving the most notable being the much more compact size and form factor in this video im going to show you all of the features of the om5 ill. Do a quick, unboxing ill show you how it compares to the om4 well discuss a few new features of the memo software and ill. Tell you my favorite thing about this powerful little smartphone gimbal. So first lets take a look at what to expect when you get into the box and ill show you the hardware and how it compares to the om4 and then ill show you what all of the buttons are used for in the dji om5 box. You will first notice a packet of paperwork which includes a quick start guide, which you wont need after watching this video and my next one about this gimbal here on the channel next youll find the gimbal itself tucked away nicely into its molded pocket. Underneath that you will find the mini tripod, the phone clamp, which other than some minor aesthetic changes, is pretty much the same as the one from the om4, a riser pad for smaller phones, a nice, long, usbc, charging, cable, a lanyard and finally, a soft carrying bag. Now, im sure well see some aftermarket storage cases, for this keep an eye out for the one from pgy tech as im sure they will have one soon when compared to last years model the om4.

You will see a pretty dramatic difference in size. The om5 weighs just 290 grams, which is over 30 percent lighter than the om4 and its 25 smaller. Now i really didnt think the lighter weight would matter that much because the om4 was pretty light to begin with, but its one thing that i didnt realize would be that big of a difference between the om4 and the om5, but that smaller size its really convenient. I like to put in your pocket and things like that, but the lighter weight also makes a difference so like im out of breath like when youre hiking and carrying this thing around, like you wouldnt think itd. Be that big of a difference but the lighter weight like you can carry this thing for a long time and your arm doesnt get quite as tired, so so thats pretty cool the layout is pretty much the same, but there is one additional button on the om5. The idea behind that is to make it easier to use, although its smaller, the grip is ergonomically, just as comfortable to hold the trigger is smaller and the joystick is different in that it has a more tactile and clicky feel to it, which i really like now. One cool thing is that the om5 comes in two colors, the normal dji gray and now sunset white. I think this is a great idea, because, although i love the clean look of dji gray, it also has a sort of clinical look to it for lack of a better description, but the om5 is fun and it should have a fun color to go with it.

It also has the normal quarter 20 mount on the bottom. Oh and one more thing regarding the phone clamp dji claims that the om 5 can handle heavier phones now, and you can leave the case on your phone, which im sure many people will appreciate overall, some very nice enhancements, and i think this version of the om Will actually fit in your pocket now all right lets take a quick look at what all the buttons do on the om5. Now i will be doing a detailed uh tutorial on the software on the memo software and how everything works. So if you want to see that thatll come real soon, here just be sure to subscribe, so you dont miss out on that at the very top here, on the left hand, side youre going to find the power slash m button. If you tap it thats just going to show you the battery life, but if you hold it thats going to power the device on and off. You can also set the m button to do one of two different things number one you can change from photo to video mode when you tap it or you can set it to bring up the quick menu when you tap it, like, i said ill show you That in a future, video hey guys, i was going through my editing, and i noticed i did forget a couple things with the m button. First of all, when you tap the m button twice that puts the gimbal into sleep mode and to wake it up.

You just go ahead and tap any button and that will wake it up and then the other one that i forgot to mention is: if you tap it four times quickly, that will put it into fpv mode. So that means that, however, you move the gimbal thats, how the camera is going to move. So that is how you put it into fpv mode. So sorry, i missed those right below that is the zoom toggle, and this is how youre going to zoom your camera. In and out they made that a lot smaller than the om4 moving to the front of the gimbal. Here you have your joystick. On the upper left hand, side, the joystick is redesigned a little bit its kind of a clicky tactile joystick. I do like that. Having some feedback so thats, pretty nice at the top right is your shutter button. This is for taking a photo or a video uh right below that. This is your function button, and this does one of two things number one. If you tap it once thats gon na switch from front camera to rear camera, and if you tap it twice, thats going to go from portrait mode to landscape mode, so they made things a lot easier, a lot more simple! Looking on the back hand, side back side. Excuse me youre going to find the trigger and the trigger has basically two functions number one when you tap that trigger its going to actively search for something to active track, its going to turn on active tracking and, if theres a subject in front of you.

The algorithm is going to try to figure out if thats what you want to track and its going to highlight it. You can always change that. You can always cancel it and move it around. You can tap the trigger again to turn off active tracking. If you hold the trigger thats going to put the gimbal into lock mode, so when you move the gimbal, the camera is going to stay totally motionless all right. Just a couple other things that i forgot to mention about the trigger when you double tap the trigger that will re center, your gimbal and then secondly, when you quick, tap and then hold that puts the gimbal into sport mode. So sorry, i missed those two things. As well so thats pretty much it for the buttons on there. Like i said i am going to do a detailed tutorial on the memo software for the om 5 so be sure to subscribe. For that, the om 5 has a ton of updates, but the most important question that im guessing most of you want answered is how does it stabilize ultimately thats the primary purpose of a smartphone gimbal right well lets check it out: Music, uh Music, as you can See it definitely accomplishes its primary purpose now, what is likely to be the most attractive feature to many users? Is this its a built, in extension, stick that extends up to 8.5 inches and allows you to achieve more creative angles.

One very popular move with many creators is the low angle shot which is difficult to achieve. If you dont have a way to get your device into the correct position with the om 5. Now you can, by simply extending the stick and holding the phone down low without crouching and potentially hurting your back. I think this will be a very welcome feature for vloggers, because it allows for a more immersive experience for the viewer showing more of the surrounding environment. Its also quite nice, for selfies and for those of you that are into selfies, you can set the om5 to automatically engage the glamour effect when you switch to the front camera and the glamour effect has several new editing options like making your eyes a little bit. Bigger and even your face more slim, i think i need to start using that one taking a further look at the software. You still have all of the fun features like spin shot, dyna zoom, the clone effect time lapse, motion lapse and hyperlapse, and much more, but two new features that i think so many people will love are active track 4.0 and shots guide. First of all, lets take a look at active track. 4.0. The updated version of active track has much improved ability to keep track of the subject and it locks on more quickly when you press the front trigger no need to swipe on the screen anymore. The algorithm automatically selects your subject with the quick tap of the front trigger.

In my opinion, it is the number one feature of the om 5, because the majority of the time youre going to want to focus on a single subject, whether it be a person, a pet, a vehicle or whatever, and you dont even have to think about it. With active track 4.0, if the camera loses view of the subject because of an obstruction, no problem, it doesnt give up and it picks right up once the obstruction is out of the way. The next new feature that dji added was something called shots guide. This is a built in tutorial which automatically recognizes the scene and gives the user suggestions on what kind of clips to record how long to record them the moves to make and so on its a great way for complete beginners to make interesting content, because it holds Your hand and basically walks you through everything with this feature its clear that dji intends to make it as easy as possible for anyone to create engaging content, its a very unique feature – and i think many people will appreciate it now here – is something that whomever came Up with this idea in research and development should get a raise, this is a phone clamp that is also a light. It has three different brightness levels and three different color temperatures. This opens up a whole new world, mostly for vloggers, but anyone that wants to film in low light conditions, because with the om5 and this clamp, they can create impactful engaging content with immersive backgrounds in the dark, so heres the different brightness levels.

This is level one theres level, two and then theres level, three and then the other button on the side changes the color temperature. So here is the blue light: im, not sure what the color temperatures are and then theres the yellow, the warmer light and then theres, 50 50 white light and warmer light. So i think its pretty good. It gives off enough light to do something in the dark and ive, never seen anything like this, so it really is a unique idea. I love it and just so you know this is an optional accessory. The om5 comes in two different colors, which is a nice addition. I would love to see even more options in future versions, but at least dji is targeting a broader group of tastes. They have the normal dji, gray color, and then this one that ive been using for the past three weeks and its called sunset white, but lets be honest. Its pink, its totally pink, smooth stabilized footage is easily attained with this newest gimbal from dji the om5 packs everything that the om4 has plus more into a significantly smaller form factor. The two things that make it stand above similar products is the outstanding active track 4.0 and the built in selfie stick. The battery life is very good, ive used it off and on for almost three weeks, and i have yet to charge it a second time. The shots guide is the perfect assistant for those of you who want to put together an engaging video, but you have no idea where to start.