But how good is it im, em, kwon, welcome back to the channel, guys and girls and in this video ill, be answering that question for you here on em quan reviews, Music, so ana have definitely given their flagship. Some serious specs, plus some like this impressive 6.81 inch, oled ltpo quad curve, display thats, both vibrant and bright, with good contrast, giving media and gaming a great experience. Now. Not only does this display curve on the sides, but the top and bottom too i mean it feels comfortable in the hand, but i personally like a flatter display, but the display tech also features motion, sync technology for the first time, which essentially allows the magic 4 Pro to smart, adjust that refresh rate from 1 hertz to 120 hertz, though it typically seems to be around the 90 hertz. With this setting turned on now, youve also got an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner thats fast and accurate and honor also included something i havent ever thought of before and thats ai privacy call basically reducing the amount of sound leakage that can happen when youre on calls in public Spaces performance wise, its flagship quality with the latest snapdragon 801 four nanometer chipset paired on this regions model with 8gbm ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. Those specs may vary where you are, but its also powered by android 12 and magic ui6, which you know it feels familiar with some bloatware, but it does support google mobile services, which matters to those of us that use and need it.

Now this combo of spec hardware and software works great again. Performance is, as youd expect, from a flagship with smooth day to day use for those planning on gaming with this youll be happy to know that the magic 4 pro features industry first, ai super rendering tech. The gpu turbo x, which allows you exceptionally high frame, weight and network connectivity while generating less heat and lowering latency, so you can expect better gaming quality and buttery smooth graphics. Now, turning the phone around the magic 4 pro star focus is the impressive camera in this distinct module. Hardware wise: it packs a punch with a 50 megapixel, f 1.8 pad with a 50 megapixel f 2.2 ultra wide. Next is a 64 megapixel periscope telephoto, with three and a half times optical and 100x zoom and finally theres a number of sensors, including a dtof for the depth and laser autofocus and a flicker sensor for video and a color spectrum sensor now. Honor have also made improvements to the clarity and details, and these are noticeable in the photography images have a nice dynamic range contrast and colors theres good details and consistency throughout the different focal lens. Compare these shots both taken at the same time, one with the honor magic 4 pro and the other with the iphone 13 pro max i mean, can you guess which is which leave a comment below and let me know if youre surprised by the results, but the Honor magic 4 pro does have some incredible zoom up to 100x and while this is impressive, i cant help but feel that the images taken arent really usable – i mean what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below both that camera and software combination.

Also means that youre going to get much improved images when it comes to low light performance as well. Now, on the front, we have a 12 megapixel, f 2.4 selfie shooter that has a 3d depth. Camera and selfies are nice with good details, but on the subject of camera, i wish anna can improve the ui element of the app its not as intuitive to use one handed and specific controls of a zoom arent, all that easy with the current user interface. Okay. So heres an example of video filmed on the magic 4 pro. Let me know what you think of the quality currently being filmed in 4k 30 frames per second just to keep it consistent with the rest of the video, although it will record up to 60 frames per second now im currently in wide, and one of the features That you can do while youre filming is actually zoom in so this will take a bit of time to zoom in if you press the plus button, there is a little icon on the screen and im going to zoom all the way back out back to wide. Now, let me know what you think of the color, the quality some of the colors can appear a little over saturated, but let me know what you think of that, and also of the audio theres a lot of wind around at the moment. But let me know how it picks up the audio now.

One other feature to talk about is the fact that, on the on a magic 4 pro you have the ability for the magic movie mode which allows you basically more dynamic, uh information and higher dynamic range. So that youre getting a more professional, look and feel to the videos recorded on this okay, so heres an example of what the front facing selfie video looks like so were currently recording. 4K 30 frames per. Second, i do like the slightly wider angle of the front facing selfie uh stabilization audio. Let me know how that sounds. Also, let me know what you think about the whole beauty mode, because i find that the front facing selfie video does add like a layer on top of it. So let me know if thats a little too much. I promise i havent got foundation on by the way. Now when it comes to low light video, i was really impressed because i feel like the overall quality of the video, given that it is low light conditions and that ive zoomed in is pretty impressive. I know that there is some noise in the video there, but overall it is very, very good. So moving on to battery life, its okay, i say that because the 4 600 milliamp hour battery could have been improved or larger. The fast charging does make up for it, though, with the included 100 watt charger in the box, and i was able to charge from zero to full in around 30 to 35 minutes, which is impressive.

Now theres also support for 100 watt fast wireless charging, but theres an additional accessory for that now. Anna are launching the magic 4 pro with a bundle pack here, including the honor watch gs3. With this stunning design and access to a whole range of sensors and health and workout functions and check this, the new honor earbuds 3 pro featuring improved drivers, but also an industry first body temperature sensor, all for the price of 3 999 dirhams. Officially, here in the region, i mean thats around a thousand dollar mark, putting this squarely in the flagship price point, but with some additional specs and features over its competitors.