I cannot get enough of this device and lets see how it holds up in the middle part of 2022.. Now ive talked about this phone a lot and even stemming from earlier on this year. A few things have changed, but its not looking like this iphone is at its end of life. When i look at the iphone 7 and 7 plus those iphones kind of had a sad life ahead of them, but with the iphone 10r, its basically 50 50., i feel like the iphone 10s and iphone 11 series could possibly end up the same way. Hopefully not, but it could end up being the same way as the iphone 6s and 7, where they just ended up support. Maybe the iphone 11 drop support early, the iphone – you know, 10s series – maybe gets you know, support a little bit longer, but with the iphone 10r ive been having the chance to install ios 16 on a beta, i compared it to ios 15. I did all sorts of different tests with it, including a battery test and speed test and from what im seeing right now, im pretty optimistic about ios 16 in terms of a performance standpoint and from a feature standpoint, but from a battery life standpoint. This is easily one of the biggest disadvantages and probably one of the biggest drops ive, seen from one iphone to the other on ios 16. Its pretty insane so, first of all, the body of this iphone still feels pretty premium.

Not really much has changed there. I think the ips panel on the front isnt that big of a deal – and i think it still looks pretty well the lightning port at the bottom – is nice glass on the back feeling this phone still. It feels really really good and i actually just bought another. You know iphone 10r that one does have a cracked screen, but i still think that iphone feels and performs extremely well, and i dont really have too many problems in terms of the body standpoint. Installing ios 16 was very easy. I did not have any. You know random reboots, or you know anything like that, so that was really really good to see as well, but stepping back and actually looking at this iphone from a pure performance standpoint. I am actually very hesitant about the way iowa 16 is going to be going in the future. Now ios 15 really wasnt the best update for the iphone x. For some reason, i factory reset this iphone ive done all sorts of different things and my iphone 10 on ios 15. Just never really did that. Well, now, on ios 16, its almost its a little bit worse, but its expected in a beta its never going to be that great. But its strange when we just had a beta when the ios 15 update the previous update, really wasnt that great on it either. So thats kind of another disadvantage with this iphone again, i dont want to sit here and just kind of complain about all the problems with this iphone, but when im looking at this device and im looking at the future of it, i really hope apple can go Ahead and really focus in on ios 16, especially for these types of iphones, so they can go ahead and increase the longevity and just increase the way these iphones are going to be performing for the future.

Now, in the battery test, i did with my iphone 10 or i did two different ones and pretty much every single time. My iphone 10r was one of the first iphones to die now. The first test i did my iphone 8 plus, was the first that i followed by my iphone 10r, the iphone 10 iphone 11 and iphone 12 outlasted it, which is pretty interesting because the iphone 10 i wasnt, expecting that iphone to last longer than this thing. But i did another test against my iphone 8 iphone, se 2 iphone 10, 10 or iphone 11, and the iphone 8 and iphone 10 are almost at around the same time, which is actually pretty insane. My battery health is also higher on my iphone 10r than my iphone 10, so i dont really see why the iphone 10 or didnt last that long and its crazy to me, because this iphone used to be the longest. You know lasting iphone in terms of a battery standpoint. I would look at this iphone. I would be so happy with the way this iphone was performing from a battery standpoint, and i look at this iphone now and i just feel like the software versions. This iphone has been getting its just been taking a hit after hit after hit, and i kind of feel bad for this iphone right now. To be honest, i hope apple can kind of go ahead and you know improve the software and everything, but the way this iphone holds up in the middle part of 2022 im optimistic about the future of this iphone.

I think, as of right now, it still has a little bit of work to do, but hopefully with the future of this iphone with the features that are going to be bringing with ios 16. I hope apple really focuses in and creates a much better. Ios 16 update on the iphone xr, so thats kind of where i think this iphone is currently. If you have any other thoughts or questions. Let me know in the comment section below hit. The like button know me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly, everything else i love every single one of you guys, hopefully ill catch.