I know i know i know you guys have been asking for this review for a long time and we took our time to review this. I used it as a primary device for 30 days, so i can have a practical review for you, the details, the goods, the bats. You would notice, while you use the moto h30 and now i can answer the question. If you have 27 triple line, should you buy the moto h30? Does it have the edge? Well, this is after using it for a month. I would say it is one of the best smartphone launchers of 2022.. Now for specs and all heres, the unboxing video, you can watch that and first lets go with things i liked about the phone well display now see the phone is named: slimmest, 5g phone and trust me. You use this phone, it weighs like 155 grams and, like literally every other phone starts feeling heavy after this and its slim, but its actually a big phone. This is a 6.5 inch 144hz display and you have to use two hands its, not one handed, but the media experience is beautiful, like i was watching narcos on netflix and it was beautiful, not pablo, but the display easy one of the best displays in this range. Now you do get stereo speakers and its the loudest in this price range. But what i noticed is if youre watching a movie the back panel, doesnt vibrate, that much.

But if youre listening to songs – or you are at 100 volume, then yes, the vibration in the back panel is a bit much. But one interesting thing that i notice is by default. The display refresh rate is auto, and if you see here in auto mode, it goes maximum only until 120 hertz. So if you have to use at 144 hertz, you will have to force here in display settings at 144 hertz and most of the time you see here on the home page, it is at 90 hertz. And surprisingly, if i open youtube, it is on 120 hertz. So, although the display is 144 hertz, but most of the time it runs at 90 hertz and hence it gets really good battery life, which is the second point like it might sound. Moto s30 has 4020 milliampere battery, which youll be like what thats too less no. Like ive been using this watch with my phone and it uses gps signal plus you get notifications on the watch, so the app is running 24 by 7. In the background, ive also been watching videos daily for about three to four hours and even after that, ive been getting five hours of screen on time some days, even five and a half hours, so you might think its too less. But the optimization, the smart, refresh rate makes it really good unless youre gaming a lot. If you game for two to three hours a day, then the battery life is less and whats.

Also good is the camera like this. Here you get a 50 megapixel ois camera and a 50 megapixel ultra wide angle. Camera like ois 50 megapixel ultra wide is a big upgrade from last year and surprisingly, ois works really well like these photos. I took at night and this one, if you zoom in on the text, the text is proper, readable and this bike one as well. You can read royal enfield, so the low light photos look bright. However, the noise control could have been better like in these photos. The sky still looks noisy and a good thing is like see here. I am in low light conditions and as soon as i open the camera, it says, auto night vision is on and you get this symbol over here and when i click the photo, it automatically switches to night mode. Now the ultra wide angle, camera usually in this price range, is oakish, but here its good see this photo. I took at night and if you zoom in proper sharp usable photos now, you can also use the same ultra wide angle, camera for macro photos, but the macro photos came out. Ok, like it doesnt feel 50 megapixel sharp. Now the camera processing and all of that. Well, get to it in just a moment, but surprisingly, i liked the performance of the device, which is the fourth thing in this phone i mean daily usage like twitter, instagram, watching tech, visor, reels youtube, and all of that you can see the phone is smooth and Fluid, but for a 28 000 phone you will play games like see here.

I play bgmi, usually every day for like one hour or half an hour just to relax, and you see in the fps counter as well. It stays mostly at 58, 57 like for casual gaming. Like me, i had zero issues and moto h30 has snapdragon 778 g plus, which is an upgrade to snapdragon 778g and its already a stable processor. Also one thing ive noticed: suddenly twitter app on android has started performing really bad like see. This ive always had this glitch whenever i do this, or even when i browse through the feed theres stutters, so elon, sir in case you are buying twitter. Please have a look at this pretty please and you guys have a look at this software like this pixel 6, and this is moto s30, its so close to googles. Android 12.. Now i wont bore you with all the stock android you get zero ads, no bloatware! None of that, but a couple of things i noticed on daily usage number one people complain about motos, lack of always on display, but i love this ambient display so see here. I have this whatsapp message and i can quickly read the message from the ambient display and if its, not that important, i can just mark as raid or dismiss it and the point is it kind of avoids unnecessary, unlocking your phone and then using it number? Two now i didnt use the entire using your phone as a laptop feature, but i did use the ready for assistant app because see here.

Sending data from your phone to laptop is just drag and drop and really seamless so just to test how fast ready for is well, be sending a 1gb file from here to my windows laptop and from the iphone to the macbook air m1 using airdrop. Oh two percent three percent four percent – and this is like running like this: almost fifty percent done – and that is done – and this is still on 24 26. 27. So it completed like 30 seconds later, but i have noticed the further you move away from the wi fi router the speed decreases, and that brings me to the things i felt it could be better on this phone like number one camera processing and features. Now. One thing i always noticed like lately, we are working on a very big project for techwizer fingers crossed wish us all the best but see im on this mark over here, and if i start video recording right now, this mark should be there in the video. But now, if you see in the video, the mark is not visible, so the thing is, it starts the video recording a bit late after you hit the record button and there is like one to two step delay now. Of course, you can do 4k, 30 fps on the main camera and ois does work on the main sensor. Also, you can do 4k, 30 fps on the front camera as well, which is quite rare in this price segment.

Only few phones – let you do that, but the camera can be a bit more consistent like sometimes it tends to take reddish skin tone in photos very rare and most of the times in portrait photos another small thing. I noticed this like whenever im playing a song. I pause the song and then i put the phone in my pocket and move or walk a bit. This song starts playing and at times its embarrassing when the music starts playing in public and no, i dont listen to khachavadam. Dont worry, but ideally, smartphones have pocket mode. So when your phone is covered like this, you shouldnt be able to operate your phone right. It shouldnt unlock. On the other hand, if you see the samsung phone im covering it with my hand and the phone doesnt operate or doesnt even unlock, so motorola can maybe push an update and push pocket mode. Now, in my 30 days usage, i had a solid network. You get 13 bands of 5g 4g plus works really well. I had no problems while calling the call quality is good. You get compass, nfc, all the important sensors and, most importantly, moto s30 is actually an upgrade over moto h20. So very few brands go back to the table and improve their smartphones. The only thing that is concerning is software updates, like we asked you guys in this previous video, so moto users comment and let me know the status of software updates on your moto phones and you guys really help so, as per team, tw motorola has provided android 12 updates to most of the edge series phone except moto, s20 fusion, its in beta and the budget, moto g40 and g60 series.

They do receive security updates, but no android 12., so they have improved on the software update, but the update situation can still be better. So, of course, if software experience is like your top most priority, i would straight up recommend the moto s30 at 27, triple nine, its a really good phone. In fact, overall, if you need a balanced port with a good display, good build decent camera and medium battery usage, i would say the moto s30 is the way to go techwise. I recommend it, but if you are a heavy gamer ico, neo6 is a good option or watch out for the upcoming poco f4 series.