the train is approaching. To give a brief introduction, I had completed the jugaad., see what method we had to use. I had to put foil and stone. now The phone got skewed when the track was moving.. Here you do not find any case in the phones box.. Also, there is no screen protector.. This part should be provided by the company.. The company should provide a case and basic protection. Even if the phone is a cheap one.. Today, I will show you a cheap apple phone. I am using this phone for almost a week. thats. Why the mixed feeling? Sometimes I like this phone very much. Sometimes I had a slight disappointment and this is stand up. It is Realme C30. This phone is the latest and cheapest option in Realmes portfolio this year., and You must have noticed that C31 and C35 also came before C30.. Now we also take C31.. You can see how the design of this phone is. and, frankly, I felt very different, holding this phone for the first time., Since we have never seen such a design on any other phone, we felt a different way.. You know like This phone gives, that toy feeling, which makes the hand tickle. Here, is such a design., I mean, Have you ever seen a design like this? I have never seen such a design.. It is one stand out feature of this phone.. When I looked at the camera, I thought there were two cameras inside it.

, Because nowadays the design of two cameras inside one camera is going on., But theres only a single camera, here. Theres, no higher megapixel camera, so the design is completely flush.. You can even stand this phone. Like I am using the OnePlus 10R right now., so it stood like that. It is damaged. So cant stand But well stand this phone. and together it is iPhone. You can see. 80000 Rs. 50000 Rs., I mean 45000 and is in the middle 8000 Rs., But the design is the same.. You will get the feel of Apple cheaply from this phone.. Also, here you will notice a big design change., which I think is a pretty good design change, which is the placement of the volume button. I have told you many times before that this happens often. If the volume button is on the other side and you are unlocking the power button Generally, when changing the volume a screenshot is taken automatically., It happens on Android phones. Here the volume button and power button Are given together., There is a big change, here.. Second change: You must have seen this in cheap phones of Realme and other brands. There. The speaker is placed on the back panel like this., Which is a very odd experience Here. You have been given the speaker at the bottom.. You can also insert an SD card with two SIM cards.. Another change youll be seeing what change You might be expecting Type C.

Any electronic gadget should now charge on Type C. whether it is headphones Now. Type C has started coming in most of the headphones., But this should end on the phone too.. Let us see the features inside the phone.. It looks like some exciting news has come. Petrol Diesel prices became cheaper after the tax, cut. And Jios plan is going to be cheaper.. Ok, So you will keep getting such news. Here. You always get some pre installed applications.. There is something different in this ROM here.. Before that, let me tell you about the display.: It is an HD display. and Its neither too big nor too small.. It is convenient Here. You will see a few bezels. Like the chin in the bottom is more., and Here is the old Dewdrop notch.. Its display is perfectly ok., like I just put it on adaptive brightness and it automatically adjusted. Its display is quite bright.. I did not have any problem using this display outdoor or indoors. Lets go inside and talk about its ROM.. It is the best thing about this phone. Because of this, the performance of this phone is superb.. The UI that is here is GO Edition. That is here is Android, GO Edition, based on Android 11., Its a good thing. Due to the GO Edition. Its performance is very smooth.. Some features were missing, but now they have arrived.. As here now the feature of screen recording has come. Its OS is good.

, But still there are many pre installed applications here. Like PhonePe Moz, Josh, HotApps HotGames. I think you cannot uninstall them, but you can disable them.. You can see that disabling, it will remove it from here.. Software performance is good, Its working fast., Its not lagging much.. Despite having 3GB of RAM. I did not feel any lag in this phone.. You can see that a small elephant is running here.. Where did it go now? Was here just now Now lets talk about performance. Heres, the Unisoc CPU.. It is a new Chinese manufacture. You already know like, Like Mediatek Unisoc, is also slowly coming., All the cheap phones that are available in the market., like Micromax Infinix, Realme, Theres Unisoc, Even Realme had given Unisoc processor in Tab as well. Heres, The Unisoc T612.. I liked this CPU very much after using it for the first time.. By the way, some news has come that there may be hacking in Unisocs CPU.. There is some vulnerability in this CPU regarding code.. Therefore, it cannot be considered trusted and secure., But it is good in terms of performance.. I am showing you the gaming., According to the price. I liked the gaming performance of this phone. Quite well. me even a little I mean According to the price, there is a slight lag here., but it justifies it right. Despite having 3GB of RAM, it was performing well in BGMI.. Of course, There is no Gyro support here.. Let me first tell you You have to play without Gyro.

, But according to the price it is perfect.. You can also play BGMI very well. Here., now guys time to test the camera. Let us see how the camera performs in this entry level. Phone. You cant get much at this price point.. We just have to see how well it performs. lets see By the way the performance of the camera is looking fine. like is not that slow can see. Sometimes here it comes by writing image. Processing that plane going lets make a video of it. How much can you zoom in here? Oh Here, you can also do 4X zoom. wow. Here you can make videos of 1080P only.. The good thing is that 1080P is available here.. You must have seen some such phones of Redmi for 20 thousand rupees, where you can make 1080P video only.. So theres, no shame in telling this thing. The details are a bit missing. You will not be able to identify much difference when you look with the phone or eyes.. There is a very excellent feature in the selfie camera of this phone.. The excellent feature is that here you can make CIF 30fps videos. Lets see how the quality is.. This is a very strange animal, no matter how much it eats but remains hungry. For now. Let me show you some pictures. You cannot expect much in this price, segment. Thats, why you will see some drawbacks in photos. like sharpness, wont, be that much You know You will feel a little bit on zooming in a bit.

. The colours change a bit, sometimes more vibrant, sometimes under saturated. So You will never get accurate, colour., Ok and sometimes darkness comes By the way. Photos are good in good lighting conditions., not that bad Its 8 Megapixel camera is working well.. So I was not disappointed even with its photos.. Ok, You can see that it is working. Well. I mean There is almost 80 to 85 accuracy.. According to 8 Megapixel, the camera is decent., and Here you get a 5 megapixel selfie camera., and Another drawback here is that when you put the camera in portrait mode, it goes into the rear camera.. There is not a Portrait option on the front camera., You can call its camera average. and Lets check the speaker of this phone.. I play a clip recorded from this phone.. The speakers are not much loud.. You will feel normal at 60 to 70 of the volume. and At volumes above 90 you get decent loudness.. So not the crazy speakers. Hey the elephant is back again.. I had said.. This elephant was coming from a scooter about the battery guys. Here you get 5000 mah battery. and You get a 10W charger in the box.. In my charging test, this phone is 100 charged in about two and a half hours. Its backup is quite excellent.. I am using this phone for many days. and if I show you the screenshot of this, I charged this phone two days. Ago. lasted about two and a half days, and I got 9 hours 53 minutes screen on time.

. That is, you can run this phone for about ten hours. 4G Wifi, Gaming Speaker, everything is mix. I mean I also tested the headphone audio of some upcoming products.. I mixed test everything., So this phone is a champ in terms of battery. the rest on the charging. Here you get a micro, USB., no Type C Cool on the final verdict, guys. How did you like this phone? First of all, we start with price.. The 332 variant of this phone has been launched at Rs.8300.. Ok, I am not talking about card offers or discounts., not everyone has it. If we talk about the launch price, You get Realme C31 for 9300 Rs.. If you give 1000 rupees more, you will get here. Side mounted Fingerprint Sensor Triple camera. Even though there are three cameras here to show off, there are three., At least this phone will look premium. and There is 1GB more RAM on this phone.. With this phone. You are getting many extra features for 1000 rupees. For 1000 rupees. There have been a lot of compromises.. This phone is still better than the Realme C30 in Realmes portfolio. Theres, also a micro USB here.. You will also get USB Type C in Micromax iN 2C for the same price. if its your priority, But you will not get any fingerprint sensor on that phone.. So I think the price of this phone is a little high Under 8000, even up to 7500. It could have been a good deal.

. The phone is a bit cool in appearance.. It gives a ticklish feeling. If you want, you can also rub your nails from here., so thats it guys with the Realme C30. What are your thoughts too? Do? Let me know in the comments and Thank you so much.