Of course, theres definitely a lot to go over, but first things. First, let me just quickly show you the unboxing experience, because we actually have some important changes here already for the first time, i believe, on an a series. Phone samsung has shipped the device in that super slim box, reminiscent of the flagship s series; phones that, as you guys know, dropped some included accessories and unfortunately, thats also what we have here so cutting open the box and sliding off the sleeve. The first thing we see is a small packet of stuff and inside theres, the usual quick start guide and a usb c to usb c cable, thats noteworthy, because these a series phones usually would come with a usb c to usb a and an older style. Usb. A wall plug, but not with this phone, the cable is actually all you get now its kind of a weird change when you think about it, since i would imagine most previous samsung, a series owners are used to that usb a charging setup underneath that stuff theres, The phone itself, of course, and well check out that in just a moment the only other thing at the very bottom of the box is your sim ejector tool stuck into a piece of cardboard there and thats. It like. I said, no more included charging brick. No clear case for the phone, the a series seems to have succumbed to samsungs minimalist, accessory less packaging decision now too, so with all that stuff out of the way here is the a13 5g.

Once again, so those of you who are at least somewhat familiar with samsungs a series lineup, probably recognize that this phone looks pretty familiar once again. At least from the front. The 6.5 inch display corner to corner is pretty much the same size, shape and setup. As last years a12, and with that, you get a teardrop notch up top for the selfie camera noticeable side, bezels and a slightly thicker bottom chin based on the dimensions. We have just a slightly lower screen to body ratio actually 81, but actually consider this phone to be relatively manageable, with one handed use, its certainly still big and tall, but its actually fairly thin and lightweight. So that makes things somewhat comfortable overall, if youre used to an a12 or other similar six and a half inch smartphone youll feel right at home. Using this one around back, the a13 5g is all plastic. We get just one color choice for now kind of a matte black that actually looks really nice. Its simple minimalist a bit stealthy everything about the build, though lets you know it is a budget device. So keep that in mind you dont get any waterproof rating or wireless charging either, but, like i mentioned already, its a thin flat phone just enough curve and taper along the sides to make the phone feel thin and comfortable in the hand cheaper materials aside. I do really like the look and feel – and i think the slight design change overall is a positive samsung, also changed up the rear camera setup too, obviously, and that adds to its nicer looking design for sure its a simple three lens.

Look no bump no real bulge and compared to some other takes on the camera module. I think this is the best look of them all taking a peek around at everything else. On the left side, the a135g does have a dual sim and sd card tray for expandable storage, youre stuck with just one 64 gig configuration option for this phone right now, so that sd card slot is a must, in my opinion, on the right, the usual volume Buttons and power button, which does double as your fingerprint sensor. This setup is great, its quite a bit faster than i expected. You barely have to even touch the thing before it recognizes it and unlocks its placed just right, its lightning fast and its a simple. Yet very welcome addition to this phone across the bottom. The headphone jack is still there alongside the usb c port for charging and the single speaker setup, which to me sounds exactly like all the other single speakers from every other, a series, phone and heres a quick, sound sample. So you can get an idea. So lets talk about whats new with this a13 5g and first up is the display. Now, yes, most of the specs are still the same here. The six and a half inch screen is still a pls tft panel, basically lcd its once again, a 1600 by 720 resolution packing in just 270 pixels per inch, but it is now an adaptive 90 hertz display, with just your average everyday movie, binging and video watching.

I do think the a13 5g delivers a decent looking picture for what it is being an lcd setup. Youre gon na get some off axis dimming for sure, but straight on the phone is fairly bright and relatively colorful, though there is a bit of a cool blue tint that tends to be more common on these budget. A series displays also the 720 resolution on a phone. This size, like, i always say, is less than ideal. You can pick out the pixels if you want to look closely enough, but assuming youre watching your content at a normal viewing distance, its not a huge deal. The 90 hertz add on, though i think, is pretty nice with this. The phone feels absolutely faster and more responsive, every touch, tap and swipe is smoother, and i actually think in this sort of budget category specifically a lot of folks will notice the upgrade adding a 90 hertz adaptive display is a great way to kind of get a Faster, more fluid, more responsive feel that i know people will appreciate. Speaking of speed boosts the internals powering. The a13 5g are also surprisingly solid inside this phone gets the mediatek demensity, 700 5g chipset and four gigs of ram standard. If you remember last year, the a12 packed the mediatek p35 and there were two gig ram configurations. So by comparison, when we look at the antutu and geekbench numbers here, for example, the a135g is technically two to three times more capable and significantly more powerful than last years, a12 and thats really great its actually something.

I noticed right out of the box. The a13 feels snappy. It feels ready to go ive experienced significantly less delay in opening certain apps, less frame drop when scrolling through busy web pages or news feeds. Overall, this is a substantial noticeable and much appreciated spec bump, and if you maybe had any issues at all with the a12, i actually think youre going to be blown away when you use the a13 its really that much better and, to be honest, even if youre, A more heavy user for work for gaming, for whatever else i do think this phone is going to be able to handle a lot more day to day with ease versus some of the previous, a series phones. So all in all the specs here are fantastic. I think its, where samsung put most of their focus in and im really excited to use this phone to see how much it can handle on all the things that i throw at it. I really do think theres a lot of potential here. Also, the a13 5g does pack a 5 000 milliamp battery inside thats sort of been the standard for most of the a series phones recently, and i think its definitely a good size to get you through at least a days use under normal circumstances. But more than likely a day and a half or more, if you arent, using your phone too much charging speeds here max out at 15 watts once again, which is okay, its not the fastest, but for a budget phone, its not unexpected, and i already mentioned no Wireless charging, no included power, brick, so its really, the big battery alone, thats, the standout power feature, and i think, like most other samsung, a series phones, you can expect some solid use time day to day finally lets break down.

Whats new and whats changed with that updated camera setup around back. The triple lens setup now has a slightly upgraded 50 megapixel, f, 1.8 aperture main lens, a 2 megapixel macro lens once again, and a 2 megapixel depth sensor, which weve also seen before what you dont have here, unfortunately, is the ultra wide lens, which was on the A12 and to be honest, removing that and still offering the useless macro lens, for whatever reason is pretty disappointing. Also, the selfie camera seems to have changed as well, its back to being a 5 megapixel f, 2.0 aperture shooter. The specs dont actually tell the whole tale, though i think this phone produces a really good, looking selfie pick for what it is. These are just a couple quick test shots out of the box, but i, like the look, i like the amount of detail. The skin tone is fairly accurate. Its a bit dull, color wise, certainly overexposed its a very bright picture, but theres a good foundation for selfies inside the camera app. Unfortunately, theres not a whole lot to work with whats. Here is basically just 2 to 10x digital zoom portrait mode and video, and then the basic pro controls panorama, radio, blur and macro. What you dont see are things like night mode, slow mo or any other video modes for that matter. Just 1080, 30 and seemingly no additional stabilization either theres a 50 megapixel mode for pictures. But i think you can tell that overall, the camera capabilities are pretty basic, to say the least, and i dont think samsung needed to sacrifice so much in the camera department for this phone.

A few more test shots here with the rear lens show me that the pictures do look pretty good.