I think the galaxy s8 was a pretty big upgrade coming from the galaxy s7 and the galaxy s10 really took that upgrade and made it a completely different cycle of devices which im so happy about now. Ive already made a early 2022 review of this thing in the middle of 2022, not a crazy amount of things have changed. We have gotten a new budgeteer samsung, which was the galaxy s21 fe. We got the galaxy s22s, we have a new or a few a series of devices that came out since then as well, but i think the main thing to look at with the galaxy s10 is with the software improvements that this thing is going to be getting In the future, as well as the price decrease that this thing has gotten now, starting with the body, i will tell you this thing still feels and looks very premium, and even when i compare this thing to the galaxy s22, i was still fairly shocked to see How great of a performing phone and a great feeling phone this thing still is in fact, i kind of see a lot of the galaxy s10 and a lot of phones that are coming out and in fact, if i look at the iphone 14 links, i would Still say, the galaxy s10 kinda looks better than that specific phone. This is a 2019 flagship and this thing still performs, like a flagship in this day and age.

The beautiful display on the front fingerprint sensor, embedded in the display microsd card slot, headphone jack and samsung decks with the usb type c. It doesnt really get too much better than that, and it still holds up very well glass on the back as well with wireless and reverse wireless charging and a triple camera setup. If you were to drop this phone in 2022 and drop it as like a 700 phone, i think a lot of people would probably be super happy about it. The only thing that is missing is like 120hz refresh rate on the display other than that. This phone still holds up very very well now, when the galaxy s22 came out, the galaxy s10 did kind of budge a little bit in price, but you do have to understand for better for worse, galaxies typically decrease the most once youre, probably within the first, like Two months, so you could probably buy a galaxy s22 right now for half the price or even less than half the price. If you just go on ebay and probably search it up with something like the galaxy s10 whats really good about this phone. Is that its almost you know timeless? It looks very good in the hand, and it still holds up very well to its. You know, successors, so because of that buying something like this youre really only going to be succumbed with the software once the software gets outdated. Then its a little bit of a different story, but as of right now, this thing is still supported, and i think this is still you know in a really good situation now, looking at the future, it looks like the last version of software.

This thing is going to be getting is the one that its on right now, so i think this isnt really that big of a deal, i think one ui4 honestly, was a pretty big update and it brought a lot of cool things to the table on android 12., with one ui5 on android 13, it will be a little bit of a different story. Im sure im sure this is going to be a little bit more of a you know, easier update and not as big of an update as one ui4, but i will say for the galaxy s10 series of devices even on this version of software, its still very Capable of a lot of things that youre going to throw at it now, theres not really a lot of custom roms that have came out for this thing, because it wasnt really easy to customer on this thing in the first place. But one thing i will definitely tell you with something like the galaxy s10 is that the ability of all the applications you can download within this device, so you still have updates you can get through the app store. You still have. You know apk files, you can sideload if you want to, and because of those things i feel like that, really put this phone in a really good spot for the most part, its not really, you know going to be outdated for the most part, even when its Done getting software updates its still going to have a huge community behind it? And honestly, i will say this is probably one of those phones that once this thing is outdated with software, you could probably still pick it up and probably still have a good time with it, because its also getting security updates on top of that as well.

So one thing about the galaxys tent to kind of sum up, this media review is that this is still a very awesome phone, especially for the price tag. You can easily find these things all day for less than 200, and, like i mentioned the biggest thing to keep in the back your head is that if this phone got dropped in 2022, even with the same chipset and then you know, samsung just said, hey were Going to give you four years of software updates on this thing, i still think a lot of people would end up buying this thing. To be honest, and i think that would still be a very good phone for 700. You know 650, who knows and thats kind of what i have to say about it. If you have any other thoughts or questions, let me know in the comment section below hit. The like button know me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button.