I had to buy some kind of adapter like so to be able to connect it to my new phone with usbc. Unfortunately, this adapter make the sound sounds like that here they are, and wrapping is done so solution, well easy, throw that away and get that the cinco g1 t wireless microphone with usbc receiver. Alright, so the sound that you are listening right now comes actually from this microphone. Ive mounted that on my phone right now and im filming with my phone now, you can hear a little bit the quality of this microphone and receiver, but without further ado lets, go to the unboxing and see what comes in the box its right now, all right! Thats, the box thats how it presented, and so its arrived now open the box. Here we go okay, so here is the transmitter right on the top here. Here we go so front. We do have some little plastic to peel here we go now and, of course we can print magnets here. We are so brand on the front on the side there we do have the microphone 3.5 millimeter microphone, jack input in case. If we want to put a different uh external microphone instead of using the inboard microphone, which is here on the top here, we do have the usbc port to recharge the transmitter, and here we have off on button on the bottom. There is nothing on the side here. We do have a reset hole like like a little hole.

You need to get one of those paperclip or pinhole to push in needle to reset the device. This is a filter here, button to apply filter and on the back, we do have a clip like so and on the top, like i showed you before, the onboard included microphone thats all for transmitter. Next, we do have the receiver here so brand on the front of the receiver. Here on the side, we do have a two button: uh look like so thats the gain control button, probably and thats another one. I will have to check the user manual to see what it is on this side. Here we do have a usbc port that will allow me to charge the recharge the phone while using the receiver so thats great its like some kind of pass through right there. Here we have nothing uh on the back. We do have the port to connect the next online that im going to pull up in the bit, which will be the usbc adapter that connects directly to the phone and on this side we do have a 3.5 millimeter input to monitor the audio. So you can connect uh headsets here, 3.5 millimeter headset. That way you can monitor dojo thats, coming in through the transceiver to the receiver, so at least thats good to see what kind of level the voice level we do have. This is going to be a great functionality, since there is no lcd screen on the receiver.

That shows the level of the microphone. So there is different level we can set with this microphone. If i recall well, but you cannot see anything, i cannot see anything. There is no lcd screen only way to monitor the input. The audio inputs will be here through this 3.5 millimeter port, next, of course, its the usbc adapter. That just fits right here like so it slides in like this all the way to the end, and now the receiver is ready to install whats else in the box. Here we go oh here it is the dead cat aka, the wind reduction device. Here we go right there, then we have a usb c two usb cable thats, probably to help charging the device. I have tons of do so, i probably wont use theirs, but its included just in case and look like its the last item, its a pouch that can be used for storage, slash transportation of the microphone and accessory soft velvety pouch. And, of course, it is the user manual and thats it for the box all right, so this new cinco microphone, the gt1 – comes with a few functionality, while one of them its the voice transformation gadget. So you press this button right there and it will turn your voice into something else. Lets do some example, so now we do have all right. So this is a studio effect with a cinco, gt1, studio effect and thats. The ktv effect the ktv effect with a single gt1 and thats electronic dance music with a cinco, gt1 and thats.

The baby effect with the cinco gt1, the baby effect and thats the male to female effect, with a cinco gt1 male 2 female effect and thats. The most all right back to the original voice, so that was a bunch of effect that comes with this microphone. I find that very cool. Actually, you have three different game level that you can adjust with this button. Each time you press the button, you will change the gain from the low, medium and high gain, so this button right there. The microphone also have a low cut button locked functionality, so usually that help to cut the background nose. It works okay. So far from my testing so thats great too, and when you press this button again, you turn it off. So if you dont need it up, you press the button on you press the button again its off so far, im very pleased with this microphone. It works very well and, as you can hear, it works very well also for audio quality. No dropping i go, i walk far away from the phone and there is still no dropping. I tested it up to a 40 meter away and there was still no dropping so thats great also for this device, all right. All that said great system, great microphone, as you can hear, still im still using it works perfectly here we go im just going to keep the box on the side, but microphone system is installed im using it a lot.

Since i do all my video now, all my product, video read it and it works. Awesomely.