The the most popular fitness tracker out there finally get the perfect balance, lets inspect Music hi. My dear tech enthusiasts really good to meet. You, my name is michael on the channel. We inspect a lot of cool tech with the idea to show you its real live performance and thats exactly what we plan to do with the latest generation of the most popular fitness tracker in the world. Xiaomi smart band. 7 uh me band 7 between me and you. So we want to see about all the strengths and weaknesses so that you can make a more justified decision, whether to buy it or not or just to get to know how far xiaomis development about fitness tracking unit has gone in the past year. I wish i already have the huawei band 7 around for a comparison, but i dont have it yet. On the other hand, there are hundreds of interesting fitness trackers out there and, while some of the good ones follow the plan to become sort of a hybrid between fitness, tracker and smartwatch, others like garmins vivos, smart series prefer to stay simple, lightweight and minimalistic. Together with the updates, we also get a price bump, pushing the official price of xiaomi smartphone 7 above the psychological limit of 50 bucks. But as usual, it will often get discounts and xiaomi will sometimes include the band 7 as a freebie, with some of their smartphone and other gadget offerings lets see about the unboxing.

This is the pack of the global version. If you use english as a main language, you wouldnt care whether to buy the chinese or the global edition, but in case youre interested in multi language support make sure to purchase the edition designed for international markets because it runs slightly different firmware. Furthermore, as soon as xiaomi decided to release the nfc edition, only the global variation is going to support contactless payments outside china. So youve already noticed this big user guide. The fact that the charging cable is the same as b band 6 and 5 well, technically, the new one has the xiaomi logo engraved and heres the band. The well known design with a classical black strap same feeling and material that xiaomi keep on using for many years, apparently slightly bigger than the last generation. That looks like a trend so far, each and every new generation of a mi band has had a slightly bigger and brighter display kind of follows. The trends with smartphones build quality feels solid. At the first sight, disappointingly xiaomi still are reluctant to change the buttoning of the strap, which so many of us tend to criticize, but fact is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of aftermarket band variations, so you can easily purchase something online. Therefore, its time to comment about the not too obvious part, the technical, specs 1.62 inch amoled display one of the brightest youve ever seen on a fitness tracker new processing unit by dialogic semiconductors, a close to 50 percent bigger battery now topping 180 milliampere hours supports tracking.

For heart rate, sleep cycles, continuous blood oxygen, saturation measuring has a number of smartwatch like apps theres. A separate model with nfc supports to be launched sooner or later, its being controlled by the app called me fitness and weighs only 13 and a half grams specs are good. Perhaps my favorite upgrade especially comparing to smart band 6, which is over here, is that, with the knee bound 7, we have 50 larger battery, which unfortunately wouldnt convert into 50 greater battery life, because a larger display, which is also brighter, happens to consume more battery together. With some of the new implementation theyve done in the system on a chip but thats a good thing, another really big improvement is the always on display. This already is a smartwatch like feature, and yes, it also contributes to greater battery consumption, and the complementary drawback to this new setup is the fact that we dont have ambient light sensor. It means that there is no auto brightness mode, which a lot simpler and more basic unit like the vivosmart 5 by garmin, actually has but its a lot more expensive. I think it would be a good idea to start living with the thought that xiaomi are most likely not going to bring smartwatch like features such as gps, speaker, microphone and similar in here, just because they want to maintain their wide variety of smartwatch portfolios. There should be sooner or later, an nfc edition released last year.

It was probably two three months after the release of the global version of me bound seven, sorry mi band six. So if you wonder how the nfc implementation works and how to set up the payment methods, maybe you can check the video that ive done for xiaomi smartphone 6. The nfc edition lets see about the menu navigation, swipes and tabs. Do you notice what i do yeah much larger icons, much better visible, but also the animation imperfections are a lot more notable. Perhaps the most irritating part i can point to with xiaomi. Smartphone 7 are indeed the annoyingly jittery animations. The controls are more or less identical to me band 6.. So if you decide to upgrade its going to be a smooth transition swipe down for the notifications, i see that with the current version of the firmware, they remain there, even if you clear them from the phone guess at some point, the app is going to. Let you decide about their behavior and whether they get cleared together with what you do on the smartphone. You still cant respond to any of these notifications, at least not yet swipe up and youre going to scroll through all the apps. Most of them are health related. You can find details about heart rate, fitness activities, sleep cycles stress there are so many interesting health sections and also ways to organize your day better, including alarms, timers even a calendar feature. Finally, i can confirm that the alarms work flawlessly based on vibration and they can be set via the band its the best way to wake up without disturbing other people.

In case you dont sleep alone in the room. The settings menus are also now richer on customizations. The watch faces are a serious step up and the always on display is an awesome feature. However, it may consume between 20 and 30 battery per day, so its always on display and all the tracking features on you will hardly achieve results better than 4 days. If you use the traditional light of the screen on lifting the wrist, the battery lasts between a week and 9 days, and if you reduce the spo2 and hr samples and tune the brightness down even better achievements are possible. As usual. The more smart features you rely on the faster the battery is going to drain. As for the smartphone app looks like xiaomi have finally settled down for a name called me: fitness first, the goods it can sync with strava thats for sports. However, the integration to google fit is no longer there. If you download the app called notify and fitness for me band, you can have it back, but thats a third party solution, the xiaomi app, is indeed very functional. Tidy the design is elegant and on the main page, there are tiles leading to many details about each of your health tracked parameters im giving an example with the sleep cycles. It is as advanced as it used to be a couple of years ago, with some premium. Smart watches same about sp02 note that, since the measurements require your hand to be in a still condition, the samples taken during the day are gon na be less.

I was amazed by the accuracy of the steps tracked and overall, the accelerometer without gps. It was very close to the distance. I ran on average basis during a football match and the heart rate takeouts are also with very good accuracy. This is for sure, the most precise mi band ever when it comes to measuring pulse steps, distance, sleep and overall health conditions. It really is important, however, you to carefully configure the way these parameters are gon na be tracked so that you can get the most optimal results according to your lifestyle and the way of usage. As usual for the two week, adventure of hats with xiaomi smartphone 7. There are certain drawbacks. I can point to the slow animations, the missing google feed integration, the lack of notification responses, the lack of smart assistant integration, because there is no inbuilt microphone. If you have discovered some other drawbacks, then please add them in the comment section below the video my opinion, this is not the upgrade we were all hoping for, but xiaomi has added enough features in order to maintain its leading position about the company providing the best Value fitness tracker on the market, which continues to be the fact for at least a few years already, so it does have some really fantastic upgrades, but obviously lacks some of the most wanted community requests and still its a great value pack. Well, obviously, it suffers from the typical 2022 symptom that for a bit more money, we get a bit less in terms of technology, luckily no downgrades as compared to the previous generation, but obviously the price spike makes it as expensive as the amazing beep s, which was Launched a few years ago and has a gps and its a true smart watch.

So let me know which other features that you like the most, which are the features that you miss the most for xiaomi smartphone 7. And do you think its a meaningful upgrade to some of the previous generations? I would love to carry on the conversation below in the comments and, if you have any further questions or things to share, please join in as usual link to the product, more information youre going to find in the video description im michael.