The the phone even says like i dont, want to die. I dont want to die cue. I dont want to die. However, it is implied that there is something of a competition where, as soon as he gets around, like 1 250 points worth of questions, q will have permanent ownership of the super smartphone, which i think implies that he may be able to be more free to. You know talk to say friends about the super smartphone, but im not im, not quite sure if thats actually the case, but also it was featured in the last chapter, and i didnt really mention it because i did. I thought it was kind of irrelevant, but q nicknames the smartphone as kimi so well be referring to it as kimmy. From now on. In my previous super smartphone chapter review, i mentioned how it felt like something of a stretch to call this manga an outright superhero. Comic, however, in chapter 2, we definitely see more elements to confirm that this is definitely its own. Take on the superhero genre as a whole. There is a scene where q literally looks up a criminal and reports them to the authorities through an anonymous message. Yes, q literally like sits in school, sits in his class or it kind of helps, establish the overall picture of how kimmy kind of functions in similar similar way to a superpower. Q is able to in a way fight crime, but without having to move on or to move an inch while hes in school hes literally.

He literally is sitting in his classroom and hes like messaging. The police and hes going over here, hes this hes over here, and i know some people might find that to be kind of boring, a very boring take on the superhero fighting genre, but at least its its interesting. I think its a very interesting take. In my opinion, i remember seeing a comment on the shonen jump app, comparing this manga to death note, and i could definitely see the similarities both center around a high school kid who eventually encountered the macguffin yeah the mcguffin that lets them do all kinds of wacky Things, however, it is very easy to see the differences between q and light yagami as characters and of itself like without a doubt. It seems very clear that q is way more of a heroic character than like ugami ever could be like light. Yagami is a full blown villain protagonist. We all accept that. We all accept that very hard in the same chapter right after bagging the criminal for more points he uh queue, q, then searches for his classmate mus phone. When it was suspected to be stolen. He does not report students who actually stole the phone because he immediately deducted why the stuff the students stole it in the first place, anna and nami, the students who stole it uh, who seem like your typical teen drama girl bullies that you see all the time In like uh, i wont say, angels, friends or you know those like, i said: teen drama, animated kind of cartoons um the uh anna and nami were actually trying to get mew.

To hook up with another student that student named shugo a boy named hugo q, isnt someone who abuses newfound power to meddle in harmless affairs and said he only uses it to most effectively fight injustice. I definitely think when compared to death note, super smartphone can definitely be seen as more of a lighter take on the death. Note manga, rather than like just simple alternate, take, perhaps not that light as it is relatively too soon to make the fair adjustment yet, but well get there eventually. I think i truly believe well get there eventually to the point where i can definitely figure. I will see well see thats what im trying to say. Also before i forget kimmy can take pictures, yep, thats, true thats, pretty cool, pretty basic for smartphones. Obviously, all smartphones these days, you know capture pictures, so it was definitely an enjoyable chapter. To read through definitely has that slice of life kind of vibe to it and im definitely looking forward to seeing more of super smartphone and maybe do more chapter reviews in the future. Until then, i hope you all enjoyed listening to me. Talk about shonen jumps. Recent comic, so please, like subscribe check out my lets play channel.