These are the two new devices that are coming into the canyon market. For the common 19 series, they replaced the common 19 premier, the common 18 premiere in the common eating series, and before that we had the count 17 or 16.. I cant really tell but yeah. These are two different phones. One will be going for around. I think uh similar to the previous iteration and one will be way cheaper at around twenty thousand, so expected around 40 and around 20. But the full details on pricing will be added in the description below so check out. The description. The common 19 pro at the top, as you can see, has a different uh highlighting of the main specs. So these are the 64 megapixel main camera, plus a 50 megapixel uh portrait lens. It comes with eight gigs of ram, but you can expand it up to. I think this is the team with a five gig byte from uh, your internal storage uh. This is the 256 gb variant, so i think therell be only one variant for this, then the camon 18 has four megapixel uh 64 megapixel main camera, four gigabytes of ram and 128 gigs of storage, its sort of a similar design on or on the packaging, but Uh, you can tell uh the common 19 pro has a bigger box, so at the bottom you can. We can see that uh theyre, all echo black, i dont know about other color options which both here will be echo black.

So the common 19 has a 64 megapixel main camera. It is slim at 0.98 millimeters. It has a 5 000 million battery and the battery supports 18 watt fast charging. It has a 16 megapixel front camera and i have added a link down below so that you can check the full specifications there you go so once that is all this is the common 19. I love the packaging. Oh, it looks really good at the back. So below each we have a 12 plus one month, warranty sticker a plus a silicon case. Then we have the 18 fast charger, which is compact, so you can compact it while traveling and you have the normal headphones uh, the earphones, the normal earphones and then you have a usb type, a to usb type c, so yep. I think this looks really nice. Music, look at that. What do you think of that? Let me remove this. What do you think? I think this looks really really really nice, so i believe this is the 64 megapixel main camera, and these are the extra lenses, as you can probably tell. That bump is huge, as you can see so. Techno has gone all in on embracing the bump and making it a sort of part of the design of the device, so its not flat per se on the table, but it also doesnt rock. Also, please take note that uh, the slimness is not quite slim, as you can probably tell its.

It looks a little bit thick, but not in a bad way. Uh. Can it stand on its own because its flat, but at the bottom you get the headphone jack a microphone? The micro is the usb type c a speaker. Then, on this side you get the fingerprint scanner. Can you tell that thats a fingerprint scan thats the fingerprint scanner, then the volume up and volume down buttons this side, you get the sim tray slot. So you put the sim card here. Yes, theres a front facing speaker at the top uh its clean theres. Nothing except for the uh microphone you dont, like uh, the bump i dont know, but if you put the case, i believe it will take care of that bump in a nice way. Yes, if you put on the case, look at that it sort of hides the bump and sits flat on the table, lets switch it on. I think, as that switches on, we can look at the common 19 pro Music. Well, the hammer 18 pro, unlike the camera 19, has an amoled display. It has a 64 megapixel for a plus a 50 megapixel uh main camera is at the back theres a 32 megapixel selfie camera its also 0.98 millimeters uh, the slimmest bezel. I think those bezels look quite small. Here too, it has 120 hertz uh refresh rate, and i think it supports 33 watt fast charging. Yes, it supports 33 watt fast charging.

So, as usual, the main features are on the front: uh uh, wrapping uh, underneath that you get this plastic that holds the phone you get the 12 plus one month warranty. You also get a clear silicone case nice. Then you get this huge charger. Its not compact, like the previous uh, like the charger for the camo 19, so this one stays like this: its a 33 watt charger inside. You also get this packaging, which includes the usb c cable and the headphones. So the usbc cable is like the previous one. Weve seen orange on the inside to mark thats the first charger and its type a to type c. Then you also get similar to the common 19. You also get the earphones so heres, the common 19 pro it feels even better on the hand than the camera. 19 – to be honest, so it has a similar design to the common 19. Its branded common name uh come on with our ideas, so the back looks sort of similar, so yeah the back looks sort of similar, but this one has a nicer finish. You can see how it reflects light, so this one is a little more shinier and the texture is a little better. I cant i dont know how to tell that on camera, but yeah. So this is the cover 19 pro, and this is the common 19.. This one feels a little uh, heavier and study. I think, if im trying to explain that this one feels more premium a little bit more premium, so at the bottom you get the headphone jack, the microphone, the usb type c port and the speakers.

Similarly, like with the common 19 on sides, you get the fingerprints kernel and the volume rockers also the camera bump is a little large. So take note of that it will rock on the table this one actually rocks on the table more than the other one. On this other side, you get uh the sim tray slot, as you can probably tell it looks and feels really nice on the hunt. Can you tell them, apart from just looking at them, so they both come running android 12? As you can see, the common 18 pro is running under 12 uh with highways 8.86. So the common 19 has a helium g90 uh. The common 19 pro has a helio g96. While this one has a helio g85. The amoled display looks a little better on the lcd display, but i think from just like glancing at them, uh, perhaps in a shop. You want to be able to tell the difference. The common 19 pro with the 120 hertz display feels way smoother. This one has some choppy bits. Uh, the camera wont be able to show you that, unfortunately, so this one comes at 100 at auto refresh rate uh, but you can put it to 120 hertz, always theres no option for that on the common 19, because its 60 hertz fixed this one comes with Gestures enabled so you navigate using gesture as well. This one comes with the buttons enabled, but you can switch to gestures on either device or two buttons on either device.

This one has the heli g96. This one has the hello g85. This one has a 32 megapixel front camera. This one has a 16 megapixel front camera. This one has a 64 megapixel triple camera with a 50 megapixel portrait lens. This is another 64 megapixel triple camera. This one comes with eight gigs of ram and you can expand it uh with drum expansion up to uh, eight plus five, but uh 13 gigs. This one can be expanded, also uh, with two gigs of extra ram, so ram expansion is available on both devices. Both have a 5 000 million battery. However, this one supports 33 watt fast charging, while this one supports 18. What was charging so lets? Look at the cameras. Okay, both come with super night mode. Uh both have uh panorama documents, though the common 19 pro has something called sky shop, as you can see down here, both have air shot. What support portraits film and all that uh lets, take photos here. As you can see, this one is way faster, of course, because of the faster processor, but its not like way different in terms of cameras. You can see uh. This one has better handling of the hdr, so you can see the table details right. This one has lost the details of the table. You can see the light on the microphone. Yes, so the better processing here gives you like a better photos compared to the processing on this other device, but im sure.

If you take time to take shots, they will look pretty similar because theyre both 64 megapixel cameras. Okay, i think this one allows more like the 32 megapixel selfie camera allows more light uh, while this one uh feels almost more lifelike, so the 16 megapixel camera feels better to me from these first impressions. This one is way brighter. Well, this one just looks natural and better so yeah.