Here are the five things that i find interesting about. This phone lets begin with the unboxing experience and see whats inside right off the bat. We see the phone itself with the sparkline pro label on top a transparent phone case, that doesnt really seem to offer the best protection, but its always nice to have one a warranty card, an 18 watt charging brake a type, a to type c charging cable as Well, as a pair of 3.5 millimeter wired earbuds moving on the phone itself at the bottom, weve got the type c port, a mono speaker as well as a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. I kind of wish it had a stereo speaker, so we can get a more immersive feeling when watching videos, but the mobile speaker still gets the job done on the sides. We have a sim card tray, as well as your volume buttons and a fingerprint sensor, which is actually quite responsive when your phone is locked, a gentle tab will quickly unlock your phone, making the whole process very smooth. Also, the phone comes with a screen protector, pre installed, which also gives a welcoming touch to it. Second, lets move on to the design. As we can see, the spark 9 pro decides to go with a square rich design, which is something i prefer things. You can feel that youre actually holding the phone so that it is less likely to slip out of your hand at the back.

We have a kind of dual tone finish to it, with the top camera model having a glossy mirror design, which can sometimes be useful, such as using it as a makeup mirror. As for the camera module, we see it has got a dual ring design to it, which has been kind of popular in recent years. However, that doesnt mean that it has two cameras, because only the top ring has the main camera inside, while the other ring only has imaging sensors inside ill get to that. When we start talking about the camera performance. As for colors, we have multiple colors for the spark 9 pro, including quantum black burano blue, holy white and hacker storm. I personally like burano blue, most, especially with the dual tone finish to it. The phone is 8.42 millimeters thick and weighs around 196.3 grams. Moving on to the display, weve got a 6.66 inch, 1080p ips display with 403 pixels per inch and 90.2 screen to body ratio. Unfortunately, it only has a 60 hertz refresh rate instead of 90., while 60 is not for daily use. A 90hz refresh rate does improve the user experience quite a bit, as you can see in this comparison shot in slow motion. Maybe it has to do with screen technology, but i just wish techno could bring back the 90 hertz refresh rate. Also, we have a water drop notch at the top where the front facing camera is, i would say it feels pretty minimal and you wont really notice it when watching videos in full screens number four lets talk about the camera specs on the back.

We have a 15 megapixel main camera in the upper ring, a two megapixel bokeh camera and an ai lens in the lower ring on the front. We have an upgraded 32 megapixel front facing camera, as well as a front facing flashlight in terms of image quality. The 15 megapixel main camera is actually quite decent, especially when you turn on the 50 megapixel mode. As you can see in this test shots the image just looks way sharper when you switch to the 50 megapixel mode. However, the 15 megapixel mode does take a longer time to capture the image, so make sure you are not shooting something that is fast moving. Finally, we have performance and battery sparkline pros got a 5 000 million battery inside, along with the included 18 watt charging brick, which is enough for data use. Unfortunately, it does not support fast charging and in my testing it took around a little more than 2 hours to charge from 10 to 100. As for the processors, we have the mediatek helio g85, with 4 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage in daily use. I feel the processor is good enough to handle most texts and, as for gaming, i wanted to see, if its possible, to play some intensive games on this phone. So i installed genji impact turn all settings to medium with 60 frames enabled and as for the result. Well, its playable, but only just so dont expect to play some of the most demanding games on this phone, but regular fps games should be fine.

As for the system, it has ios 8.6 based on android 12, which means that you see a green light in the upper right corner when your camera or microphone is in use. However, we dont have many customized options, but the theme store does give you some decent choices. Alright, those were the five things that you need to know about the 9 pro. If you want to know more about how other flagship phones like the vivo x80 pro performs click here, and if you want to see reviews of other recent smartphones click here and as always for tech and gadgets, weve got you covered.