My iphone 12 pro, fortunately im in a battery test on all my other ones, so i wont be able to individually install it, but i want to talk about some of the changes bug fixes improvements, even the battery life, even the battery test that im doing right Now on beta 1., and what i would definitely tell you is, this is a really really big update for beta 2. I mean this is coming out: 1.79 gigabytes, which is a massive size, the previous update, if we kind of find it, i dont know where its at this one was 5.34 gigabytes on my 12 pro. So for this one to be a beta 2 and for it to be this big in size, just screams to me that apple really really changed up a ton of different things within this update, which is really good. So this is the battery. So this is the size of the specific update. Now i do want to go ahead and showcase to you guys the amount of things that have changed within this specific update. So these are the release, notes for beta 2 and you can see ios 16 and ipad os 16 beta 2. These specific changes that happen with this update and if you guys, can kind of just see if im scrolling through you can just see how many things have been fixed with this update, as well as how many issues that were having with beta 1.

. Now, if i go and scroll through here, if i just bring this all the way down – and you can see there are just so many changes in bug – fixes that we dont have the time to you know, go through each individual one, but there were issues with Airplay with accessibility there were, you know, carplay issues. There were shareplay issues, a really weird issue where the app library wouldnt show up after reboot. That was now fixture that was being had before, but that is now fixed. There were a ton of app store type of issues, tracking transparency, apple id issues, so this specific update. What this just screams to me is that apple is, you know, proactively trying to fix these specific issues as they come now, its beta2 people were saying it wasnt going to come out to like mid july. The fact that we got this beta so soon pretty much tells me that we are expecting to see multiple betas within, probably even the next month. I think we could be on beta 4 by the time you know mid july comes out, so i think thats going to be another really big thing. Thats going to happen, as you can see, there were home screen issues, tons of other issues, heres that app library one i was talking about before, and so the list just keeps going on and on. We can be here literally every single day talking about each individual update and change, but one thing: thats, really one thing im really looking forward to with this update is the stability on beta 1.

Actually on all these iphones that i have right here. Beta 1 was a pretty good update for the most part, starting from my iphone 10, i had a pretty strong feeling that an update like this wasnt going to be perfect and it really wasnt, but on every iteration of iphone that ive installed. This update on ive actually had a pretty good experience. To be honest, even on this battery test that im doing here, i found that the iphone 10 and some older iphones are doing much better than some of the newer iphones too, which is really interesting. Now, with this specific update on beta 2, when it comes down to the battery life, we havent been able to test it, yet its only been like a day and not even a day, its been like an hour since this updates been out not even 42 minutes. So its going to be a little bit of you know time before we do get this next. Iteration of you know battery test and everything im, not too sure if theres another build number for this update. So if we can see right here, you can see right here. This is the build number if we make our way over to and like the iphone 10 right here. So we can see right here. There is a little bit of a difference with the build number. So, probably expecting to see that i dont think its going to be like a crazy big deal or anything, but it is one of those things to keep in mind now.

On top of that, we will say in the stability standpoint im expecting beta 2 to be a little bit more stable, just because apple did go ahead and fix up a lot of the problems that we had before personally kind of. Looking back on beta 1, i didnt really have too many crazy issues. If, im being honest, all these iphones here are still on beta 1 and, to be honest, even something for my iphone 10. I didnt really have crazy issues. There were random glitches, random stuff. That happens all the time, but we expect that with the beta you know, anytime weve had a beta its been pretty much not you know the most stable thing ever, which i think is totally okay. So in this specific situation, with every single beta that comes out its going to get more and more stable and probably with beta 2, i think this is just because of the sheer just the amount of changes, and you know, bug fixes apple made im honestly kind Of looking forward to it, so that kind of covers up for the most part, the bug fixes any changes that basically happen at a high level, a little bit of the battery life standpoint as well as well as you know what its going to be looking like In the next several months, within beta 2 and the future betas of ios 16., so that kind of covers it up. If you have any other thoughts or questions, please let me know in the comment section below hit.

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