Now this is yet another mid range device from oneplus and it launched about a month ago. Now, as of now, this device is being offered in the us through t, mobile and also metro by t mobile, and it is possible that at some point this device will be offered factory unlocked now to see info related to the most up to date. Pricing and availability definitely take a look at all the various links in the video description as im sure that will be changing as time goes on now. The nord n25g is the successor to the oneplus nord n105g, which launched about a year and a half ago. Now that device was very popular, especially at metro by t mobile, so im expecting this phone, the successor to be equally as popular now. One of the reasons why that device was so popular is because of all the very generous promotions being offered to both t mobile and metro, so im definitely expecting this phone to have some pretty generous promos as well. Now, definitely, let me know in the comment section below if you ended up getting this device, did you get it for free or at a really big discount im, definitely curious to know now heres the box, the phone does come in and ill show you really quick. What all comes here included, so we have a sim card removal tool. We have some literature about the device, we have a usbc cable for charging and data transfer, and this is especially awesome.

We have a 33 watt supervooc wall, adapter included in the box. Now. This is already impressive enough to see as most higher end smartphones, especially no longer even give us a wall adapter as it is, and typically with mid range, lower end phones. They give you a really cheap and low end wall adapter, but in this situation this is a very fast charging wall adapter, so its really nice. This does come included here, because if you were to buy this separately on its own, it would cost a bit of money now, with the oneplus nord n25g were getting a very large 6.43 inch display. Now this display is amoled its a 1080p display. We have a ppi here of 409, so very crisp and clear. We have a 20×9 aspect, ratio, see more narrow but taller form factor, and we have an 85.3 percent screen to body ratio. Now, when i first heard that this phone was gon na have an amoled display, i was very impressed and i still am impressed. There are not too many devices in this particular kind of lower mid range segment that have amoled. There is the galaxy a535g, but that phone is technically slightly a tier higher than this one, so that phone is a great display, but the fact that we are getting amoled with this is something that i wasnt expecting and im really glad to see here now. Of course, with it being 1080p as well, that just makes things even better so being able to see content on this display with amoled 1080p and then such a large canvas at 6.

43 inches really makes this phone an excellent content consumption device. So if you want to watch videos on here, then this phones great for that and, of course, if you want to read ebooks or browse the web or go on social media, this phone will also work really well too and then, with the display being amoled youre. Getting really good viewing angles on the phone versus the phone that has an lcd display. Now we do have a slightly thicker bottom bezel here, but all the other bezels are very small, and i appreciate as well that we do have a hole punch for the front facing camera. Now that front camera is 16 megapixels and stay tuned for later on. In the video as ill be showing you a variety of different photo and video samples from all the various cameras on this device now, internally, with this phone were getting 128 gigabytes of storage and, along with that, were also getting microsd card expansion. So 128 gigs thats, really good for a lower end. Mid range phone like this one, so thats great and then of course, if you want to offload photos and videos for example, then you can always add in a microsd card to do so now. There is no wireless charging with this device, which is a bit unfortunate, but that is a feature that you dont find very often with mid range phones. So i suppose its fine. But if you have a phone right now that has wireless charging, then just know that youre not getting that feature here now.

This device does, however, have an in display fingerprint sensor that does work really well, so its very fast and responsive, as you saw right there. Let me try it out one more time so again, very quick and whats, especially interesting, is that, from my experience of using this in display fingerprint sensor its faster and more responsive than my experience with the in display fingerprint sensor on the pixel 6 pro. So that really says a lot and they really couldnt have implemented this any better. Now, in addition to that, this device also has face unlock. So i appreciate we have multiple methods here for getting into the phone now, when images of this phone first came out, a lot of people had a lot to say about this: camera module its definitely a bit more of a unique design compared to what weve seen With devices from pretty much any other company, but i like the design of it, of course, the actual photos and videos is able to take from the device turned out really well too, but as far as the general appearance of it, i appreciate that oneplus is a Little bit more original here with it, instead of just giving us a camera square on the back, so in general, this phone looks and feels a lot more premium than it really is now it is made completely out of plastic, but i do feel like oneplus really Made the most given what they had to work with now.

As far as the cameras themselves go, we do have a triple camera setup. On the back of the phone, we have a 64 megapixel main camera, a 2 megapixel dev sensing camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera for close up images. So it is pretty disappointing that we dont have an ultra wide camera with this device. I understand this is supposed to be a more affordable phone compared to a phone that would have every feature imaginable, such as a galaxy s22 ultra. But at the same time there are a lot of phones cheaper than this one that do have an ultra wide camera. For example, even the galaxy a13 lte model, which is one of the lowest end phones, that samsung sells, still has an ultra wide camera now its not that great, but at the same time its at least there. So, of course, i am grateful for what we are getting here so having multiple cameras is better than just having one, of course, but at the same time, to catch up to the competition, it would have been nice to have an ultra wide camera now heres, how Things look on the camera app on the device then, from here we can switch over to the more tab where we can access the macro camera. So you can get very close up here and have things be in really good detail? Of course, weve also got portrait mode, so you can get those nice blurred out backgrounds, and then we can flip around to the front facing camera to take portrait selfies or we can also take standard selfies as well.

Now, when it comes to video, unfortunately, video recording is maxed out at 1080p for both the front and rear cameras. So that is a bit disappointing, especially when a lot of the competition can take 4k. Video in this mid range segment. Now, whether or not its important to you that 4k video is, of course based on your own personal preferences, but at the same time i think its nice, at least having the option to take 4k video, so that, if you have a 4k tv, you can put Your content up there and everything looks good, but lets now take a look at some photo and video samples from the oneplus nord n25g. From my experience, this phone is definitely capable of taking some very nice looking photos and videos. Now, of course, dont forget that this is a mid range kind of lower end smartphone, so you definitely shouldnt expect the quality to be nearly as good as what youd find from a higher end device, but for what it is im very happy with it. You can definitely capture images that are plenty good to share on social media, for example. So if youre going on a vacation – and you want to preserve all those various memories, then using this phone to capture those moments definitely wont be an issue at all. So, all in all ill let the quality speak for itself, but im plenty happy with the quality from the various cameras on the phone, but lets now take a look at some video samples from this device whats going on everyone.

This is kevin here coming at you with a 1080p front facing test video from the oneplus nord n25g. Im definitely curious to know what you think about the video and audio quality, and here is a 1080p rear facing video from the oneplus nord n25g Applause, and we do have auto focus in video mode now. Moving on lets talk about the processor and ram. Now, with this device, we have six gigabytes of ram paired up with the qualcomm snapdragon 695 5g processor, so thats a pretty good amount of ram, but the actual processor itself has been great as well now for a mid range device. You definitely cant expect this to perform at the same level as a top of the line: samsung phone, for example, or the oneplus 10 pro now its going to be fast enough for the needs of the majority people out there, its fine for checking social media doing Phone calls text messages watching video content, youre, probably gon na mostly run into slow downs when youre playing high performance games or, if youre, doing more demanding tasks on your phone like editing videos, but for the majority people out there. What were getting here is totally fine. Now i did run a benchmark test using geekbench, 5 and ill show you the scores from that test. Right now, and you can see here, i got a single core score of 679 and a multi core score of 1966.. So what i recommend doing is running this test on your current phone and then compare your scores to these scores to get a better idea of if the oneplus nord n25g is actually going to be a performance upgrade for you, because it is possible, the current phone.

You have now could be faster now, in addition to the processor being pretty quick and getting the job done. As the name of the processor and the phone itself imply, this device is compatible with 5g connectivity now in 2022, you can certainly get by with just 4g lte, but at the same time i feel like it is nice being able to use your carriers latest and Most up to date, network and, of course, 5g is the future as well. So you might as well get a 5g compatible phone. Now with this device were getting a 4 500 milliamp hour internal battery, so a pretty large internal battery. You should definitely expect to get at least a day, if not two out of this phone, but in addition to that, of course, as i showed you earlier on in the video, this phone does support 33 watt fast charging, and then we do have that charger included In the box, so it is really cool to see that, despite this being kind of a lower end, mid range phone, you can still recharge it very quickly. Another nice thing about this phone as well is that it does support nfc. You can see the symbol up top there, but essentially nfc is the technology that makes it possible to make mobile contactless payments, so you can use tap and pay with the phone and at this point most payment machines do support nfc payments. So i know for me at least any device i have that does support this method of payment.

I prefer to use that when im out shopping so its definitely an important feature to have and im glad that we have it here with this device, especially since there are a lot of lower end phones, that dont have nfc, which is a bit surprising. Considering that were now in 2022 now, one unfortunate thing about this device is that it does run android 11 out of the box. Now, at this point, android 12 has been out for a while, and we have android 13 coming out pretty soon now, im sure this phone eventually will get updated from android 11 to android 12, but the problem is, is that oneplus is only going to be giving This phone one major android software update so considering that were already behind with android 11, essentially getting that one update will catch us up to android 12, but by that point, android 13 will be out and the phone will not get any further major updates. Now, comparing that to samsung the majority of their a series, devices such as the a535g do get four years of major android software updates and some of the very lower end phones from them get two years of major updates. So even the worst phone from samsung is still getting an extra major software update compared to the nord n25g. So the point is: is that the competition out there is providing their phones with quite a bit more software support, as time goes on now.

Thankfully, this phone is supposed to be getting at least three years of security patches, so thats great, but at the same time it is very disappointing to see that android 12 will be the last version of android on this device. Now, im not sure if that necessarily should be a deal breaker for you. It kind of depends on what youre looking for with your smartphone, if youre, just looking for your smartphone to function the same way as it did, when you took it out of the box, then i suppose you wont have any issues or problems with that. But if you are looking forward to getting some of the new features from android as they come out each year, then you probably will be disappointed and youll probably want to go for something else. That actually will give you a lot of software updates, but now that weve gone over a variety of the different features about this device lets now take a closer look at the hardware. I already talked quite a bit about the build, but this phone is made completely out of plastic and the display is glass now it does have a bit of a boxy form factor, which is certainly something i am a fan of in some ways. It kind of reminds me of the iphone, but on the other hand, iphones have also had rounded edges in other times in other generations, so i think it definitely has kind of a design of its own, and i am a big fan of it.

But since it is made out of plastic, i do recommend getting some sort of case to put on the phone, but taking a look at the left side of the device with the slot for the micro sd card and sim card volume up and volume down, then, On the right side, we have the power button, then up top here with the noise cancelling microphone and then on the bottom of the device. We have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack microphone, usb c port for charging and data transfer and the speaker and then on the back of the phone. I like that it is a matte finish here. It has kind of a wavy look to it as well, and it doesnt pick up too many fingerprints, which i definitely appreciate, but we have that triple camera setup, the flash oneplus logo and thats pretty much it so again, its a pretty good, looking stylish handset. Considering that it is kind of a lower end option from oneplus, so in general, i think they did a great job designing it. One other downside with this device, which i almost forgot to mention, is that there is no stereo audio. So if youre watching a video or playing music youre only going to be getting audio coming out of the main speaker on the bottom of the device, now, thankfully this speaker does get pretty loud and youll have no issues just sitting back and relaxing and watching videos Or listening to music with this device, but at the same time i would have preferred to have stereo audio, which means that wed also get audio coming out of the earpiece, because, as of now, the only purpose for the earpiece is for phone calls.

But this concludes my review of the oneplus nord n25g. I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did definitely make sure to give the video a thumbs up and sub to the channel. I already have a variety of other videos on the channel about this phone. As well so definitely make sure to check out that content, but this is kevin here.