Foldable smartphones are the next big thing with companies, including motorola, xiaomi, huawei, samsung and now oppo all dabbling, with the foldable form factor. Despite being comparatively late out of the gate, with the oppo find n, the company seems to have struck gold with features, design and functionality that often surpass the competition and at a cheaper price point too, the only catch its a china only smartphone. For now, with no plans for oppo to release the find n internationally and thats a massive disappointment, considering the stellar foldable experience on offer, the oppo find ns in some ways a very familiar device. It sports the same internal fold that opens like a book as key rivals, including the huawei mate x2 and samsung galaxy z, fold 3, but it introduces a few key differences that could make it the best foldable design to date. The most instantly noticeable is the size of the outer display when the likes of the mate, x2 and z. Fold 3 are closed. Theyre almost comically long and slender, with tall narrow aspect ratios that look a little odd, especially samsungs. Twenty five to nine aspect: ratio; thats, not the case with the oppo, find end, though it sports a compact five point: four nine inches display with an eighteen to nine aspect; ratio for a more typical slab, smartphone experience when folded with the added bonus of being much More compact in the pocket than its rivals too, the bezel surrounding the outer display is slightly thicker than 2022 flagships and there is a centrally placed hole, punch, camera, thats wider than some might like, but these arent elements that detract from the overall experience, in fact its Something that youll likely not notice within a day or two of using it.

The phone feels reassuringly sturdy when folded with a near complete seal that keeps the vast majority of dust and dirt away from the internal display and hinge when put in a pocket. The occasional bit of dust or lint can still appear, but its nowhere near as much of a worry. As with the visible gap of the fold. Three: the phone feels reassuringly sturdy when folded with a near complete seal that keeps the vast majority of dust and dirt away from the internal display and hinge when put in a pocket. The occasional bit of dust or lint can still appear, but its nowhere near as much of a worry as with the visible gap of the z fold. Three both of the fine ends displace fordham old tech, for a bright vibrant experience with colors. That pop out of the screen, and if thats not to your taste, the vibrancy can be adjusted in the settings menu thats, essentially where the similarities end, though, as unlike huawei and samsung oppos foldable offers a different refresh rate across the two screens. Some apps handle this better than others. Tick, tock and reddit play very nicely with the large display and you can force apps to use a windowed 16 to 9 or 4 to 3 crop of the app for a more traditional experience, but its not perfect for all. Apps, what it is great for, however, is running two apps side by side: a function enabled by running two fingers down the center of the internal display.

That makes it easy to keep an eye on twitter, while texting with friends on whatsapp, though i assume oppo has more productivity, focused use cases in mind. The form factor is also ideal for reading articles browsing the web and taking a closer look at snaps youve, taken on the phone, its handy for video, chats too something that cant be said of huaweis option which lacks an internal selfie camera. If youre, looking straight on at the display, you probably wont be able to see the crease at all its only when viewed off angle that you can see the warped reflection. The flexible display causes its surprisingly robust too, with no fear or worry that i damage the screen or hinge by pressing on it too hard huaweis, foldable, mate x2 goes all out on its camera, offering with flagship level snappers. While samsung took a more conservative approach with a trio of 12 mp snappers on its galaxy z, fold 3. oppo finds a comfortable middle ground between the two sporting, a main wide 50 mp snapper. Alongside a 16 mp, 123 degree ultra wide and a 13 mp 2x telephoto, with the ability to capture impressive shots with a tap youll likely find yourself using the main 50mp snapper. Most of the time, thanks to impressive specs, including an f 1.8 aperture for decent low light performance, multi directional phase detection, autofocus pdaf, an optical image, stabilization ois, its the only one of the three lenses that offers the stabilization tech images captured on the main lens are Bright, vibrant and, incredibly detailed, even in challenging light conditions such as taking photos with the sun in shot.

The dynamic range on offer is impressive, capturing as much detail in the sky as in shadows. Skin tones are accurate and colors arent, as over saturated as youll find on some flagships. Youll find qualcomm snapdragon 888 at the heart of the oppo, find n paired with either 8 gigabytes or 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes or 512 gigabytes of storage. Depending on the variant you opt for. It does miss out on the newer snapdragon, 8 general. One of 2022 flagships, but this was technically released just before qualcomm revealed the upgraded processor in late 2021 and besides its the same processor, youll, find in the equally premium galaxy z fold tree. It also benchmarks well with results in line with not only other foldables but other premium smartphones, albeit falling slightly behind eight general one equipped devices, as you might imagine, theres no noticeable lag or stuttering scrolling through media heavy apps animations are buttery smooth, especially on the internal 120 hertz display and the phone rarely heats up to a noticeable level. Even switching from one screen to another is seamless like other book style. Foldables. The battery cell within the oppo find n is split into two halves, one on either side of the hinge mechanism. With a combined 4500 milliamp hours capacity, putting it just ahead of samsungs galaxy z, fold 3., when it comes to battery performance, itll largely depend on how you use the find n. If you find yourself using the smaller 60 hertz cover display a viable option, thanks to a regular smartphone aspect ratio, you can easily squeeze over a days usage, so thatll drop once you start using the larger 120 hertz panel.

I found myself using the cover display. More than initially anticipated, and even when i was using the larger display to read articles watch, tik, tok and stream youtube videos. I was never concerned about battery life, its also great for gaming, once you adjust for the boxy aspect ratio so its certainly more suited to casual games like monument valley than multiplayer fps titles, where the narrow field of view can be detrimental to your performance. You can adjust the aspect ratio to produce a standard 16 to 9 centrally placed window in competitive games, but its not quite as immersive an experience with huge black bars. Software will likely be the biggest issue for westerners that want to import the oppo find n. As with a china, only focus it doesnt ship with google play what it does come with, however, is a lot of bloatware and chinese apps that are yet to be translated into english. In fact, thats a theme across the os, while most of oppos color os 12 has been translated, youll occasionally come across a menu or an app only available in mandarin. That includes oppos own app store that youll need to use to update some of the stock apps. On the phone that being said, it is incredibly easy to get the google play store onto the phone and once installed it behaves as youd expect. Most of the time you can download apps install third party keyboards gboard works way better than the default keyboard and even use google pay in place of oppos mobile payment app.

There are still limitations, like the lack of google assistant activation youre forced to use breno oppos. China focused virtual assistant and limitations on android, auto, but largely speaking its business as usual. There are plenty of software tweaks in color os 12 that allow you to take advantage of the foldable form factor too. That includes an intuitive split screen. Experience on the larger internal display, the ability to force any app to use the boxy aspect, ratio and the option to use the cover display as a camera viewfinder when taking snaps on the internal display, giving your subject a preview of the snap youre taking the biggest Problem with the oppo find n is that its a china exclusive, with no plans for the foldable to roll out internationally in its current form, one plus rumors aside. That means youll have to import one from china and with it comes extra import fees and the need to sideload google play and related services onto the phone yourself. That wont be a problem for some, but its not quite as simple as being able to order one from a local retailer or carrier its a shame, because its actually one of the most affordable foldables to date with the oppo find n starting at an impressive 7669 Yen, approximately 910 pounds per 1210 united states dollars in china undercutting even xiaomis mi mix fold, which costs nine thousand nine hundred. Ninety nine yen heres how pricing stacks up? Eight gigabytes plus 256 gigabytes minus seven thousand six hundred ninety nine yen, approximately nine hundred ten pounds for one thousand; seventy euros per 1210 dollars for 92, 000 rupees, 12 gigabytes, plus 512 gigabytes minus 8999 yen, approximately 1065 pounds per 1255 euros for 1 415 for 107.

500 rupees, of course, if it did ever make it to international shores, it had cost more than its converted price, but it could still be one of the most affordable options around considering the galaxy z fold. 3 starts at a cool 1 599 pounds for 1 799. The oppo find n is the most exciting foldable phone that youll probably never be able to buy, at least without importing one from china. This is a stellar attempt at a book style foldable with premium build quality that surpasses that of huawei and samsung. In most regards the small 5.49 inches cover display provides a more traditional smartphone experience compared to comically tall alternatives, while also providing a smaller pocketable footprint.