So keep watching Im gon na review it completely Music, so guys this phone is really good because it offers all the specs and features that you not get in mid range smartphones. I mean Budget smartphones, so hats of Poco. You have done a good job. I will give you a detailed review about this smartphone in this video, so please watch the video till the end, so lets get started so guys lets go to indoor because theres a lot of wind and dog disturbance, Laughter, Music, Music. Thank you. This smartphone is not 5G, it is 4G, it supports dual SIM. The storage type of this Smartphone is US 2.2. As I made a detailed video about smartphone buying guide, you can check it out. It is an i button here, so it has Android 11 poker claims that they are bringing an update to the smartphone for Android. Well, so guys now lets talk about the design and in hand field of the smartphone smartphone is designed in a square type. I mean it is designed in a boxy type so that it feels comfortable and it feels more grippy and also it has side mounted fingerprint. So this phone has plastic bag and it also has cornering Gorilla Glass 3, which gives you basic protection now lets talk about design. So the main attractive thing of the smartphone is its camera module guys guys it has such a big camera module. It looks so attractive. Youll get three cameras: Im gon na tell about it in the later part of the video on the down youll get thanks report noise, cancellation, mind and a speaker on the upper part.

You will get again another noise cancellation mind, because this phone has two noise cancellation. Mics and one headphone jack and IR Blaster, another speaker and on the side, you will get side mounted fingerprint volume rockers on the left side. Youll get SIM slot where you can add two 4G Sims and one SD card on the front side. You will get massive 6.43 inch, AMOLED display with a punch hole camera, so this Smartphone has ip53 flashed and dust rating, so it protects you from that. So you will get 6.43 inch. Amoled display guys displays are usually good and the maximum brightness of this display is thousand units. It is very bright actually, and the resolution of this display is 1080 to 2400, which is an HD display. Youll also get control camera with this display so that it looks very good, so youll get smooth performance when you just scroll up down because it has 90 Hertz. So it has adaptive screen refresh rate it switches between 60hz and 90 Hertz automatically when needed. So as it has AMOLED display, you will get always on display with this Smartphone Music. So now lets test its speaker so that you get a rough idea about it. Applause stickers are good, the sound quality is good and it has flat audio. The volume is decent in this speaker, so you can subscribe to my channel guys regularly on my channel. So talking about the camera, you will get three cameras, which is AI power thing, so the primary camera is 64 megapixel ultimate.

Camera is 8 megapixel and the macro camera is 2 megapixel. Im gon na add some photos so that youll get to know how the camera is because the night mode works well with the smartphones camera it takes. Decent photos of the ultrawide sensor also takes good photos, but the sharpness lags a bit in ultrawide mode, but in a primary camera it takes best quality images and also in portrait mode. The Edge detection is good and it will not cut your ears in the front. You will get 16 megapixel selfie camera, which also shoots decent quality images. The sharpness is good in the photos: Clarity, color, saturation, color grading. Everything is decent, I mean pretty good, I can say so now its time, processor and performance, so youll get here g96 processor, which I can say which is powerful for day to day task, and also you can play Heavy games with this processor. It is based on well NM architecture. It consumes a bit more power when you compare this chip with the 6nm, so the processor has 8 cores so that it handles all the tasks so guys you will get 5000 mAh battery in the smartphone, with a 33 watt fast charger. The company claims that your smartphone charges in 58 minutes from 0 to 100, but in real life, which I tested it, it was charging from 0 to 100 in 1 hour 10 minutes like that on normal day to day task.

You will get around 7 to 8 hours of battery backup guys in gaming. I played Call of Duty free fire bgmi, so I tested these three games in my smartphone and here are the results, so I played Call of Duty with high quality Graphics. I was fitting around 55 to 65 FPS, which is huge actually because Call of Duty is a high end game and the second game I played is free fire. I played free fire in high graphics and all the settings were high. I was getting around 60 to 80 FPS guys, which is actually good, because this is a budget smartphone and the third game is bgmi. So again, I played with the high graphics and I was getting a 55 to 65 or 75, sometimes 75 uh, which is decent and good. Actually so guys. This was the video.