To tell you all about it. You may or may not have heard of techno before, but basically they provide affordable smartphones for the global market. This here, retails for just around 280 lets, go ahead, get it unboxed and see what it has to offer so inside the box, as well as the device itself. You do get a plastic clear case. This is included so youre not going to have to go and get it separately. Weve got a user manual as well as a 33 watt charger again include it out of the box theres devices that are three four five times the price of this that do not come with a charger included out of the box. We also get a sim card tool, usb type, a to usb type c cable and look what we have here, some earphones – and these are in fact, 3.5 millimeter earphones, and that is because the camera 19 pro does have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. We really dont see many of those. These days lets go ahead and remove the plastic, and here it is weve, got a two tone finish with a really interesting effect. When the light hits, it looks very cool, its just around 8.6 millimeters thin and the techno camera 19 series also won the if design award 2022 for its outstanding product design. Now, if we move over on to the front youll see the 6.78 inch full hd display now, a key thing about this display is that it has a high refresh rate up to 120 hertz, making everything super smooth and very impressive at this price.

The display is also too variland certified and minimizes blue light, providing a more comfortable viewing experience. We have a punch out for the front facing 32 megapixel camera, but the main cameras are at the back. The primary camera is a 64 megapixel rgbw camera, which has been code developed with samsung and its rgbw color filter. Sensor technology adds a white subpixel to existing universal rgb configurations to enable light intake to be enhanced by 30 percent now night. Photography and videography is a big selling point here on the camera 19 pro and i think youll be impressed at the results, especially at this price point. We then have a 50 megapixel portrait camera, which has a 50 millimeter focal length which will give you two times optical zoom, but also give you great, portraits. 50 millimeters is roughly what our eyes see as humans, so having 50 millimeter portraits will give you generally the most flattering. Look now lets take a look around the rest of the device. So up top we just have a mic at the bottom. There is the usb type c input theres a bottom firing speaker as well as, of course, the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so youll be able to plug in any of your existing earphones right into here. On the right hand, side we have the volume buttons, as well as a power button which doubles up as a fingerprint scanner and it works really well and finally, on the left hand side we have the sim card tray.

Now, within this sim card tray, you have space for two sim cards. Not only that you can also have a micro sd card, so you can expand the storage on the techno camera 19 pro as well as have two sims active at the same time and that moves us on to the internals of storage. This has a base. Storage of 128 gigabytes youve got 8 gigabytes of ram and its powered by the mediatek helio g96 processor. This is a very capable processor for this price, so it should be able to handle your day to day absolutely fine, as well as some gaming and for software. We have ios based on android now for the battery. You actually have a very large 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which should keep you going all day long without any issues and remember you do get the 33 watt charger out of the box, which is going to give you very fast top ups. I cant emphasize how much of a big deal. It is having a charger out of the box, especially at this price. Remember this is going to be retailing for around 280. Now pricing will vary depending on region, so do check out the link that ive got down in the description below. What do you guys think of the techno camera 19 pro do, let me know down in the comments below.