, Its a good movie. And its not supposed to be its a movie about two retired people. Guys Hello. Today we have the most unusual review possible, no kidding. Its, not an RV, its, not a houseboat. Today we have …. Today we have a smartphone review.. This smartphone is called the Infinix 12 Note VIP.. Yes, I had the same face when I heard the name, but look here: 120W charging AMOLED screen 108MP camera almost top of the line; Hardware, small thickness, and yet only for 300. Review. Here we go: What is this company Infinix Its the same as Chery Geely, Haval and other brands that first … Whats with the TV So heres the thing about Chinese car brands. At first, everyone was suspicious of them, but now one in ten cars is a Chinese Car. So no kidding, this is probably what we will all be using in a few years., At least legally in Russia., A few words about the company.. It was founded in 2013 based in Hong Kong. So far so good.. They make a lot of different models and laptops, one of which we wrote about on our website. Right now. Its the most popular smartphone brand in Pakistan. And Pakistan, by the way, has 220 million people, which is more than Russia., Keep in mind.. The main feature of Infinix technology is the low price.. That is what we need. Item number two is unpacking.. The smartphone is officially on sale in Russia.

. This is the local version.. It is written on. The box. Lets see. Superpower, charger 120W., All in Russian., AMOLED, 108MP and Helio G96., Yes, its MediaTek, but its the companys new processor and according to tests, its not bad.. Denis. Have you seen this Vacuum cleaners? Have the same power supply look. 120W. There is an important, Save Fast Charge System badge.. It is certified by this famous company, which means that the charger was not assembled by some Chinese in a basement., Its an official story, thats been tested.. This is important. Glass.. It comes with a protective glass. And there is a case.. The usual silicone one. Item number three is design.: The company says they are inspired by French design.. We have a famous smartphone here …, It looks like this.. The thickness is 7.9 mm., Its very comfortable in the hand.. Even the small iPhone 12 Pro is less secure in the hand than the large Infinix., But this only applies to the grip.. The diagonal is bigger and it feels better in the hand. Lets test it. Some more., The most pleasant thing is the matte back panel.. In the kit recall, there is a case, but this and this does not match in any way. Infinix keep in mind.. You need a normal case here.. We throw this one away and leave this one., But you have to hold it carefully because its glass. Whats on the case Stereo speakers great. The nice thing about the bottom – is the 3.

5mm jack.. The fingerprint scanner is classic located on the side right here.. This is also the power button. The scanner is on the right side, convenient perfect for your finger. SIM card slot.. Where is the paper clip Wow Denis? Is there a microSD in here Yes. Cool., Thats, rare., Theres, two SIM cards and a microSD. Guys? We need a SIM card. Done., Guys speaking of Yota. The other day there was a national Yota awards ceremony. It is an award which showed how people use cellular communication in different cities of Russia. – And here are some interesting. Facts. Krasnodar is the city with the most downloads. Yuzhno Sakhalinsk has the most talk at night and St. Petersburg has the most talk in the morning. In Grozny. They rarely make phone calls., Apparently they use WhatsApp and Telegram.. There is also information about Novy, Urengoy, Ufa and Saratov.. How do they use cell phones in those cities? There are a lot of funny and interesting facts.. You can find out from the link. Below. Recommended All set Lets move on. Next up is Hardware.. Here are all the specs and information about the display. By the way AMOLED with 10 bit color depth.. The maximum amount of RAM is 13 GB.. In fact its 8 GB and another 5 GB adds virtual memory.. But the most interesting thing is the battery.. The capacity is small 4500 mAh., But for a little money here, charging 120W called HyperCharge. A full charge, takes 17 minutes and after just 10 minutes on a charge, theres enough power for six hours of gaming or five hours of watching YouTube.

Take this one.. This is the stuff. Extender.. It doesnt affect the charging speed in any way. Weve tested this many times.. It makes no difference whether you plug it in or an extension cord, even with a Chinese adapter., The speed is the same. Denis. This is a beta version right. What iOS 16 iOS 16.? This is iOS, 16, Yes And whats new about it. The lock screen. Thats it Yes. Right now we have 55 …, See See, look fast, charging isnt activated.! You have to turn it on yourself. Every time. On go. Lets see how much it charges in 10 minutes. Right now were at 56. Thats, one percent already.. What else is interesting? The main camera is 108 megapixels. Theres a 13MP wide angle, camera and a 2MP depth. Sensor.. A few test photos lets see. Guys links to the pictures below.. You can open, expand to full screen and take a look.. What else is interesting Again? Stereo speakers one and two.. We also have the classic 3.5mm jack. Its rare, to see that now, even in the new Xiaomi. – And there is NFC. Cool but not very relevant right now in Russia. – And you have Android Pay right. Yes, it does Mir Pay, works. Mir Pay And Samsung Pay. Contactless payment works right. Nfc is there for a reason.. It will be useful, well thats, good.. Now the most interesting seventh item. Read the news in India. The minimum price of this smartphone abroad is 300.

300 dollars For that Hardware. Amoled screen 8 well: 13 GB of RAM. Thats, pretty good., But here in Russia the situation is a little different. Thats, not a question for Infinix. Its a question for other people. In Russia. It will cost. Not cheap.. There are definitely competitors for this smartphone for this money, but nevertheless, this kind of money for almost top end hardware is probably not bad. Write in the comments. What you think about it. Also, we would love to read the comments of the person who gets this smartphone for entering the contest.. Yes, there will be a contest wed love to raffle off an Infinix Note: 12 VIP.. One comment on the subject of the video and you become a contestant.. The comment must be on the subject of the video.. What do you think about it? Would you buy something else for the money, or would you still choose this model 0950 lets see? We had 55. Wow And what do you think the percentage is Exactly 100, Its already 100. Fast charging absolutely works and the power supply is not too hot.. Neither is the smartphone. Infinix Note. 12 VIP is right. Now the only new smartphone in Russia. Times, unfortunately, are like that. The only new smartphone on the market.. It was a pleasure to do a review.. Many thanks to the guys from Infinix for sending it for review.. We will raffle it off. Waiting for your comments.