This is a new phone. It came out in april, i believe so it should be pretty up to date with most things so im just going to go through my experience using the honor x7, including battery life, general usability and, of course, the camera. So if youre interested stick around Music, so a quick recap of the specs up front – you get a large 6.7 inch display with a 720p resolution and a fast 90hz refresh rate. Of course, 720p displays in 2022 are not really a great thing to go for, but surprisingly, using the honor x7 with that display is actually surprisingly good unless youre really pixel peeping youre not really going to notice any individual pixels. The display is actually really nice and its very smooth thanks to that 90 hertz refresh rate running honors magic, ui version 4.2 on top of android 11, so unfortunately, theres not the newest android 12 running on the honor x7. Hopefully this is something that might come down. The line and ill add that into the comments, if the update does become available, flipping the phone over to the rear, its just a bog standard plastic back with sort of a matte finish, and it does a reasonable job at hiding fingerprints. Although you can still see them a little bit and then youve got your 48 megapixel quad camera set up up in the top left hand corner backed by a five megapixel ultrawide and then two two megapixel macro and depth cameras at the top youve got your sim Tray which houses your obviously sim card and micro sd card on the right youve got your volume rockers power button with integrated fingerprint sensor.

The left of the phone is completely clean and then on the bottom, youve got your single bottom firing speaker usb c charging port microphone and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. The honor x7 has a large five thousand milliamp hour battery with support for and a 22.5 watt fast charging, and, of course, i found battery life to be absolutely amazing. It easily gets me through a day and of course, with that low demand of the 720p display always helps your battery endurance as well powering the honor x7 is a qualcomm snapdragon, 680 4g processor. So unfortunately, there isnt any 5g support on the honor x7, but the 680 is absolutely fine for doing your general day to day tasks, including social media, a bit of the camera and all that sort of stuff and a little bit of light gaming. It seems to handle quite well as well as long as you keep the settings around medium as well. I have got a honor x7 quick gaming test coming up in the next week or so so be sure to check that out when that goes, live as well, and the honor x7 is packing four gigabytes of ram with 128 gigabytes of internal storage, so general everyday Performance has been absolutely fine on the honor x7 multitasking, although theres only four gigabytes in a world of six eight 12 gigs. That should be enough to do a little bit of multitasking and i havent found too many instances where apps have closed in the background and then.

Lastly, if we talk about the camera system now personally, for me, this is the biggest disappointment with regards to the honor x7. The 48 megapixel main sensor for the most part, does take some nice photos with a reasonable amount of detail, but the focus is very inconsistent. Trying to take a picture of myself using the main camera and portrait mode on the main camera i just it just couldnt focus on my face. It was very blurry, so thats something i have found with the main camera, but for the most part, if you just want a phone that will take a few half decent photos, the honor x7 will serve you well. The five megapixel ultra wide is, of course, a big step down in regards to ultrawide against other phones that have got eight megapixel ultrawides, especially from like the motorola g31 and other motorola devices that just seem to perform that little bit better and video on the honor. X7, of course, theres no stabilization on any of the cameras, and that is to be expected, and it is just bulk standard budget phone quality. Youre not going to get anything spectacular here on the honor x7. But if you just want a phone thats going to shoot a few home movies of the kids and stuff like that, itll be absolutely fine, theres, also an 8 megapixel selfie camera on the honor x7 and, to be perfectly honest, i think its trash. I really dont like the quality color.

Reproduction is really dull on this selfie camera. So if youre someone that takes a lot of selfies, this definitely isnt going to be the phone for you. It does top out at 1080p at 30 frames per second like the main camera in terms of video, but in terms of the photo quality im really not a fan. I think there are much better selfie cameras on almost every other device that ive tested so selfie camera on honor x7. In terms of, would i recommend the honor x7 to buy. I do personally think there are better options out there. For instance, i picked up the motorola g31 for about 10 quid less and overall, that is a better phone. The camera is much better on the g31 than what it is on the honor x7 and the g31 does run a more stock android experience, although still on android 11. magic, ui isnt for everybody i mean personally. For me, it seems pretty good its not too clunky. There were a few apps i had to delete such as and a few games. I didnt really want on there, whereas youre not going to get that on the motorola, g31 and ive got a full comparison between the honor x7 and the g31, simply because of their similar prices. So, if youre interested in that comparison, be sure to check that out. As well so thats my quick review of the honor x7, let me know in the comments if this is something that you would consider buying or let me know if its something that you would stay well away from so im curious to know.

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