8100 max processor and support to up to 150 watt fast charging the disappearing, never settle slogan and three stage button disappointed many oneplus fans. Today we will bring you a review of the oneplus ace racing edition, a product that may prove that the saddle of the brand has just begun. The design of the oneplus ace is based on ryomi gt neo3, while todays racing edition is in appearance replacement edition for the oppo k10, its hard to notice the difference between them in terms of parameters, but over the appearance. They have a very similar back cover and are made of exact same material. This plastic material with matte finish can be very effective in preventing fingerprints, but may not be good for heat dissipation, which we will verify later in the gaming test. The camera module of the oneplus 8 racing edition looks identical to that of the oppo k10, although oneplus has added a decorative camera shape in the lower right corner, seemingly disguising that. This is a four camera phone, but the phone actually has only two lenses really working in daily shooting and another macro lens of only 2 megapixels. For me, the only positive detail of the racing edition is the support of 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. I believe that many people do not want to put up with the high latency or wireless headphones when playing games, but unfortunately there is no other brand of flagship phones that support 3.5 millimeter headphone jack except sony.

At this point, we are more or less pleased with the racing model. The oneplus 8 racing edition has a 1080p 120hz lcd screen. As a result, it has a wider chin as well as wider screen, bezels and a larger hole, punch front camera and the in screen. Fingerprint recognition has been also replaced by a side recognition button serving as a fingerprint reader, which, however, i think is a more efficient way to unlock the phone as a capacitive fingerprint button has a better unlock, speed and success rate than the under screen, fingerprint recognition. In most cases, compared to the oneplus 8, the racing editions lcd screen looks sharper, especially when displaying text, but the lcd screen doesnt perform as well as oled in terms of color contrast and brightness. As you can see, it has lighter colors and lower contrast and doesnt support, hdr content either. So if you like, watching movies on your phone, i dont really recommend the oneplus ace racing edition, and another point to consider is that it doesnt support aod, which means you will have to manually wake up the screen to check it. When you want to check the time or just miss a notification, oneplus 8s racing edition using enhanced dimension 8100 max chipset, we didnt do performance and gaming tests in the previous oneplus ace, unboxing video. So this time ill show you the dimension. 8100 max performs on a oneplus phone with ace racing edition. Here are some benchmark results.

We got on ace racing. The performance is a bit better than the redmi k50, so lets see how it performed in real gaming engaging impact. The oneplus 8 racing edition was able to maintain a frame rate of around 50 fps for the first 10 minutes, but as the phone got hotter, the frame rate dropped to around 40.. Yet i didnt feel that the phone was too hot and obviously oneplus was still too conservative in its performance. Optimization pubg has not yet been optimized. On the oneplus ace racing edition, we are only able to run the game at the maximum frame rate of 40 fps with hdr graphics settings, obviously its far too easy for the demand city chipset. The ace racing is weaker in terms of camera configuration compared to oneplus ace and the main camera doesnt support, ois anti shaking, although its target group probably dont care much about taking photos here, we still want to show you the camera comparison between these two phones compared To oneplus 8, the racing edition main camera has a similar, dynamic range and detail performance, but the colors are lighter than one plus as and the view angle is a bit smaller. The ultra wide angle lens performs similarly with the oneplus ace. Having a wider view angle and more vibrant colors, when we move to nice scenes, the gap starts, show up the racing edition, doesnt compare to oneplus 8 over dark details due to smaller sensor size and lack of ois support from these samples.

You can see that the racing editions photo is brighter, but looking at the photo parameters, we can see that it just uses a higher iso and faster shutter speed, which explains why the racing edition photo has poorer detail. But whats interesting is that when you manually turn on the night mode to extend the shutter time and have a firm grip on the racing model, you will get a nice shot with better detail performance than the oneplus 8. whats. Even more incredible is that the oneplus 8 racing editions ultra wide angle lens performs much better than the oneplus ace and in diemer scenes as well. You can see the photos taken by the oneplus ace racing edition has better detail and the color oneplus 8 racing edition packs a 5 000 million power battery that supports up to 65 watt hour fast charging in the first 30 minutes it charged up to 71. But after that, it took to 22 minutes to get fully charged. Okay, thats the full review of the oneplus ace racing edition. As i said at the beginning, its a phone without many features of oneplus, but its not a bad product in this price range and the gaming performance is even able to compare to oneplus flagships. I think its actually a good entry level product for those with new users who are new to oneplus for the first time, but i still wish oneplus could bring the three stage mute button back to these entry level products so thats.

It hope you enjoyed the video im.