This model here is powered by the demand city. 8100. All models have eight gigabytes of ram, and this model ive got, has 128 gigabytes of ufs, 3.1 storage and theres also a model with up 256.. It has 67 watt fast charging a 5080 milliamp hour battery and the screen its 6.6 inches in ips screen with a 144 hertz maximum refresh rate. The camera in the cutout is 20 megapixels. Our main camera is 64 megapixels, with an 8 megapixel ultrawide and sadly they are still giving us. The 2 megapixel macro sensors weve got that if you ever wanted to take a lower quality macro photo so in this review, ill go over it in depth. So let you know all the pros and the cons now, in my time of using pocos x4 gt inside the box, youll find a type a2 type c cable, our charger, its 67 watts. Now the charge time is normally around about 40 minutes, sim tray tool and a little bit of paperwork here. So we have a quick start guide, a few other things and a clear tpu case. Of course, coming from the manufacturer, this case does fit the x4 gt perfectly. The x4 gts build is plastic, the back of it, the frame around the outside and even the camera housing a side always on capacitor fingerprint reader. Now i just demonstrated that it does unlock really quick ive had no problems with it, its accurate, its typical xiaomi, so the phones weight is 200 grams.

The thickness of it is about 8.9 millimeters plastic volume button and in hand. It does feel good, no real problems with it at all and youll notice too, that the top and bottom bezel and the chins arent the slimmest. Now the camera in the front here, thats 20 megapixels down the bottom youll find a loudspeaker, type c port microphone and the sim tray. Well, it does take as youll see here two nano sims, so these nano sims mean that well, there is actually no room for a micro sd card. Sadly, that is not supported with this phone. Then up top we have an ir transmitter secondary loudspeaker and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. The x4 gt has a very average ips panel in it it does have some positives. That is that there is a 90 hertz mode, so you get the best of both battery life and fluidity. 144. Maximum is what ill be using for my review and what is it like in direct sunlight, so it is bright enough. It gets up to 650 nets. Officially in the high brightness mode that it can be made out in direct sunlight now you do get your typical white balance settings. All of that is in there touch response is 270 hertz and i do find it to be good and it does respond really quick. So no problems with that, its just that you can see around the cut out notch some darker dimmer pixels.

Now the phone does come with me: ui 13.0.1 im on the latest firmware for this review. So this is miui 4 poco with poco launcher. It does have an android security patch level of the 6th of june. The performance is good, so, with gestures, no problems detecting my gestures, im not really experiencing any lag with it. The only thing is that sometimes, when i do unlock it or do anything demanding, i occasionally see a little spinning icon that does pop up in the middle there, which is frustrating. So that is a moment of lag, but the toggles bringing those down no lag there and with notifications. The performance in general is very quick and snappy. One thing they have not toned down on, and that is the bloat, where you get quite a lot of junk. Pre installed as soon as you power it up this phone, you can see games other applications. Now i did end up uninstalling over two gigabytes worth of garbage here, so i do hope in the future. They can tone down on this its not really good to see at all. Now the battery times here for charging the five thousand and eighty milliamp hour battery theyre good 40 minutes 67 watt charging to go from 14 to 100. I dont think thats a bad score. Anything that is under one hour is good for me, thats, quick, so battery run time. This is the fixed benchmark. I do with pc mark got 11 hours and 26 minutes at 144 hertz.

That is not an amazing result. Real world use at 144 hertz screen refresh rate youre, looking about six and a half to seven hours. Only the battery life is not amazing standby drain. There is a little bit im using losing about six to seven percent overnight, so its not amazing there either. The antutu score is not bad at all. So this score is very similar to that of this snapdragon 870. So a nice powerful, gpu good for gaming. This is the geekbench 5 score, another score that is similar to the snapdragon 870 and its a solid score for the price of this phone, not bad at all, so it does have a widevine level. 1 cert. This means that netflix, yes, is in full hd, but amazon prime video, not white, listed by amazon themselves, so its stuck in standard definition along with other streaming apps too. We do have a camera 2 api. Now, because this is a mediatek power phone, you may have trouble getting that gcam port that you want open. Camera will also work on this model. Finally, it does have the safety net status pass that we want. Nfc is on board, so banking applications will work on the x4 gt audio quality. Now so weve got noise. Cancelling with our voice calls voice calls do sound fine and yes, this 3.5 millimeter support the sound output is loud. Its clean sounds good to my ears. We do have dual loudspeakers on board with this model.

Here they dont sound, amazing, theyre, quite tinny, and hardly any bass heres a sample of them at 100 volume. Gaming performance with the demand city 8100 is actually very good, very similar to say a snapdragon again, the 870, its stable its fast and with pubg im able to get 60 frames per second, a solid 60. I dont experience any lag at all and it gets a little warm so on the back here i have noticed that temperatures will get up to about 42 43 degrees right now, theyre at about 40, which isnt too bad. So this may seem warm, but its actually a lot cooler than say a snapdragon triple eight or the eight gen one. So overall great gaming performance and it really doesnt get that hot, but do bear in mind that i do not have the case on it. So it will probably get up to another two or three degrees. More around say: 45 degrees tops again thats, actually perfectly fine. Moving over to the cameras now with the poco x4 gt. So the front facing cameras has electronic image: stabilization 1080p maximum and its a 20 megapixel sensor weve seen a lot of the sensor before so. This quality looks alright for 1080p. The audio bit rate is 256 kilobits per second, so great to see theyre not using 96 or lets have a look at those rear cameras. Now this phone does let you shoot in 4k, but unfortunately, as you can see, and probably notice that no there is no electronic image stabilization with 4k, even though this chipset can do it for some reason, poco does have it disabled.

Now i found the focus: hasnt really been an issue at all, with my testing that ive been doing, but lets have a look now at some 1080p footage with the electronic image stabilization. Now you can see thats a big difference to the stability, its not shaking around. All over the place, even as i walk around so if you want those steady shots and nice footage, you are sadly going to have to just stick to the 1080p. Unless a software update does eventually give us 4k with electronic image stabilization, which i hope poco is going to release and the ultra wide, this certainly is the weaker camera like were seeing before with xiaomi phones when they use this 8 megapixel sensor 1080p. Is the maximum resolution when you pan around you sometimes see a few jatters but its not too bad here because of that lower resolution, so electronic image stabilization, but no 4k option with the ultra wide, sadly, over to our camera, so ive noticed the selfies can sometimes Look a little white or skin smoothing, even though ive got the beautifying off. This is a portrait shot at the moment, and this one lacking a little bit of detail here too, with the main camera of this flower, my cat here vera, the shots alright, but again its not the sharpest ive actually seen out of some cameras. This one here is a portrait mode of my daughter, and the stitching seems to be all right with that.

No complaints with that photo daytime photos here with good light, do come out excellent as youd expect. Most phones can do this not really a problem. The ultra wide, however, lacking some detail, it looks a little blurred and quite soft heres a low light standard photo. Then, with our night mode, you can see it does sharpen it up a little bit and again outside this is the night mode off and now, with the night mode on theres a lot of like blurriness to it. Doesnt look amazing, so the low light performance out of the x4 gt. I do find to be quite disappointing. Look at all that noise, its very pixelated blocky parts dont know its just not great, so that is the poco x4 gt. One of the things i like about it well, the dementia 8100 very good chip, very potent fast and the thermals seem to be pretty good, theyre a lot better than the qualcomm counterparts that can get quite a bit hotter than what im seeing gaming say. Pubg or genshin impact, so we do have a main 64 megapixel sensor that can take some good photos. However, no optical image stabilization. You do get that, however, with the poco f4, but i dont currently have a review unit for that. So i cant really say much about it, but it should take better low light photos than the x4 gt. So weve got 67 watt charging which charges in around 40 minutes thats great, the 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, also another positive there and the dual loudspeakers with it. Eight gigabytes of ram and the ufs 3.1 storage, the things i dont like about this model. Well, we have a 2 megapixel macro camera. The ultra wide camera is a bit of a weakness there, its not very detailed at all, cant shoot 4k and then the 4k video from the main sensor. It doesnt have any electronic image stabilization, which is a real shame. They need to enable that poco its just a software thing, because the hardware does support it and the sensor does there too. It doesnt have micro, sd card support and its an ips screen, which means around the cutout of the camera. There. You can see slightly dimmer pixels around the edges, its not uniformed color like we would get if it did have an amoled screen. So there we go. That is the full story of pocos x4 gt.