Samsung can only manufacture flagships like its samsung galaxy s 22 at an msrp starting at 849 euros, not at all that the south korean tech company also puts inexpensive devices on the market has been proven for years with samsungs a series. Unfortunately, last years, model in the form of the galaxy a12 could not really convince. This is now supposed to work differently. We want to take a closer look at whether samsung can bring another price performance hit to the start with the latest generation galaxy a13. In our review, what can a smartphone do for just under 190 euros? We put it under the microscope in the samsung galaxy a13 test, samsung. Obviously, didnt wear any spending pants when it came to filling the packaging in good old apple fashion. There is only a matching charging cable, usb c to usbc. Besides the smartphone itself, usual paperwork and the sim card tool. The missing power adapter is now apparently a trademark of all devices from samsungs a m series, design and workmanship. Even if the price of the samsung galaxy a13 is very small, the smartphones display is not at all this measures: a proud 6.6 inches diagonally, which puts the low budget device in line with samsungs galaxy m 23, 5g and m33 5g. Thus, the a13 grows by 0.1 inches compared to the a12 from 2021, a small teardrop notch trickles into the display at the upper screen edge. The selfie camera is hidden in here.

The screens left and right edges look pleasingly thin. Only the edges on the bottom and top of the smartphone no longer look contemporary, especially in direct comparison with the in house flagship galaxy s22. This becomes more than obvious. However, you always have to keep in mind that the galaxy a13 costs just 189.00 euros and thus a fraction of the upper class smartphone. The case design, on the other hand, is reminiscent of samsungs two low priced galaxy m, 23.5 grams and m335g smartphones. Thus, the dual sim slot is on the left, the on off button with integrated fingerprint sensor and the volume rocker are on the right on the top. There is also a microphone next to the speaker on the bottom samsung places, another speaker, a 3.5 millimeters jack, a microphone and the usbc port. Turning the smartphone over reveals, the nicely designed back samsung still relies on a quad camera, which the manufacturer arranges unorthodoxy. Unlike the galaxy 5g, which also has four lenses, samsung does not place the module squarely. Instead, there are three cameras below each other and the fourth one has a smaller one. Next to it, samsung relies entirely on plastic for its case. This may sound cheap, but it does not feel that way. However, the galaxy a13 is anything but compact in the hand, in view of its size of 165.1 by 76.4 x, 8.8 millimeters and a weight of 195 grams in combination with the rounded shapes it threatened to slip out of the hand once or twice in the test.

However, that is a matter of taste. Unfortunately, the glossy design makes the a13 extremely susceptible to fingerprints, display a direct comparison to the predecessor as possible, with the galaxy a13 display, the successor clearly scores in terms of resolution. In particular, the galaxy a12 only had a resolution of hd plus. In contrast, the new galaxy a13 offers an fhd plus resolution of 1080 times 2408 pixels, which makes for a much sharper overall picture. A look at the display makes it clear that the plan works. There is hardly anything to complain about in terms of screen sharpness. The panel is a different story, as in the two slightly more expensive samsung devices, galaxy m23, 5g and m33 5g samsung also relies on an lcd display here. In the end result, the galaxy a13 cannot really deliver a contemporary image reproduction, especially compared to other devices with oled panels. The galaxy a13 simply cannot keep up. This starts with the contrast and continues with the vivid colors in terms of refresh rates. The a13 also falls short of the m23 and m33 instead of 120 hertz. It only offers 60 hertz. All in all the display offers a satisfactory performance, but nothing more. Nevertheless, you have to keep the low price in mind here as well: samsung, galaxy, a13 performance. Of course, a look at the performance of the smartphone, which costs 189.00 euros, is exciting: samsung installs an octa core processor with a clock rate of 2.0 gigahertz.

Here this is presumably an exynos 850. It is supposed to make the galaxy a 13 a real battery miracle. Since it is supposed to work very energy efficiently, since the processor is everything else powerful, you should not expect too big jumps in the devices daily use for standard applications like online shopping and browsing. This is definitely enough. Of course, popular apps, like youtube, can also be used without problems. However, stutters occur from time to time, which will definitely bother some users over time. However, the galaxy a13 quickly runs out of steam when it comes to playing demanding mobile games. The m23 5g, and especially the m335g, are clearly ahead. Next up is the nero phev which pairs the same 1.6 liter gasoline motor to a bigger 62 kilowatts, electric motor and 11.1 kilowatt hours. Lee ion battery pack, the total output gets bumped up to 180 horsepower and 195 pound feet of torque, which kia claims to offer 33 miles of ev only driving range when equipped with 16 inch wheels. The phev can be recharged from nil to full, using level 2 charging in under 3 hours, the ev packs a 64.8 kilowatt hours battery pack and a 201 horsepower electric motor. It offers dc fast charging that can juice things up from 10 to 80 percent. In less than 45 minutes, the coupled 11 kilowatts charger provides a full charge in less than seven hours on a level two charger and the 2023 nero eb can do 253 miles on a single charge.

Radical interior is high on innovation and sustenance. The interior also gets a complete overhaul and is now designed in the image of the kia ev6 with a sleek and futuristic approach. The dashboard has a sloping design with things narrowing down as we move away from the cockpit. The two spoke steering wheel is radical, yet comfortable to use, but the most important aspect is that kia has gone the sustainable and recycled route with the materials used. Kia states that there are no animal products in the cabin the headliner is made using recycled paper and the upholstery is made using biopolyurethane and material extracted from eucalyptus leaves. The single slab instrument. Cluster and infotainment system is an optional extra that fuses two 10.25 inch screens and the increase in dimensions also translates to improved seating and cargo space. The 2023 kia niro is all about the technology. Technology takes the front row in the 2023 kia niro, the ev comes with vehicle to load capabilities that can use the cars battery to run a range of appliances, including a coffee maker, comfort and convenience, get a boost with loads of tech features including optional front seat Heating and ventilation and available memory settings wireless apple, carplay and android auto are standard and a head up display is optional. The 2023 nero can also be had with an optional eight speaker, harman kardon audio system safety features are held in high esteem, with loads coming in as standard. These include forward collision avoidance with pedestrian detection, lane follow assist, driver attention, warning and lane keep assist to name.

A few optional features include smart cruise control with stop and go navigation based curve, speed reduction as well as highway driving assist 2. A semi autonomous driving feature kia also packs in a new green zone, drive mode for hybrid and phev models that automatically shifts to ev. Only propulsion by detecting residential areas, school zones and hospitals using the navigation system pricing hasnt been announced yet, but the 2023 kia niro is slated to be at the dealership by fall 2022.