We will be checking the agm g1s rugged smartphone. It is one of the latest models of rugged smartphones to be released. I got it online from agm and the delivery was pretty fast. The package arrived properly packed, so the product packing is still so nice. Looking lets proceed to check out what is inside the box inside the box. Users will find one pack of user guide to guide users on the product operation. Next out is the agm g1s smartphone, along with a wall charging adapter and a usbc charging cable for recharging. The battery a pack of spare port covers, is provided for you to reattach to the phone. If the current one wears out all packed neatly in the product box, an agm charging dock is also provided. So, if you are someone who likes to charge their phones on a sleek and stylish dock, you will find this really useful, as it makes the setup look. Neater, its really easy to use just rest, your phone on the dock without wires and the phone will charge up automatically no need for a physical wire to plug in and out awesome fast, charging 18 watts on wire and 10 watts on the dock. Decent charging speeds on first hands on impression. The agm, g1s smartphone looks and feel really stylish and elegant with a modern rugged design to it. It is sleek looking not overly bulky like some other similar models. This sleek design makes it more pocket friendly on the right users would find the power button and volume keys to control the volume of the phone.

On the other side, there is a customizable side key along with a sim card and sd card tray slot, just open the rubber flap to remove the tray to put your sim card or sd card for connectivity. How convenient at the bottom users would find a power port along with a headphone jack, for you to connect your music, if you prefer using the wired method, pretty rare nowadays, but a good option to have at the top. There is a laser for you to use the smartphone as a laser pointer for lectures or presentation, cool gadget feature by simply pressing the power key. It will boot up nicely on first use. Follow the on screen instructions to configure the smartphone before use thereafter. It will boot into the home page of the device. The home page user interface looks really clean and tidy. It is responsive and gives a smooth browsing experience. When i am scrolling around powered by android 11. It is stock condition, meaning no excessive bloatware. As you see here, giving it a much more cleaner and neater feel when i am using it talking about the camera, it has four different cameras at the back: a main 48 megapixel sony camera for your regular shots, a two megapixel macro camera for close up shots. Thermal imaging camera for you to thermal image things for work along with a 20 megapixel infrared night vision, camera which powers you through the dark knight, amazing right, its my first phone with so many different cool camera features.

The front camera is a 16 megapixel lens to take decent selfie shots. Lets launch the camera app to test the camera interface, simply point and capture the shots you want. There are many different video and photo modes on it, such as infrared night, video photo modes and many more lets check out some photos. I took with the camera. The photos are of great quality, shots captured, looks very clear and crisp. Colors are very vibrant, too love. The depth and quality of the images captured moving on to the video it works well and captures in clear high definition feels really immersive and realistic watching the video and photo shots captured on the agm g1s camera. There is night mode available on the camera, so you can capture clearer shots during the night images captured at night are clearer when captured in night mode. There is infrared night vision on the camera, so even when it is pitch black dark, you still can see and be aware of your surroundings. Just like in this test footage, i can see the objects and orientation of the room, even when its completely dark great for camping, especially when there is no power. The night vision camera can greatly help. Another cool feature of the device is the thermal imaging camera on it launch the app on the smartphone to use it. You can select from nine different color palettes, depending on your need. There is also pro and classic mode available, depending on your need.

The thermal imaging camera on it is one of the best i have ever tried it. Records 25 frames per second for better quality check out some test footage i took the quality, is great. Temperatures are relayed real time great for work or inspections where thermal imaging is required. The application store is available on this smartphone, simply access it to find the apps you need. I will try playing a game on the phone to see how well it fares during gaming. The phone did not lag thanks to the powerful qualcomm snapdragon processor, on it, along with the 8 gigabyte massive ram and 128 gigabyte storage space to handle multitasking and gaming with decent quality. There is a 6.53 inch full hd plus screen. As you see in this test, video, the imagery is great pictures are clear and crisp. Colors are vivid too great for watching videos or gaming with such a huge screen. It is also rugged rated with ip ratings and mill std ratings, meaning it is dust proof, waterproof and drop proof to handle rugged activities. It also supports global 5g bands for internet and connectivity stay connected wherever you are overall. The agm g1s rugged smartphone works great for people who loves outdoors or need a smartphone with thermal imaging or night vision for work or leisure. It has many functional features like a compact phone body and a 5 500 milliamp battery pack for you to power. Through your day with so many features and functions available on the agm g1s, you can stay connected throughout your rugged activities, find out more on where to get the agm g1s.

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