So if i go into the settings and show you the version you can see, it is the latest version. It is still on the developer version and we do not see and stable or beta release. Yet in the diagnostic you can see my processor, which is amd ryzen. 5. 2500. Eu. This processor is 2017. and you can see the resources users its only up like under 30. So and i have a couple of applications and chrome opened up. So not bad and im connected with the wi fi and you can see there is a mobile data option. Actually, this uses your phone mobile data as a hotspot. So if i show you in the connected devices you can see, i have connected my motorola g5 plus and we have a lot of options. So we can open our lock screen using the uh phone. You can use tethering, you can see all your notifications and hotspot. You can enable hotspot or find your phone a lot of stuff, so it kind of integrates with your android device. So this is a really nice feature and the bluetooth is not working for me right now. Maybe it will get fixed later. A lot of others also complained about it. So theres that issue we have our general settings for display mouse and keyboard. I have connected an external display right now and it is also working without issues, so i can set the refresh rate and everything and it is showing my storage, that is 1tb hard drive and we have options to control the battery and performance.

And this is the new style and wallpaper that came up just in this new update. We can set up dark mode and light mode. Basically, we used to use the chrome flags to enable that, but now its built in now, you can see the dark mode is enforced and if you set it as auto, it just uses the um the wallpaper. If its a light wallpaper, it will like use the light theme and similar to that and in the screen saver uh. If i show you this works well, if your screen on lock screen and youre not using your device, it just screen. Saver comes on and if i choose this option you can see this is how it looks its quite, very intuitive and looks quite good, so thats the screen saver, and if i show you the wallpapers, you know we have a lot of wallpaper collections. You can see. We have the pride month, ones at google and illustrations buildings, nature and the new one is i found is this imaginary and it is kind of a 3d cartoon, but all of them looks really good. We also have dynamic wallpapers, so it changes according to light theme or dark theme. We have seen this in mac os and ipad os. So if i said this right now and i have set my theme as slide theme right now so changing to dark theme – the wallpaper also changes – and it looks very good and auto.

It sets to dark for some reason but thats all. So that was the style and wallpaper that is new in this update. We also says see this calendar widget uh. We also used to like enable this from the flags option so now its like built in in the update, and you can see the quick access. Not not a lot of things has changed, but we have this translucent background, which looks quite nice in the printers. I do not have a printer to test it out, but we see option to add a printer using some uh address and stuff, but i can test it out right now. We also see scanners. So if you have connected our scanners is going to scan for it, and maybe it will work as well. I i do not have one so i cannot test and the linux is working. You can see, ive enabled it. I also made a video if you want to check that out and in the developer options and in the security you can see the pin and option we also have pin or password. So this is how it looks. You can also use your phone to unlock it. So thats also good, but does not always work because of the bluetooth issue. So keep that in mind and in accessibility. I see a lot of new options which i did not see before, so it is mainly for the visual, your hearing, impaired persons, but it can be really helpful for someone who has difficulty using keyboard or mouse.

So we have a lot of options that you can explore. So we see this on screen keyboard, which is very good for the touch screens and we have the dictate option which does not work for now, at least for me – and we see this carrot browsing option. So you can browse using your arrow keys, so you have this blinking uh cursor everywhere. You can just use your arrows case to browse around. So i mix using the browsing is really easy and we see the we have different shortcuts for keyboard, so you can interchange them. So if you want the controller to work as your assistant key, you can do that so thats there and you can see we can have the startup sound when your chrome, like your chromebook or your laptop, is booting up and we can change the actually the color Of the cursor as well, so if you do not like the default black one, you can always change that, and the performance is quite good for now. I do not see any issues. I also installed linux, as i told, but not all of them work most of them work. If something is working, it will work like the library office and well see it takes some time to load up initially. I thought it wont load up, but it did. You can see the vlc is up and running so thats good and we also have the gallery application and the gallery application has some new features.

I dont like we can edit pdfs edit images and some more options. So if i open a file, probably an image file, so you can see on the top. You have options to draw something over it, so i can choose a color from the right side and draw something we have process markers so like we see on our android device um. Something called markup is similar to that you can resize the picture as well. So thats a good feature and we can also do some quick editing for saturation contrast and brightness so yeah. That was the gallery features and we see options to uh, choose our location for our screen. Recording and screen recording works very good. So that was the new update for the chrome os flex, its still in your perversion, so i would not recommend you to try it now, but that was it for this video.