Ah, let me see the next anime review for every month. Duh, sorry, getting your feet, ive been doing episodes back and forth thats. Why so? But anyway, back to the next anime review for enemy month – and i was also curious about – oh – it was also an anime. I was kind of curious about a while ago. You know so i give it a give it a try. I want to say well. The thing is, though, is this: this this show is getting another season, so i was able to check that out when eventually it comes up, but the first season i just wasnt a fan, a fan of im sure has a im sure this um. This series has a fan base and a lot of people like it. You know, though, but overall wasnt honestly, i just its another, its another harem anime. You know where another guy is with a whole bunch of girls, um and its another, which takes place in another fantasy world, but um i mean the idea. I i like though, but the thing is, though it was just uh. I found a kind of a boring series honestly and that is of in another world with my smartphone, so as for the manga series, ive not read though, but as for the animator itself released in 2017 um, i mean the film the film, the im sure a Lot of people like this series, though, because thats, why its also good – because i heard recently it like were like about a month ago or so.

This is this – is getting another season. Okay, im just ill, probably, even though i wasnt a fan of the first season. Anyway, im probably curious to see how the how the way more of the, how the way this the series will go. Though, but thing is i wasnt a fan of the first, i mean in another world, my smartphone, okay, the legislative plot is our guy name. Our lead guy here named toyah, which all of a sudden he just outright died because god yeah the god, killed him. How did he now, if ive not read the manga, though so, maybe explains how he did, but i havent so i cant say anything about that, though, but as further as for anime series itself, though, how did he die? How did god kill him did to me? I didnt get no explanation for that, though, so, since god cannot revive him, hes, basically hell just revive him on how his old life was so hell just bring it back, and it was put him in another uh another world, basically thats, not of earth so and Before he does um, he says: is there anything that you want right? You know if theres anything while youre in that new this new world? Is there anything that you want right and our guy, which is actually um. The guy toy is actually voiced for the english dub hes voiced by josh grill josh grill um a voice actor.

I i like he voices he voices, king satan and devils a part timer. He later replaces um issei in the third season and fourth season in high school dd um. I know ive heard of another. I heard about some other um enemies as well, but i know some more voicing voices, um, ese and season three and four of high school dd and he voices king satan and devils a part timer. I mean i will say that the english english, the the both the japanese and the english dub they do a good job. I also ill give it that the english, both the japanese and the english dubs, the voices they do they do, they do uh. They do pretty good, so ill. Give a positive for that. The animation um, i would say it looks. I think it looks decent thats all ill, give it uh ill pause. It ill say it look. The animation looks pretty decent, especially with the show not like theyll. Like the magical abilities right, the animation does a good job with its uh, though on those parts when the show encases the magic stuff. But anyway i was all saying um, but uh yeah. If this is anything you who could have wanted, he wants his smartphone so but his smartphone, it can work in this world and to recharge it and use magical energy to recharge it, and god can call him. I mean the thing is, though, in another world, am i smart with my smartphone for a title? Yeah, okay, listen on that, though, but for most of the whole series.

I hardly see him well like he will check out like stuff on his phone, like maybe news or something thats uh parts in this world right. What probably use it like once in a blue moon, but a lot of times. I hardly see him use his smartphone thats the destination. It calls in another world of my smartphone and yeah sure, like the girls hes, what they always see his smartphones. Oh, what is this? You know okay, thats fascinating, like that right, but a lot of times he doesnt hardly use his smartphone, for you know first show that has in the title in another world with my smartphone, but the thing is, though, the problem is like our guy toya. That way i mean josh grill, who does the english voice? He does a good job, though well, of course, i give credit also to the japanese voice up as well, though right but its. I think this toy was a boring guy, because not only that now he gets now. He gets to re come back in in this world, along with his smartphone. God gives him such basically like powers, basically hes, like he control, like all a lot of the elementals. Like of earth, wind fire light dark water, all this stuff right and he basically has a piece of power hes a power he has. He has a power of a god, basically very powerful and throughout this whole series he basically never loses a fight for i saw he doesnt lose.

I mean he mean hes that powerful he just defeats a whole lot of people very easily. Never even loses i mean its. I know like at the point you dont want to see like your your main character, your hero or lose right, though, but im saying, but its just like this thing is that man way too powerful, and just i mean the fact that i mean even ise in High school db, another big harem series right i mean he has the power of the red dragon, the sacred gear right and i mean hes, not invincible. I mean he gets beaten up a lot. I mean during the end of the first season during that im like that german fight right, he gets beaten up so much, but he keeps bringing himself back up too. That was like the characters. Name phoenix to the point warriors, you know said: enoughs enough, you know its okay, you know order point and then the third season, where he loses control of his powers, becomes that full juggernaut form of the red dragon form juggernaut form. I think it was. I mean our guy is saying he gets beaten up a lot. You know he he does. We say the first thing he does lose before from the first season. He did but yeah. He i mean he. He doesnt win all the time, but here its like yeah hes, so powerful, he just basically wins it easily. I mean i mean for a guy whos like way too, who basically got basically made way too powerful, maybe pretty much make as powerful as him.

Basically, i mean theyre kind of just like no fun in that, though right mutual might change things a bit differently but anyway, but moving on to like the all to the girls that becomes part of his anime, the first uh girls he meets when he came to Come to this new world are these uh two twins here: um one was one that the older twin named uh lz and then uh uh lit lindsey lin lindsay or lins lindsay. So i dont know these names. Sorry um, theyre, theyre theyre, like the first girls. He meets theyre. These twins like um, like elsie, he shes more of the fight more of the fighter. Fisticuffs right and lens is more of the uh wizard type right. She has controls of fire with uh a fire, firewire fodder, fire water and light. I think honestly ive. I like, though um i kind of like maybe say all these girls you say, are bland born whatever, though honestly i was more interested more on the girls more than our guy honestly, i mean the twins i liked and uh, even the ones. The sam the next summer, girl that they meet, is what was it uh, yay yay. I think it was uh y yeah whos, a samurai girl um. I mean also points of view vocations. The words like my only my words again, but what im trying to say is like all these other girls, including this one princess right here, i think they claim that shes only 12 years old.

I think i mean i mean granted though pete arguably guys like about 15. I think, maybe you say thats not that big of a huge, eight gallon three youre different, so i mean theyre, all young theyre, all basically younger than all the other girls are like younger than he is but well please say its a harem series. So just roll with it right i mean i mean thats the thing i mean at least eliza uh wasnt uh other girls, like the one ive reviewed previously uh. We without wings there wasnt like anyone, thats like a little girl, thats, eight years old. They can flash her panties out in public. You know, oh because shes in another country she doesnt understand the the words right or how the way this cut, wherever it was. I mean i mean that wasnt and whats important, which that was supposed to be like another sort of hammer and harem caesar harem season. Harem series to you right, because all these are the girls well thing – is, though we without wings each of the girls phone, basically one of the same person, because they had different personalities, thats a thing and by the time they when it was kind of more of A plus we without wings had more of a serious towards the end right because, with the plot twist and everything, because all the personalities share the same body and the well um, which i have my preview, my review of the one i did of we without wings.

Though, but it wasnt all i mean that was supposed to be a comedy with the kind. What i didnt think was funny at all, especially you know, but but it came, but i thought i said, though the ending i was thought was pretty good, though, because now it took more of a serious tone were dealing with the our lead guy. Well, the personalities and so much of what happens to him so, but here, though, what else i could say about the worlds they go to, i mean there was one especially one thats, basically a feudal uh, feudal, arrow japan, right where this is where our our got. Our girl, um jaeger, is from, i think i mean even the guy says. You know, toys says thats. Basically, what guy got lazy and copy paste, feudalist, japan, right im like yeah and basically throughout the whole series you know well, just he gets. He gets basically his harem, his harem with all these girls. You know making him hit their feet, his fiancees and and all those are just our glee guys. You know basically his beast so powerful. He can defeat everybody easily. You know and well maybe theres putting too much thought into that, though man. This is im calling that i see, though, by our lead guy toya, i mean hes, not the another best guy ive seen well pieces b. He was a boy, he was a boring guy. Just basically, he is okay.

I got like powers well if i forgot to mention how he, when hes, when god told him that he died, he took his death pretty pretty well, you know i was like oh im dead. Okay, he probably took his death. His own death pretty well, i was like oh hes, like oh, my god, im really dead and and doesnt get mad at god for killing them, even though that accidentally though, but i was like whyd you do that like it took that he took his own death, Pretty pretty well, i would say, but i say hey i get to be in another world and i get to have my smartphone with me, which i said he hardly even he probably hardly even uses and throughout the whole series yeah like once in a blue moon. Hell look things up, you know and even though the girls like say oh, what is this piece of technology? I mean theres other stuff like that they can its a theres been other fantasy animes, i thought were better right. I mean overlord thats, a fantasy film uh film series. I enjoyed thats kind of like that uh. What else other fantasy stuff i mean even devils. A part timer, i think, i think, was better – is better its better than this and that which thats the second thats. The second season im looking actually looking forward to but um. This is also getting a second season too so im like okay but theres been other fancy.

Fantasy fantasy animes ive seen and i thought were better im, looks like that was a part. Timer i thought was pretty was was i i highly enjoyed of course, but of course enosha thats. No, that is no problem, saying that that thats better than this thats, a no brainer for me hell, even even if we would talk about harem series high school dd, i think, is better, like i said our league guy isai right hes, not in and hes, not Invincible, hes, not all that powerful. I mean he gets beaten up a lot. You know he does occasionally lose and time like i said he loses, he lost control once became that juggernaut form because he couldnt control it. So i mean he say he shows that hes, a guy whos, not perfect. He does truly care about his friends too baby. Despite that, he wants to be a harem king too, as well, but yeah yeah. So i didnt get much too much into it, though, because its more, like i say, each more episodes like i just wins and stuff like that, and he gets it falls in love with all these other all these other girls who fall in love with him um. I also say uh: it does go by at a fast pace. You know i thought, after the episodes went through just like that, though so thats another positive, i could say its like, possibly save the void, the voice acting the animation, the pacing and i ive been minus a few.

I i might have a few of these uh girls here, um yay, the samurai – even the twins i liked but um for this um – for this kind of a series, though. Okay, maybe the first segment ill be curious to check out the second season, see how it goes if it gets any worse. Well ill, probably rant on that too one day. So but oh, i wasnt a fan of i wasnt a fan of in another world with my smartphone, though for smart smartphone, which would be beer for most of this series. It isnt barely even used so hey, maybe hell use more in the second season. Who knows but yeah into the world my smartphone wasnt, my cup of tea, like ive, seen harem fantasy series um, i thought were better, but this is my best. This is just my opinion, though, because i said everything is this only my opinion, if you, if youre a fan of this series, be my guest thats else, i hold anyone, nothing against who likes this series so and also that um. This is why its not full on rant like its its a small rant, because it didnt it didnt it didnt get me mad. I wasnt pissed off about it. It wasnt so yeah thats. Why thats? Why? I usually, when i do full rants its like? I used to rant in big bold letters, capital letters, but it was like a lowercase letter ones of the word thats.