But whatever moving on this here, regular poco f4 doesnt serve up the same crazy good performance or the dedicated gaming features of the poko f4 gt model, and it does share a lot of smartphone dna with the old poco f3. But that camera has been upgraded versus the previous gen, where you also get a boost to the charging speeds and some other key improvements chucked in there. So enough waffle lets whip the poco f4 on out of it slightly battered box and check out the gaming chops. The camera tech, all that good stuff and for more on the latest and greatest tech, please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so, first up what do you actually get inside the box, and is it all in one piece thanks a lot dhl? Well, naturally, you have one poco f4 youve got a pretty meaty 67 watt, fast charger type c, usb cable, with a tasty bit of interior red trim. There oof and, of course, a highly stylish prophylactic case to wrap around your poco f4 and keep it nice and snug, and safe and thats your wack boy or everything youll find packed inside of this lovely yellow box. At least it was lovely once curse. You, dear chao, so here it is the poco f4 in all of its raw naked glory and boy howdy. Is it a proper whopper, 6.67 inches so actually in 2022 smartphone terms, not particularly godzilla sized, but as someone with tiny troll like fingers, its its definitely pushing it? Unfortunately, you do get a little bit of help in the form of a one handed mode which you can occasionally call into action if you actually manage to master this gesture, but it is a bit of a bugger, not gon na lie uh yeah nine times out Of ten it ends in abject failure, come on you little yeah there we go, thankfully, that perfectly flat display isnt, surrounded by big chunky, bezels, add an even extra girth onto it.

Theyre, not the skinniest bezels by any means, but ive certainly seen a lot worse and the poco f4 is 195 grams. Youll, certainly feel it when its stashed away in your pocket. This, unfortunately, is the night black model, not the most thrilling of colour choices. You can also pick up the pocketwear for in nebula, green or moonlight silver, if youd like to add a splash of color instead, and it is a glass back in which is very shiny and unfortunately, and now very greasy and smudgy as well and yeah thats not Helped by the fact that it is incredibly hot and sweaty in this studio right now, its already 30 degrees outside and then factor in the studio lights, not good times. The branding is pretty subtle. Almost subdued one might save for a poco. Smartphone theyve clearly learned their lesson after previous efforts and the camera chassis doesnt jump too far from the os, so hopefully shouldnt be too annoying no kind of ip rating for water and dust resistance, or anything like that. We do get a gorilla glass, 5 screen with the pre installed screen protector to add to the hardiness help out on the durability front. So here it is the poco f4 set up and ready for action, and i wont spend too long banging on about the fact that its got android 12 with me, ui 13 slapped on top there, because basically, every single poco and xiaomi smartphone these days has the Same setup and frankly, even im, tired of hearing myself banging on about me ui these days but its you know, your standard fare got all those great miui bonus bits like the control center, completely ripped off of apple lots of stuff to customize, including the always on Display got an absolute shag load of different options.

Here you can even create your own geeky, anime style effort. If you fancy got the usual wallpaper carousel tools and lots and lots of themes to choose from as well, some of which were almost certainly copyright infringing. But here down with the man, etc, etc, lots of gesture control, including that ready one handed board hey. I did it first time that time, bananarama lost it again and, of course, all those great android, 12 features, including some slick privacy control. As for your security shenanigans, while the poco f4 is unlocked using an edge mounted fingerprint sensor, built into the power button and so far seems perfectly responsive, nice and nippy to react every time you stick your digit on there, you do have some face unlock in backup. As well in case youve got sticky digits or whatever, and the poco f4 comes with 128 gigs of storage as standard, although, unfortunately, you cant expand that using a micro sd memory card, it is a double sided, sim tray, but theres only space on there for the Two sims: there is no memory card slot and though the good news is that in some regions you can just toy a bit more cash at poco and get the f4 with 256 gigs of storage space or double the effort. Probably a good idea. If you want to download gentian chuffin impact, although no worries, if you havent, got that extra upgrade cash because you can free up a bit of extra space by deleting some of the crap wear that comes pre installed on the poco f4, the likes of tick tock.

For instance, bugger ye off should be games like tile fun as well, although thankfully its not actually too bad here in the poco f4, compared to some miui smartphones, theres, no linkedin or booking.com, at least, and also just remember, on the software side. That poco does make any hard promises when it comes to the security and the os upgrades as well, so itll probably get android 13 at some point would probably be in 2023. Unfortunately, and those security updates may well run out after just a couple of years now i got ta say i am very much enjoying that almighty 6.67 inch amoled display that pretty much fills up the front end of the poco f4, like basically any mid range oled Panel out there, you get gorgeous contrast on this thing, put the poco f4 side by side with the poco x4 gt, which launched alongside it, and there is a world of difference in terms of the level of contrast. Those rich d, blacks on the poco f4, are just absolutely stunning, got a full support of hdr, 10 plus and dolby vision. Video streaming as well, and i highly recommend watching a lot of disney plus a lot of netflix on this thing. Gorgeous visuals its a full hd plus resolution panel 2400 by 1080 pixels, so again, nice fine detail, packed into every frame. Those viewing angles are as wide as you like and bump up. The brightness to the maximum levels and outdoor visibility is fine, even when youre rocking some sunnies and props, also to that selfie cam orifice, which is centrally positioned annoyingly.

But it is about as dinky as it could possibly be dive on into the pocket. Fours display settings and you can play around with those colors and make them even more poppy. If you like, you can have the color output automatically adjust and depend on the ambient light, so it makes a bit warmer in low light scenarios and that refresh rate still maxes out at 120 hertz and it is set to dynamic uh refresh by default. You can manually set it to either 60 or 120 if you prefer and as well as the dolby vision, support. Dolby is also fine tuned to the audio. So you got dolby atmos on here. Youve also got the graphic equalizer with tons of presets, and it is actually a stereo speaker arrangement here on the poco f4 as well, but are they actually any good lets find out the nothing phone open brackets? One closed brackets has been finally officially revealed in a photo all right, so pretty respectable, stereo speaker output there as well, certainly when you bump the volume up to the maximum levels. Oh, my god, yeah youre gon na hear whats going on even in a really noisy environment, even in my home, with kids and pets going here and yeah, the bottom speaker slightly beefier than the top speakers. There is a slight imbalance, but you dont even notice it. When youre just watching a bit of youtube or whatever and for streaming audio as well, you got full bluetooth 5.

2 support on the poco f4. Although buggeration there is no headphone jack here now, while the poco f4 gt was powered by qualcomms billy, big bollocks, snapdragon air gen 1 chipset here on the regular pocket, f4 thats been skilled back to the snapdragon 870, a flagship chipset from a good couple of years. Yonder, in fact, it just so happens, thats the exact same chipset that was used in the previous generation, the poko f3. So if it aint broke, dont fix it, i guess and to be fair, the poco f4 does perform admirably. You know this is the six gig model the base model. You can also grab it with eight gigs. If you again throw more money at poco, any little bits of jankiness you see is likely to be down to me ui rather than the actual chipset itself, and, of course, gamers will be well serviced by the poco f4 as well, helped along by the fact youve Got that game turbo mode, just a short, sharp yank on that top left corner and youll drag out. The gaming features ready to use got usual, do not disturb shenanigans. You can record the action if you like, you can also bump it up to maximum performance modes. Really harness all of the phones resources if youre playing something like gentian impact and speaking of gentian impact apps that you rinse the poco f4, with a good bit of game and action. Using this memory. Guzzling android title with the graphic settings bumped up to max and at 60 frames per second, and just like the poco f3 before it, the poco f4 corped admirably.

I did see some little judders and stumbles in the frame rates here and there, but only when things got proper, intense and not to a point where i wanted to stop playing thats. For damn sure it was a minor irritation at a best and bearing in mind these were the maxed out graphic sets. You can just chuck it back down to medium detail settings if you want a smoother experience. Yeah the phone kept up nicely for the most part screen nice and responsive as well. No issues there whatsoever that dinky little selfie offers barely intruded on the action at all. And thankfully, even though i was playing for quite a while, the back ends of the poco f4 only got slightly torstey thatll, be helped out by the liquid cool tech 2.0, including a big old vapor chamber, which is stuffed right. Inside of this thing and youve got your 5gs youve got your wi fi sixes, so certainly on the connectivity front. Ive experienced no issues so far with the poko f4, but i will be testing it as my full time smartphone for the next week or two. So definitely stay tuned for my in depth review for more on that. As for the battery, well, this phone spots a 4500 milliamp hour capacity cell, not particularly sizable, especially considering that this phone is an absolute behemoth but never fear, because pocket smartphones usually bust. Pretty good battery life and the f4 so far doesnt seem to be an exception to the rule.

Ive had that screen on for a good couple of hours. You know demonstrating video streaming and gaming and all kinds of stuff so far today and its only drained the battery about 30. So not terrible, but again i will be using it with my sim in there full time so stay tuned for that review, for a full final verdict on that battery life and also while this blowers battery doesnt recharge, quite as quickly as on the poco f4 gt. Its not exactly slowly theyve still got 67 watt wide charging support, although no wireless. Unfortunately boo, has now well quite a lot of the specs and features here on the regular poco. F4 have changed up compared with that gt model. One thing that doesnt seem to have changed at all is the camera tech youve once again got a 64 megapixel main shooter with optical image, stabilization built in which is always lovely to see and ahead of my in depth. Poco f4 review heres just a few simple test sample shots that i snapped around the homestead and, as you can see, the f4 seems to cope admirably with a strong outdoor lighting as well as more ambient light and indoors not thrown off too much by hdr style Situations nice color capture, there only really seems to struggle when you get some proper low light situations, even with the night mode. Didnt seem to help out too much. In this scenario, veronica still looks like something straight out of a horror.

Film youve also got an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter you can swap to with a quick tap like so its pretty basic stuff and, of course, the obligatory macro lens. Why not is this what you want? Is it and, of course, a plethora of bonus, camera modes as well, including the obligatory pro mode with a good bit of histogram action, hippo pizza and you can shoot raw format images in here. You have also got your usual typical standard portrait mode for snapping the living subjects and again this seems up to snuff and lots of other shoes – oh my god, otherwise, swapped to video mode. You can shoot your whole movies at 4k resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second and again check back for that full review to see how this phone really holds up for shooting everyday home movies, capturing your treasured memories and all of that shenanigans and then Around front it is a 20 megapixel, selfie snapper, stuffed into that teeny tiny little camera orifice and it seems perfectly fine for your everyday selfies. Whether your indoors are out a surprising amount of detail is captured its quite a startling amount of detail. If youve got as many sags and bags as i do and if you yes, you want to shoot a bit of vlog action. Do some skyping with the farm any of that good stuff? Well, that front facing camera is capable of up to full hd resolution.

Video reproduction and the audio pickup is absolutely fine, but again ill, be testing this out more fully for my in depth review and that right there, in a nutshell, is the fresh new. Finally, the regular edition of the poko f4 thats about all i can manage before. I actually melt into this seat because im, you know its 30 degrees outside is this still. Britain whats happened, and, of course, muggins here is sat in this stupid little room with massive studio lights, beaming even more heat onto my pale haggard face, but thanks for watching my little video be great.