No, no. This is my studio, all right. Okay, just doing a bit of a take over here, yeah all right lets check these out youre, not taking a breathing. I cant bear gifts. Okay, so we actually have two brand new phones from the lovely guys over at poco and they also sent a lovely south yeah. It was actually a mini saf that came through and then you know i just get a way to go: Music saf. Thank you. So much for coming down, and also a big thank you to poco for sponsoring this video for teaming up with us and sending these phones out. So these guys are brand new weve got the poco f4 and also the x4 gt im gon na put these behind my back okay that one this one. Yes, you sure! Yes, you dont change your mind. Yeah okay, you are unboxing the x4 gt the gt. This is how the professionals do it really yeah, so were gon na start off with the unboxing and heres the initial reveal here we go now. We have a pack which well come back to later, because we want to check out the phone first and here it is in all of his glory guess what we have here, surprise surprise is it is that a charger there is a charger included out of the Box, this is a 67 watt fast charger. Youve obviously got a cable as well, so thats usb type, a to usb type c cable.

We have some paperwork which i generally dont really take a look at, and then we also have a clear case got some of the key highlights here, which you can see at the front. So we do have the demensity 8100, which is five nanometers chipset very capable weve got a 144 hertz display thats. Another key highlight which well take a look at the 67 watt charging uh, as well as a high resolution. 64 megapixel triple camera system. Right now. Lets get to the best part Applause there we go here, it is weve got some flat. Edges weve got this uh. Two tone finish, i would say, and based on how the light kind of reflects it does give you this uh its like a mattified yeah. It softens the light thats kind of nice, i mean i definitely prefer matte finishes on the back and its actually got to be a grip as well. Would you like to have a touch? I would love to have a touch. Thank you, sir, and the other thing that im noticing straight away again. These are my first impressions is something that weve got at the top headphone jack a 3.5 millimeter jacket nice. I i would give that a solid 8 out of 10 unboxing, eight, just eight okay lets see how the 5 out of 10 one you guys thats savage, you guys have to say who uh is the best in boxer by the way, all right.

So i have the poco f4 wait. Is it poco or poco id say poco? I think its poco, i can say poco, you can say paco all right boom, so inside similar to yours, weve got the little box of all the extra thingamajigs lets. Get this bad boy out, and you know what i like to just take the wrapper off straight away straight away: okay, its impatient boom. There we go so actually dont bring yours up for a second. You can see thats quite a different. It was a pretty premature. Um unwrapping anyway different different vibes going on here glossy finish: matte finish: different camera layout, yeah im, definitely more for the matte finish myself. How about you? So i, like both yeah a little different, all right back to me, more importantly, similar setup actually, and actually we have the same 67 watt, turbo charger and also the usb cable as well. This has the snapdragon. 870 weve also got a 120 hertz amoled screen with this, and while we dont have a headphone jack, we do get stereo speakers. I think they both do and theyre also very thin. Both devices they are quite thin. So, even though weve got very large displays, they do feel pretty comfortable id say also a nice little protective case as well, so that can slip right on there slap that right on there you go beautiful. You missed out something as well. I mean this is this.

Is you know, youve got an amateur just trying to do the unboxing. He missed out this key element here. Oh i did. You do have an adapter included as well. So this is a usb type c to 3.5. Millimeter converter youre, not getting okay. I will just plug that in, for you here ill show you how its done thank you dangling your dongle, maybe like four and a half five out of ten yeah that wasnt fantastic yeah. He needs many more takes. You know, hes not been doing this very long. So so ill be showing tom how to actually take some photos here on the f4. The first thing we need to do is lets just go for drips right. You need to wardrobe. Well, just change the whole thing, including yourself, so we want tilting, which is your good side uh. This like this, yes, brilliant, go on. Give me a few different poses: yeah god, god love it gorgeous. Okay. So this is the portrait mode, yeah thats, some thats, some thats, some really good edge. Detection weve got the sign here in the background, as well. Thats blurred out a little bit just to give it a nice little bokeh effect. So this is a 64 megapixel setup. Weve got this main lens four in one pixel binning, then we have an eight megapixel ultra wide and if you want to see more of my behind the scenes of the studio which ive not tidied up, dont dont look around and the 2 megapixel macro.

I think we all know how we feel about macro lenses, but its there. If you want it, theres no dedicated uh telephoto lens, but you can of course, zoom in and use some a bit of the ai to sort of improve that as well, and you can shoot 4k video. So, as i say, this is the first pocophone with ois. So if we sort of just move around a little bit and look at that bit of shade going on this should be the smoothest video you can get on a poker phone. It does make a big difference that optical image stabilization im keen to see this uh. This this profile photo as well. Do you want to take another one? Do you want more? I cant i can do i mean theyre going to cost. You look at that. Do you want to show us a thing or two about gaming? All right, so weve got a bunch of games. Downloaded here lets jump into a bit of mobile engines, bang bang, but what you can do is swipe in from either side to bring up this game. Turbo menu so like any good gaming phone youve got a bunch of options. Here you can record the screen. Dont disturb change. The settings change the performance. You can boost it for a little bit. You can see that look at that the fps jumping right up there. So youre really taking advantage of that 144 hertz screen.

So you can see here how it actually changes the sort of speed of your movements and the responsiveness of the phone. You can change it to how you want, but lets keep it in pro mode. I, like the visual representation, its so its very its very intuitive isnt it do we get some volume as well, because weve got dual speakers its time. We learn a new skill, thats very loud. That was very loud all right here we go tech, chat versus belmont. Okay running away too far, you can see theres, not a drop in frames here, its smooth as butter and actually im enjoying the vibration, the feedback, its got a x, linear, haptic motor in here, so that the force feedback, the haptics, actually feel quite nice victory. He said i couldnt do it. That was the demo now lets play the real game. We dont know the price of these. I should say thats a mystery right now, itll be down in the description when youve got it. Yes. Well, put it put a comment below and also put in the description, uh the pricing and also where you can buy it if you fancy generally, this is more of an all rounder phone um and the first thing i noticed, really was just how fast it is With that 120 hours refresh, the 120 has really does make a difference and amol as well so 120 hertz amoled. One of the first things i noticed is how small that little hole punch cutout is.

It is one of the smallest which youre gon na learn to ignore, shortly after using it yeah just like when you subscribe to supersaf and actually youll see if we jump into the refresh rate settings on each, it is set to the default recommended mode yeah so That will switch based on what youre using so it might be down to 60, if youre just on something standard. But then, if you are gaming or using something that can take advantage of that high refresh rate when youre scrolling, then its going to go up to 120 itll switch to 800 or you can get a custom and specify one or the other. So if you want, you can keep it at 120, all the time if you want but ill use a little bit more battery. Yes, weve got the lcd here on the x4 gt and we do also have 144 hertz, which just makes things that much smoother and, along with the demensity 8 100. thats, a five nanometer chipset weve got lpddr5 ram on both devices as well as ufs. Three point ones both have that, personally speaking, i like to game my smartphone occasionally, but i dont want something that looks like a gaming phone thats, a very good point. You want the capabilities of gaming phone with yes. Well, i know weve got vapor chamber coolers in both and also some new ice cool technology. Sustained performance is important and with the liquid cool technology that weve got 2.

0 on here, weve also got a 32 large vapor chamber, so that just makes things much more sustained over a longer period of time. When you are gaming and keeping that heat down, so the x4 gt is powered by that mediatek demensity 8100 and like the f4, were also getting that liquid cool 2 technology and ufs 3.1 lp tdr5 all the good stuff, and also one of the most powerful and Efficient processors, you can get in a phone theyre, both incredibly capable chips, as you say, uh five nanometers on that one, seven on this one. So the dimensions a little bit newer, but theyre both well theyll, run everything you throw at it when youve got 270. Hertz touch sampling as well as 144 hertz lcd display its just going to make things very responsive. So as soon as you touch a trigger youll be seeing that response uh without any delay, so thats, something thats really good. I know both phones do get a glass five on the front, keep them protected, uh and actually the f4. We have 900 nips of brightness uh in high brightness mode and also we can peak at 1300 nits with hdr. So if youre watching, you know videos and movies and if youre like me with these on all the time, youre gon na need a great phone and you you can see that very clearly, which is i mean, theyre, both great for entertainment and gaming. But theyve got slightly different, slight different directions there.

So the f4 is powered by the snapdragon 870, which is still one of the best chips on the market for performance, both in terms of high clock speeds and also the isp for the camera and together with pocos liquid cool technology 2.0 and also the bigger vapor Chamber cooler inside for the money: this is a pretty solid setup battery life, its important its important. We want something that can last a long time, unlike tom detective Laughter, wow wow, 5, 000. Okay, 5, 080 million power battery thats a thats, a pretty sizable battery yeah. Yours is bigger than mine, as they say uh. No. This is actually got the free 500 million power battery um, but i guess obviously, that being more gaming oriented that yeah, you are gon na that will drain the battery quicker. So you want a bit of edge. It will do and they both have – that 67 watt turbo charging yeah and that just means youre gon na be able to go from zero to 100 in around 46 minutes, which is really good. So, as you can see, we have miui 13 running here. This is on top of android 12, so its the same software on both weve got lpddr5 on both and youve also got ufs 3.1 storage. So everything is super smooth alongside the high refresh rates um and also on the side. We have a little fingerprint reader. Yeah, did you notice that yes convenient my power button doubles as a fingerprint, although we do also get face, unlocking if you prefer so youve got the fingerprint reader and the face unlock, which is nice on both we have an ir blaster.

They both are buyer blasters yeah i mean you dont, see that very often we dont we dont. I could just switch the tv off here with this and thats yeah thats, something that ive not seen in quite a while, but its nice to have that here now. Im guessing this is the night black color midnight black, no night, black midnight, silver, goodnight, silver or nebula green interesting. So i have three colors here: weve got black blue and silver on the x4g. They gave me fancy names for it for this one yeah anyway, yeah. Well, options we like options yeah, we do like options all right staff. Thank you so much for coming down. Thank you for having me having a play with these. If you do fancy checking out the x4 gt or the f4 uh, both coming out very soon, well leave a link in the description below if youve got any questions at all, leave them in the comments. Well, do our best to get back to you thanks to poco, for putting this together thanks to tom for having me back here in the studio as well. Dont forget to smash that like button and if you havent already then subscribe and thats the end of the video. Thank you so much for watching and well see you next time on the tech chat. All right get out. Thats too much. Okay, see you later guys! Ive been kicked out of the technical studio shut up im.