I recently reviewed the poco x4 pro, which was a pretty solid budget friendly smartphone with some decent specs all around and now weve got the poco x4 gt, which is apparently aimed at anyone who uses their phone, mostly for gaming and entertainment, and to confuse manners. This boasts very different specs to the poco x4 pro. This gaming model is powered by the demensity 8100 chipset for mediatek. It serves up a 144hz lcd panel and offers completely different camera tech too, but is the poco x4 gt? Actually, any good at kicking boredom right in the crotch. Well lets whip it on out of the box. Take you on a full tour and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers alright. So here we go again: first of whats in this lovely, yellow box; well, theres one poco, x4 gt smartphone, a lovely bit of 67 watt fast charge, adapter action, type c. Usb cable got a screen protector chucked in there as well, which i think should come pre installed on the smartphone, but because this is an early review unit, its just bundled in the box and here papers are. You do indeed get a bundled condom case to wrap around your poco x4 gt and keep it all snug and safe, and that is it mother, hubbards everything youll find in the poco x4 gt box. All righty, so here in all of its glory, is that x4 gt4 and got ta say: got a heavy budget.

Smartphone vibe already its a pretty simple, straightforward design, no real, frills or flare to speak, of which to be fair, is possibly a good thing, because sometimes poco goes a bit over the top bezels surrounding that display are a little bit on the chunky side, especially down Below but nothing too horrific its a 6.6 inch smartphone, so it does feel fairly big in the hand. Anyway, it is a 20.5 by nine stretched aspect ratio, so it does feel quite sort of thin and tall so reasonably comfortable to clutch and thats. Despite the fact that paco hasnt gone for a curved frame for the x4 gt, instead youve got those flat edges which are pretty common for budget friendly phones in 2022, whereas 200 grams has got quite the heft to it. Thats for sure – and this is the a basic bog standard boron black model, but you can also grab the poco x4 gt in blue and silver. If you want something a bit more vibrant, it is just a basic plastic finish around on the arse end and it is starting to get a bit greasy and grimy already, as you can see there, that surface marred with prince and this nasty finger, goo fairly subtle, Brandon around the back so nothing too horrific and that camera chassis doesnt jut too far from the arsene dealer, so it shouldnt be troublesome, theres, no official rating for water resistance or anything, but the poco x4 gt does have gorilla glass, 5 up front and youve got That screen protector chucked in as well as for the rest of the phone.

Nothing particularly thrilling youve got your sim tree and youve got a speaker down here below, as well as a type c usb port and over at the top end. Youve got another speaker. Stereo speaker, setup and youve also got a headphone jack way. So now weve got the pocket x4 gt. All set up lets have a bit of an explore of the software and it is android 12 with me, ui 13 slathered on top exactly like pretty much every other xiaomi and poco smartphone right now. Thankfully, me ui doesnt mess around too heavily with google. These days, um so youll find its a fairly stock android vibe. As far as these chinese launchers go, youve got an apps tray. All that good stuff. Youve also got extra bonus bits like a control center, chucked in which is actually genuinely helpful, even though it just completely rips off good old ios. One of the best things about me ui is the fact that it chucks in lots of extra customization options. On top of android, so you can easily mess around with all kinds of stuff, including the usual icon packs. You got plenty of themes to download. You got the wallpaper carousel feature: lots of stuff not always on display, unfortunately, on the poco x4 gt as theres no oled panel here, thats. Definitely something im going to be grumbling about later. Miui has a few issues, though one of which is the fact that it comes up piled with so much crap wear to begin with tick.

Tock youve got tile fun, which ive still never played, despite ripping the piss out of it in every single video, linkedin, zoom, etc. Thankfully uh the vast majority of all of this stuff, you can uninstall, so you just got to spend a little bit of time at the beginning, just setting up the smartphone and getting rid of all of this crap and the other small problem with miui smartphones in General is the fact that those updates dont come particularly thick and fast, so you will get security updates, but they might be a month or two behind some arrivals and as far as os updates go well, itll probably get an upgrade to android 13 uh later this Year or maybe even start of next year, depending on how long it takes them to get around to it, so thats going to be an issue for you, you might want to look at like one plus or something instead to actually unlock the poco x4 gt. It is an edge mounted fingerprint sensor built into that power button right there, its my favorite kind of fingerprint sensor, generally more dependable than those rusty in display effort, so even those optical ones are getting better these days to be fair and, as usual, this is coupled Up with a bit of face, unlock action as well, which again seems pretty responsive and dependable, pretty handy if your hands are, you know all sweaty and disgusting youve got a choice of 128 or 256 gigs of storage with the poco x4 gt, sadly not expandable via Micro sd, as you can see, the sim tray has space for two sims there, its a double sided affair, but no memory card action.

Now the poco x4 gt sports, a mighty 6.6 inch lcd display its sadly not oled technology, and that is a real shame because it means the poco x4 gt. Doesnt boast those deep blacks that nice strong, sharp contrast that you would get from an oled panel, especially annoying considering this phone is supposed to be geared towards gaming and entertainment. All the same, this isnt a bad screen by any means youve got nice wide viewing angles on there and its pleasingly punchy. When you boost the brightness all the way up to the maximum level. So absolutely fine for outdoors use and again, while you dont quite get the same rich tones that you do from an oled panel. The colors are reasonably poppy here on the poco x4 gt. Its a full hd plus resolution panel 2460 by 1080 saw images all crisp, whether youre browsing your photos, playing games or kicking back with a bit of disney plus, and you do actually have dolby vision. Support here as well, but obviously you cant expect quite strong visuals. As you would do again from an oled smartphone, the selfie orifice up top is centrally positioned and not exactly super tiny. So it does intrude on the action when you go full screen, but nothing too horrendous dive on into the poco x4 gts display settings. Youve got all the usual shenanigans like reading modes. You can mess around with the colors, make them a little bit warmer if you like, and you can also meddle with the refresh rate, which actually tops off at 144 hertz here on the x4 gt good news.

If your game of choice actually supports that and its actually got a seven stage, dynamic switch in the default setting, this can raise or lower the refresh rate through seven separate stages. Otherwise, you can custom choose one of three different stages: 60, 90 or 144 hertz. The higher that refresh the faster it will sap the battery, so it is best just keeping it on the default recommended level, and this will automatically bump it up when you are actually using a supported. App and youve got a stereo speaker set up here on the poco x4 gt. Those speakers mounted on the flat edges above and below the display, so lets chug up the volume see if its any good, absolutely swamped with tech. Influencer types gushing high praise from every orifice, so not exactly super powered on that top volume, its not going to be perforated in any eardrums any time soon. Thats for sure and a slight imbalance between the speakers as well. That bottom ones definitely got a bit more power compared with the top one, although thats only really noticeable. When you muffle the speakers and thankfully when i have been clutching the phone like so to do a bit of gaming or just watching some movies or whatever i found that i havent so far at least smothered those speakers at all. Youve got a good bit of dolby atmos smarts on there as well, set to the dynamic preset. So we can change up the audio settings based on what youre actually doing at the time.

Otherwise you do have a bit of equalizer action. Lots of presets. You can play around with, otherwise you can manually go to town bump up that boost, and as mentioned before, not only do you have a headphone jack youve also got bluetooth 5.3 streaming support as well. I am slightly lamenting the fact you dont get an oled display on this thing. The poco x4 gt certainly makes up for it with its audio chops. Now, where this pocket blower really impresses and where the budget has clearly been spent, is the performance, because this thing is powered by mediateks fresh new dimensi, 8100 chipset has also found packed inside of the real me gt, neo 3., and that is backed here on the Poco x4 gt by 8 gigs of ddr5 ram, so its not particularly surprising that performance is beefier than a cow orgy. So basically, if you are a big fan of mobile gaming, you want something. Thats got some serious grunt, but your budget is tighter than a starfishs sphincter. Well, the poco x4 gt should be pretty high up your list. Not only do you have that top performance, but youve also got all reliable, a game turbo mode as well, which you can load up a like. So this allows you to optimize the performance of your game to make sure that no other apps are chugging away in the background. Stealing your resources using your wi fi, anything like that and when you actually load up your game as well, you can quickly drag out the game turbo menu at any point, just a quick swipe from the corner like so this gives you access to all kinds of Great tools, so, for instance, you can quickly free up the memory if you find that your game is struggling for whatever reason.

Frankly, dont think thats gon na be happening on this bad boy. Any time soon youve got likes the do not disturb. You can record the game in action as well, and youve also got the performance boost tool as well, which is pretty handy and, of course, my personal favorite. The voice changer and my usual test for proper gaming smartphones with a government of grant is gentian impact with a maxed out graphic settings, the frame rate bumped up to 60 fps and on these settings the pogo gt did not struggle in the slightest. I cant remember seeing any little drops in frame rate any jutters, any particular issues whatsoever, even when things got crazy intense, so this phone should be able to happily smash through any title on the google play store. Youve also got the liquid cool tech. 2.0 setup sounds very posh indeed. This includes not five, not six, but seven layers of graphite, whoop, whoop and either the liquid cool tech or just the general efficiency of the demensity 8100 chipset certainly seemed to do the job, because the poco x4 gt did not get toasty even after copious amounts of Gentian impact action beyond the game turbo features, though theres no specific game and features here and the poco x4 gt, unlike the poco f4 gt, for instance. These smartphones are really something to stack up now, which did come with a couple of shoulder buttons built in there, which were incredibly helpful for the likes of your caller duties.

Your pub gs, where you got lots of on screen buttons to play around with and basically its just a mess, but all the same at this sort of budget price point cannot fall to the gaming experience here and youve also got 5g support, courtesy once again of That dimension 8100 chipset, its dual 5g standby, so both of those sim slots are supported. Youve got full wi, fi 6 support on here as well, and certainly no issues there whatsoever or 15 16 gigs or whatever of gentian impact came down. Super super fast and the battery is already whopper in this thing as well: youve got a 5080 milliamp capacity cell, packed into that plastic frame and yeah. If you are a big fan of that gentian impact or some other proper power, sap and android titles. Well, you might have to give it a quick boost up in the middle of the day or something like that. But otherwise i find get around sort of six to seven hours of screen on time, with mixed use on a single charge. And if you are playing uh things like pubg and call of duty mobile, which tend to drain the battery, not quite as quickly then no worries you can get gaming for a good few hours on this thing not have to worry too much about charging up. Although the charging is bloody nippy as well, you got 67 watt wide charging support, no wireless charging, though, and last up.

I love these. The camera tech and what youve got here is a triple lens setup, slapped on the back end of the pocket, x4 gt, spearheaded by a 64 megapixel primary sensor, and i wouldnt expect too much from the camera tech on the poco x4 gt. It is fairly basic, simple stuff, although, as usual, that camera app is, of course, absolutely rammed full of bonus, mods that you can play around with including a full on pro mode, no raw support, but all of the usual toggles and other bits that you can play Around with got a full on portrait mode night mode and lots more if you click into the model section obviously, and that 64 meg main camera is pretty basic on the auto settings, whatever the lighting conditions are, your shots can look a little bit softer blood if Your hand and your subject arent completely still, but colors are well captured even in more ambient light. The focus here is a bit dumb. Sadly, it definitely struggled when the subject wasnt front and center often latching onto the background instead, so i had to manually take control. Sometimes otherwise, with a bit of duke hair and diligence, youll get some decent. Looking snaps the portrait mode works well nine times out of ten, just occasionally get a little bit of jank in there and as for proper low light shots, while they are right out, even with the night mode, youll find that everything is just soft and blurry and A bit minging, you do also have an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter, which again is pretty basic bog standard stuff.

If you want a more pulled back view. Otherwise, the final lens is your obligatory 2 megapixel macro effort. As for your horde movies, where you can capture these at 4k resolution at 30, fps and again its pretty basic stuff, so dont expect too much. You hopefully wont be disappointed its fine for simple shareable clips and then flip to the front, and it is a basic 20 megapixel, selfie shooter, again pretty simple, straightforward stuff. Shots do tend to look quite soft again in indoor more ambient light, but uh yeah. And if you do a bit of skyping or zoom in or you just want to shoot a vlog of your face talking for whatever reason, then you can shoot full hd resolution video with that selfie shoots at either 30 or 60 frames per second with adequate enough Audio capture too, and that right there in a nutshell, is that poko, x4 gt and ive got no idea. Why ive started talking like a pirate, or am i going to edit this bit out? Im a bollocks, but, as you can see, theyre packing some supreme performance. That is definitely the highlight of this budget blow up right there. So if you are going to be gaming, you dont have too much to spend on your next smartphone. Well, definitely give it a squint youve got fantastic battery life as well, strong, audio smarts, its a shame, its not an oled display and, of course the camera is a wee bit cac as well.

So just bear that in mind as long as those are lower down in your priority list, then all good but anyhow be great to hear what you guys reckon of the poko x4 gt and the myriad of other poker smartphones that have landed in 2022. I cant bloody, keep up with them and for more than the latest and greatest tech. Please do plug subscribe. Ding that notifications bell have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week.