. At first glance, the specs made itlook to me like another rugged phone intendedfor shop and trades use. But when you see whatspecific set of features they chose to addI, dont. Think so.. I think its really set upmore for outdoor sports, camping and search andrescue. Lets unbox it and see if thats, true., So heres a pin for the SIM card. Some stickers from AGM. Heres, the Glory Pro. An adapter and a USB charging cable.. Ok lets power. It on. Set screen lock for security set pin., And you can also unlock it with your fingerprint.. The fingerprint is on the back. Here. Touch the sensor., Okay, fingerprint added.. Okay lets take a look.. Okay seems to me. It is running stock android11and. There is no bloatware that I can see. It has Google Chrome. Thisis their biggest featurethe IR camera well, go into that in a minute. Lets, go to the AGM mobilewebsite and take a look. Okay. This is the AGM website And G series Glory is in there.. Lets. Take a look at the camera. Okay lets. Take a look at the video quality.. Let me record one., Okay, I am filming in my workshop. Withthe AGM Glory Pro., I dont know aboutthe result so lets take a look at that., Okay. I am filming in my workshop with the AGM Glory Pro., I dont know about theresult. So lets take a look at that., Okay. So in the front this is the flashlight., Its very bright.

, And there is a separate lightif. You go into the camera. On the back. It has the torch., They are separated.. There is one here and the other one here., Okay, the specs Its 5G, which alot of rugged phones still arentso thats nice.. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 processor, which weve spoken about beforesolid mid range SoC.. Basically, it makescurrent mid range phones as fast as someflagship phones were two years ago., Either: 128or 256 gigabytes of ROM 8 gigabytes of RAM. StockAndroid 11, with no bloatware that I could see.. The main camera has a Sony: 48 megapixel sensor, a 20 megapixel night vision, camera with an infrared illuminator and a thermal camera., Its rated IP68 and IP68K, and has this massive speaker which wellget into in a minute. Its definitely meant forvery very cold weather, since it offers One day, ofpower under 27 Celsius, 10 hours of power under 30 Celsius, 1 hour under 40 Celsius. Wellget more into that in a minute.. It has a 6200 amp hour battery which can be charged wirelessly andshould last you almost two days with regular use.. Its got a large flashlight in the front, not sureabout the output, but it seems pretty powerful. Now for most of these rugged phones, itsthe features, not the specs that really setthem apart from a midrange phone in a ruggedcase., So lets run those through their pacesand see if They really work as advertised., Okay, so in an emergency situation, this is how you record a looping announcement.

Go into the sound recorder, app., Hello, hello: where are you And then you can go to YouTube Music find the sound.. So if you hit this button here, it willplay it back again and again., But I dont want to turn the volume all the way up to bust out yourearphone., But it goes up very loud.. Okay, so on my refrigerator the freezer is 18 centigrade right now.. I am going to put the AGM Glory Pro in thefreezer and see what will happen to it. And I am going to leave it inthere for about an hour or two, and then we will take it. Outand then see what happens. Okay lets try to turn it. On., Okay lets go to settings. The battery has92 left, it seems fine. Even it went down to 18 centigrade. It doesnt seemto. Have any other issues. Lets try one more thing. Night vision mode, Momo come Good girl. And thermal camera. Momo stay stay., Momo, come., Ok lets take Momo for her eveningwalk around the neighborhood.. I dont normally use a retractable leash like this, but it lets Momo get far enough. Aheadi can show you how the camera works. Dont worry, Im being careful and shesvery smart about cars and scooters. Night vision mode. Unfortunately, for our demonstration, myneighborhood still has a fair numberof street lights, but you can get the idea. And thermal camera Pros and cons. Cons. Im, not so sure about theseparate flashlight in the front. More light is always good, but it looks a bit weird.

. I guess moreregular use would give me an idea of how useful it is.. Likewise, the loudspeaker is super usefulfor, making looping announcements in a disastersituation for crowd control, but the final lookmeans, the phone isnt going to be winning anybeauty contests., But you dont really buy ruggedphones. If you want a pretty phone anyway. Pros., It comes with the tools to find a personor animal within 50 meters in practically anycondition. At a campsite that could literallybe the difference between a fun vacation and avery unpleasant encounter.. As you can see, ithas no trouble with a thick fur coat. Likewiseif. You are looking for an injured animal losthiker, possibly passed out in the undergrowth fromdehydration. This is going to find them day, ornight with no difficulty. In a disaster or searchand rescue situation. The built in loudspeaker isvery loud and can play a looping announcement., So this phone has a very specific set of usecases, but within that range I dont know ofany integrated products that do it better. Final verdict.. In my mind, this is clearly anoutdoor phone, not a shop or job site phone. If you are doing HVAC a thermal camera isalways a killer feature, but the combination ofthermal night vision, extreme low temperatureperformance really make it clear. This is forSearch and Rescue outdoor sports like skiingmountaineering and camping., Particularly if youdo any sort of outdoor activities with your petsor kids. This will keep tabs on them and let youfind them in a hurry. Certianly. Any kind of lawenforcement or wildlife management would find theGlory Pros features.

Incredibly useful. But againoutside of HVAC, not really a shop orgeneral contractors phone.. Certainly I could see itmaking sense, switching to this phone before acamping trip and leaving your flagship at home.. It is heavy which comes with the territoryfor, all of the rugged phones of this type, but Im assuming most of you have bigger pocketsthan. I do here and wont have any problems., Alright thats the AGM Glory Pro I like it as anoutdoor phone and can certainly endorse it for theuse cases I mentioned if youre interestedI have a link to it in the description. Box.Let me know your thoughts in the commentssection.. Please remember to turn on notificationsso. You dont miss my videos until next time.