It is the nuclear pocket which, as i mentioned before, is a compact phone for all those people who are not looking for such a demanding phone with good features and a compact design. If you have not seen the previous video, then i am going to tell you about the characteristics of this device. The current pocket begin. Let me mention the directory stickers of the device. The cubers pocket has a four inch ice screen, hd plus with 81 screen to body ratio. With a resolution of 540 by 1080 pixels in the power section inside there is a unisoc t310 processor with 4 cores. With this processor, you will be able to execute some applications or games to be able to entertain you and have fun since this processor is in the mid range. Hubert pocket has 4gb ram memory and 64gb of internal storage with the possibility of expanding it through microsd memory up to 128 gb in the photographic section. We only have a sensor that is the main camera in megapixels and on the front we have a 5 megapixel camera and, as i told you before, this phone is for basic use with the camera. You can take pictures from day to day in the battery section. This device has a capacity of three thousand milliamps. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify the charging speed build with this capacity for the size of a cubit pocket. You can enjoy the whole day of training, watching videos listening to music and playing games.

Other features of this model are nfc connectivity, in addition to have dual sim 4 grams gps face unlock usb type c gyroscope accelerometer, and it also comes with the android 11 operating system from the factory. You can find this model in three colors: black black red and green gold inside the box. You will find the usb cable, the charger, the manual of protector case and obviously the phone remember that if you want to know a little more information about this model, especially its characteristics and the cool sales page, i will leave you the link where you can find Everything you are looking for about the crooked pocket. Also remember that cook is organizing a giveaway where all of you can participate to win. This super compact phone Music. Remember that if you are interested in buying the new credit pocket, i will leave you a link in the description of the video. These are already on sale, so add to the cart and buy it once and for all, since you will be able to obtain a coupon model to better the price of this device and, of course, join the giveaway. That good is organizing Music, Music, Music and, for my part, thats all in this video. I hope you liked it if so dont forget to like the video comment and share it with your friends and if its the first time you come here and you like the content you can subscribe, we do not see until next time.

They are very well good.