Here welcome back to my channel and today, ive got my hands on this dji om5 mobile gimbal. Yes guys. This is the latest version of this dji om mobile gimbal family, and what were gon na do is just get this unboxed go through some of the features and see what this mobile gimbal has to offer all right guys. So first thing ive noticed here that they made the box slightly smaller on this latest version. Uh, you might remember, i did a video on dji om for the previous model and the box on the previous model was slightly bigger than this one. So its a bit more compact um, i guess thats good its good for the for global warming. I think theyre just trying to tackle that everyone these days so um lets get this open right, so do is. If you just take a look at this now inside the box, we have this um quick setup guide the dji on five, so you just got the uh quick setup guide here and heres your mobile gimbal, its much smaller than the previous model, as you can see. So lets put this down: weve got the dji pouch its a very nice pouch again, and here we have a mini tripod. Youve got the magnetic clamp on this one as well same as the dji om4 and youve got the usb type c. Cable and youve got this razor as well for thinner, fonts right guys, so what were going to do is first of all, attach this magnetic clamp on to my mobile phone, which is nice and easy you just you, can just clamp it on like this.

Okay and heres the mobile gimbal, so we can just sort of like look at this here. We are and lets just attach this mini tripod. With this there we go so with this magnetic clamp guys, you know. Obviously they released it in the previous model, dji on4. Now this is really really good um, because it just simply just attaches straight onto this gimbal, and that say its nice and firm, its not going anywhere and its really really really good in that sense, and it also balances it out as well, because in the previous Models, as i explained in the previous video as well, there was an issue balancing the phone, but with this magnetic clamp that resolves the issue of balancing, so you can just obviously attach the clamp right in the middle, and you can just snap your phone onto this Gimbal and thats it job done right guys, so this definitely feels much lighter and smaller than the previous model, but it still feels really nice in your hand, its got really nice grip and guess what guys the this is. The latest feature on this its got. The extension rod so now youre able to extend this and use this as a selfie stick or extend it if you want to zoom in and stuff like that, so this is the this. Is the latest um feature on this dji om5 gimbal? It is really cool and you can adjust the height. You know, as you know, according to how you want it look.

It goes all the way down and you can just take it all the way up. It could be on the tripod. So now, for example, you know lets say if i want to take a selfie um, so i can use as a selfie stick. You know when im out about and take a picture like this. You know you can take a group photo as well and if you want to go on to lets say you know if youre streaming, youre going live on tick, tock or instagram, so you can basically adjust the height. According to you know your height your eye level, and basically you know its really good to go, live as well um to do live, videos, etc or whatnot. So again, thats. I think thats a really really good feature on this dji om5, okay, and so what were going to do is just go through some of the controls on this and see how they operate. So in terms of controls guys. This is basically pretty much the same as the previous model, so obviously youve got the um power button here and the battery indicator button youve got tied and white button here and obviously the record and shutter button youve got the button here to um rotate your phone Vertically and horizontally and heres okay youve got a little cursor as well to move your device left right up down, okay, so that works and it operates exactly the same with with your single hand, right guys.

So you know i need to download the dji memo app. You can do that by going into app store or you can go into the google play store if you have android now, because obviously ive already got the dji memo app installed. So im just going to click open and it goes straight into the camera and, as you can see, its got a few options here at the bottom and few on the top. So well start from the bottom options. Here you got photo, so you can obviously take a picture by pressing that button or you can just press the control button here at the bottom and if you press it once itll take a picture like this and if you press in keep holding the fake. You know itll take a few few pictures. You know uh shutter mode and um. You can obviously rotate the camera as well by pressing this button here. If you press it once it switches on to the selfie mode and if you enable start striking as well straight away and if you press it one more time, it goes on to the normal mode here and youve got video option here so same with the video You can record the video in 4k uh 60 frames per second. You know you can do that by pressing. Here. You can change the settings, so ive kept it on 4k uh 60 frames per second um youve got the slo mo here at the bottom.

Youve got dyna zoom that this is one of my favorite features, and this is really good. So basically, this is move out and move in option. So if you press the top one, so when less, if you go close to the subject and then you can slowly move out um of the subject and it it kind of gives it really like a dynamic mode uh and you can do the same with the Move in as well, so you can with this option. If you select that one um, you basically hold the device like that and slowly move inwards towards the subject so thats the dyna zoom. Then youve got the time lapse. Yeah, you can do the time lapse and its got the hyperlapse as well so yeah a few little options here at the bottom, which is really cool and uh here youve got the pano um a panel is really another cool feature. I really love, but this is the best feature about the panel. If you press this button here, um you can go on to. Let me select the clone feature now. Clone me feature is my favorite. You know its really good um, so basically im just gon na give you a demo because it takes three pictures of the subject and which is really really cool. So im just going to set this off lets say you press that once Music Music see guys. So this is the uh clone me its taken three pictures of myself.

You know in the claw me as you can see, which is really cool, so you can take three pictures of yourself. Uh in this clone me features so here, youve got a story feature guys. So you can select tons of different um. You know its got the templates here that you can select from here to create a story which is again really cool feature here on this story mode as well. Okay, so if i now go on to lets, say um on the top right corner here, you can select um different features here, so youve got follow mode here on the top. So basically youve got a few different modes here so follow. If you select follow, it will basically follow you around, so it only follows you, but it doesnt tilt the lock um. But if you select the tilt locked, it will tilt the lock, but it wont follow you see. You know so lets say if youre going around the subject to make a video um, your your device will be on the tilt, lock mode and you can do fpv so fpv basically does both it locks the phone as well, so youve got the tilt log and It also follows you at the same time: um then youve got the spin shot. Now. This is one of my favorite uh mods on on here, so ill. Show you like ill give you like a little demo here on this spin mode um.

So what you do? Basically, when you record a video um, so you press record and when you press this cursor button, so instead of rotating your left and right, its just gon na spin look lets see if we do on this Music, alright, guys so theres. Another cool feature which i really like and basically its got, the gesture controls. If you see a little hand here, if you just press that and toggle this on, so what it does is basically it. You know its really handy lets say if youre taking a group photo and um. You know you want to. Basically you cant reach to your device. So you know you can just show a little gesture and itll take a picture or start recording you. So, for example, lets say: if i just show my hand here there we go so hes, just taking a quick picture of me. Um and obviously you know you can do that by showing a little resign as well. So these are some of the gesture control on this device, which is really really handy, um. You know and thats really cool right guys. So another cool feature i really like about this um device, its got the active track, which is really handy, um so lets say. For example, you know if i switch my camera off so um its on the other position now so when you, when you switch it back onto the selfie mode, it automatically start tracking.

You can see the little green box here so lets say if it doesnt. So you can cross that here and you can also um draw like a little green little box here and then its going to start. Cracking me now automatically so lets say if i move. If i stand up and if i go right, look its tracking me whenever im moving. So this is really handy. Lets say if youre, making uh videos of yourself and lets say, for example, if youre making a tick, tock video for instance, so you dont need a cameraman to do that. This actually becomes your cameraman. So, wherever youre moving um, your device is going to move automatically, because, obviously you know this active track. Um, so thats really cool um to have that feature as well right, guys so theres. Another cool feature on here, which is on the pano mode. You can you can basically um take pictures by going to selecting 240 degrees, so itll take pictures by going 240 degrees and put it into one panoramic picture. So to give you a demo. Lets have a look. So if you just take that and look at it now, its just spinning all the way around um going 240 degrees to take a really cool picture and its going to put it together into one panoramic picture and heres the result guys look. So this is a panoramic picture right guys. So this is the end of our video and i really hope that you enjoyed watching the video on this dji om5 gimbal.

This is the brand new gimbal dji has released and, as you can see, its got tons of features and the the one of the highlight here is this: the extension rod, which is really cool uh. So you can use this as a selfie stick, so do let me know in the comments below what do you think of this um new dji, om5, gimbal and um. If you think the you know, this extension rod is an added feature on this, and if this can really change how we record our videos, you can use this as a selfie sticker sector right now and whether or not you have already got the dji on 5. So i think this is really cool, but if youve got the dji om4 um, you know this. Basically, you know its a good upgrade. You know if you want to have a selfie stick, so i would definitely recommend anyone and everyone. So if youre looking to buy one go for the latest version, dji om5 only because obviously its got the extended raw. So this you know, youve got a bit more flexibility. How you can you know, use it um, etc and um yeah. And if you like, this video guys give us a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you havent done so already and hit the notification bell.