Ever since day, one with the launch of the oneplus one ive seen the company grow pretty immensely in popularity over the years and genuinely become a competitor to the flagships. We see from oem giants like google samsung and, i would say, even apple, which is no small feat at all. There is a reason: only a small handful of premium flagships exist on the market today, here in north america, at least, because competition is extremely fierce and its just so darn expensive to compete in this price range. With that said, you know oneplus didnt get here overnight. They started with the goal of making a budget friendly flagship killer, a phone that rivaled the specs and features of all the top dogs at the time, but undercut them in terms of price and now, after you know, 10 or so iterations of hardware and side. You know spin off devices like the nord line were seeing oneplus release, phones that rival the specs and features of the the samsungs and googles out there, but dont really undercut them in terms of price. The latest phone from oneplus is the oneplus pro 5g, a beautifully sleek smartphone with unique design elements, but a price that doesnt really differentiate itself from the pixel or galaxy line, which, in and of itself makes it a bit of a tough sell. I mean if you ignored, specs and features if you had the choice of buying a phone from samsung, google or oneplus to last you for the next three four years or so i would bet most people would probably pick the brand name devices over the little guy.

Oneplus im not saying that they necessarily should, but its just psychology really youre gon na want the device from the bigger company, because it has more brand recognition and its probably gon na, be supported longer right. Well, the oneplus 10 pro 5g im, just gon na, say the oneplus 10 pro because its a bit of a mouthful uh. This phone makes a pretty strong case for itself and it does a few things better than other phones in this price range, including you know, the samsungs and galaxies and googles and iphones the battery life and all the features related to that are top of the line. Here with this device, so this phone is equipped with a massive 5000mah battery, which is great, but it blows the competition out of the water in terms of charging speed. The us version actually supports 64 watt fast charging which can get you around. I would say 55 of battery in just 15 minutes of charging, which is just absolutely nuts and the uk, and eu version goes even further by supporting 80 watt fast charging. So if youre low in battery just plug this puppy into the included charger and wall, adapter and youll have hours of battery life with just minutes of charging and ill even add that it has 15 watt wireless charging support thats supported on most qi. Wireless charging pads. But it also supports 50 watt wireless charging with oneplus official wireless charging adapter. So all in all the oneplus 10 pro excels in the battery department.

The other area that the oneplus 10 pro really excels in over the competition is a bit more subjective, but i think its the build and the software the phone looks and feels incredible im just going to say it. If you go with the volcanic black variant, this gets you a beautiful like sand. Blasted matte glass texture on the back thats a little bit slippery, but it hides those fingerprints and it just looks great, and then you get that massive in your face. Hasselblad branded camera module that bleeds in from the metal frame. Once again, it looks beautiful. The buttons are clicky and tactile. The alert slider is still here, and it has some added grip to help. You slide it up and down with your finger theres, absolutely just nothing. Cheap about this phone – and i will say you can pick up a sandstone bumper case, thats reminiscent of the original oneplus one and its sandstone backplate – that i absolutely loved it gets you get this like sandpaper texture to it, and i dont know it just. It feels great, i highly recommend you pick up this case, but diving into the software. This is going to be a little bit more controversial. The phone comes running android 12 out of the box, which in and of itself it brings. You know a bunch of user customization options, but with oneplus oxygen, os skin running on top user customizations are taken to a whole new level.

You can customize, you know quick settings, icons, colors, fonts, fingerprint animations, light animations, and just so much more i mean if you go into the the launcher, settings theres. Just so many things you can tweak just out of the box without having to install any third party. Apps i love seeing that and its just so refreshing, coming from an iphone. The os also just doesnt feel too heavy and bogged down, theres no bloatware to speak of. But there are some questionable new features that oneplus included like the oneplus shelf, which is sort of like a home screen page, where you can view widgets and notes from pulling down the top right corner of the notification bar sort of like what you do on an Iphone some of you might like this id turn it off, though, because im not looking for an iphone experience, and i just found it a little bit more annoying than practical. But overall, this is still the next best thing to the software found in the google pixel line. It might even be a little better in certain areas and i think android purists are going to absolutely love it. So if battery life software software customizations and build quality are at the top of your list, the oneplus 10 pro 5g is gon na, be a very, very strong contender for your wallet and your hard earned money. However, there are several areas of this phone that i have yet to mention and thats, because this phone doesnt compete as well in them, or at least its a wash the display is gorgeous.

It features a 6.7 inch amoled panel with a 2k resolution and 120hz refresh rate that can be changed depending on the content, youre consuming to ultimately save battery life, its beautiful but its, not necessarily leading class. That, i would say, goes to samsung. In my opinion, performance is also very, very strong, with the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset, the most powerful chip available to android phones at the moment and along with 8 gigabytes of ram. However, unlike last years, oneplus 9 pro theres no option for a model with 12 gigabytes of ram in the us at least the company says its coming, but theres no update on that. So, for that reason, im gon na have to say performance, while still extremely strong is still going to rival. The experience found from other ultra premium flagships, but its really the cameras that are holding this phone back the most and its not because theyre, particularly bad. Its just that the other flagship phones on the market do such a good job. Whats offered are three lenses: a 48 megapixel f, 1.8 main 50 megapixel, f, 2.2 ultra wide and 8 megapixel f, 2.4 telephoto with a bunch of software tricks to capture portraits long exposures. Time lapse, photography and more theres, even a pro mode, to get full control over these cameras. Now, one of the main reasons why i dont like to rush out a review on day. One is because phones get updates and features, get improved and refined over time and on day, one photos captured with the oneplus 10 pro lean towards the more natural and almost artistic side of the spectrum, which some people will definitely like.

But i personally did not im. Not ashamed to say that i like a bright vibrant photo that packs a punch, its full of color, but, as you can see in some of these newer photos, the ones that i just captured recently the phone got updated to boost contrast, saturation and vibrancy to produce Images that really they really do pack a punch, i actually feel like they should tone it down a little bit because it looks overly saturated in some cases. Ive still found that other flagships, like the iphone 13 and google pixel 6 pro, do a better job with photo processing overall in all sorts of different lighting conditions, but its very nice to see oneplus improve the camera performance through updates so much so that ive actually Had to completely rewrite this portion of my review, the last thing i want to mention is that, while this phone has 5g in the name, it doesnt support 5g on a t and was actually just certified to work with 5g on verizons network. Although there is no support for their like super fast millimeter wave connectivity technology, it does work natively with t mobiles 5g network, though so thats very good news. But if youre an at t subscriber its safe to say that you know this phone is going to be one for you to avoid and thats a pretty big blow. Considering att has about 202 million mobile subscribers here in the us and that just limits the the potential reach of this phone, and then you know, since a number of users prioritize the camera system.

As the number one feature of a smartphone, less people are gon na. Want it because of the oneplus 10 pros fairly poor camera quality, at least compared to its competitors, and then, of course, you also have to consider the price which plays a key role in upgrading the pixel 6 pro and galaxy s22 are priced right around the same Price as the oneplus 10 pro, the s22 is actually 100 cheaper, so thats thats worth pointing out, and when you consider that oneplus isnt going to support the phone with as many major os updates or security updates, at least like not as long as uh samsung and Google have have said that theyre gon na support their flagships, then uh. You know this just further erodes the potential reach of this phone. So when you factor in all those things, the people that youre left with are those who want a large phone with excellent battery life, great customizable software and premium build just whatever you do. Dont sit on your phone or bend it and also dont submerge it in water, because theres no official, ip68 water resistance rating. Just saying, if you fit into that niche group, then the oneplus 10 pro 5g is going to be a fantastic option for you, and i can say that ive honestly enjoyed using this phone myself testing it out running it through its paces. I think the nostalgia does get to me a little bit because i just i love the bang for your buck, qualities of the original oneplus phones and i did use them as my daily driver for for years um and i just like the idea of competition.

You know the little guy making a name for itself in a competitive market with some giant billion billion dollar companies. I think thats wonderful, but as a reviewer i got ta review the phone for what it offers, how it competes relative to the competition and just try to be as subjective as possible and um. For those reasons, i cant fully recommend this phone to most people. Actually, uh time out, this is why we dont rush reviews because phones get updated features get improved. Not only do we have a model with 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage for about 969 dollars, but the cameras which were probably the weakest area of this phone theyve, gotten some significant upgrades that actually make them a lot more competitive. So i would say, if, like the performance and the cameras were holding you back, take a second look. You know we obviously have the new pixel, 7 and 7 pro coming out later this year we got the new iphones, the galaxy s23 or whatever they decide to call it uh, but with the new updates to the oneplus 10 pro and like the current lull and New flagship premium smartphones at the moment, i actually cant, recommend the oneplus 10 pro to at least a lot more people than uh i originally like was was referencing. So for those who who want a new phone now, especially, i think the oneplus 10 pro actually makes a pretty uh compelling argument for you all right back to the video like.

I said, though, ive really enjoyed using it myself, testing it running it through its paces and i think if it checks the right boxes, for you, youll absolutely love this phone as well, and if youre coming from an older oneplus device, youre kind of used to oneplus, Then it makes this newer phone all the more appealing, but of course those are my thoughts and uh. You guys are sure to have your own thoughts. So let me know what they are in the comment section below. If you guys enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up subscribe if youre brand new, as always guys, im beau hd from tv hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you.