Now this comes with the tried and tested snapdragon, 870 and theres a good reason. They chose to go with this one. We shall talk about it in detail further in this video, then everyones favorite amoled display is there with dolby vision and dolby atmos support and thats, something we dont see very often in many other smartphones. Further, the very efficient thermal cooling system comes with a vapor chamber with graphite sheets which basically prevents the phone from getting too hot, especially while gaming. Now those seems like really interesting specs, so without further ado, lets quickly, unbox it and see how it looks how it performs. So you can decide if you should buy the poco f4 5g or not lets begin Music. So here is the retail packaging of the poco f4 5g towards the back. You can see. Some of its key specifications comes with snapdragon 870 chipset 120 hertz amoled display 64 megapixel air triple camera 67 watt turbo charging made in india. This is the nebula green color. With the 12 gb ram and 256 gb storage weight, Music, okay, we are in, we have the sim ejector pin. We have the quick setup guide, then we have a usbc to 3.5 headphone jack dongle, a transparent tpu cover and heres the phone itself. Wow check out that color doesnt it look gorgeous. Well, have a look at it in just a moment, then you have the usbc charging cable with the orange accent and finally, a 67 watt charging brick.

You know i cant believe im saying this, but having a fast charger in the box is a big deal, considering some brands dont even include them, and surprisingly the more you go into the premium category. Its like, you bought an expensive high end phone, so you can surely afford to buy a charger separately, which sounds so stupid, but anyway, its nice to see that poco has included a fast charger in the box. Lets have a close look at the phone, so the back of the poco f4 5g is made of glass, and it has this amazing matte texture finish that doesnt attract any fingerprints and smudges looks so clean. Also feels really nice to touch now. We arent sure about the glass protection on the back, so id say, be careful or just use a case to be safe. Thats such a nice line use a case to be safe anyway, on the top is the triple camera setup theres, a 64 megapixel primary camera. 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro. The frame is made of plastic and is just 7.7 mm. Thin comes with this new flat design, which also helps ride a really good grip. In your hand, trust me its really slim on the top is a secondary noise, cancelling microphone top firing speaker and an ir blaster now ive said this before ir. Blaster is one of the most underrated piece of hardware which poco has retained in all their devices.

It works best with the me remote app where you can control your air conditioner, your tv, your setup box, basically any device that comes with infrared then at the bottom, is the second down firing speaker, usb c port, a microphone and a sim tray which can house Two nano sim cards on the right are the volume rockers and the power standby button. That also doubles as a fingerprint scanner. The capacitive fingerprint scanner is pretty fast and responsive Music all right coming to the gorgeous display. Now it comes with the e4 6.7 inch amoled display with a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels. The color reproduction is truly impressive. On this 10 bit panel, its vivid and crisp, it comes with gorilla, glass, fire protection to prevent, scratches and damage from accidental drops. The display also gets super bright at 1300 nits, which makes it using it outdoors also really convenient. Then 120 hertz refresh rate with 360hz touch sampling. It provides a very smooth and responsive user experience. There is also an option in the settings to switch to 60hz, which might help save the battery, but personally id say, stick to 120 hertz and enjoy the fluid experience. The trade off is worth it. There are 20 megapixel punctual camera in the center and its one of the smallest punch holes ive seen just 2.76 mm, its literally like a tiny dot. Then my favorite part. We also get dolby vision, support and youll find tons of content to watch on netflix.

Now, watching dolby vision on a phone is an absolute treat. The colors and tones that this panel can produce are unparalleled to any regular format. Its so amazing, seeing is believing also hdr videos get bright and look stunning. What further adds to the experience are the dual stereo speakers with dolby atmos support the dolby atmos creates that surround sound effect beyond left and right channels to give you that immersive viewing experience the audio fidelity that the phone speakers can produce is truly commendable. You can actually use this phone as a bluetooth speaker to listen to music on your bedside table or on your office desk. Trust me its that good. I can safely say that the poco f4 5g does a splendid job in the media department coming to the user. Experience well its running the latest miui 13 on android 12.. The interface is overall snappy and fun to use, but it has some bloatware apps like zilli and spotify. Luckily, there arent too many and the good thing is. You can delete what you dont need now, especially worth mentioning. Is the x axis linear vibration, motor its so precise and feels really good, especially when youre typing it instantly gives that premium smartphone feel coming to the performance? So, as i mentioned before, we get the tried and tested snapdragon 870 and we all know its, not the latest chipset out there, but its definitely one of the most reliable in the 800 series.

There are no overheating issues, theyre not throttling issues, and it still gives you flagship level performance. Also, snapdragon 870 comes with 10 5g band supports, so you can be sure that when 5g arrives in india the poco f4 will be compatible. Now ive been using this phone for a while now and i can tell you there were no app crashes, there were no lag, very provided really good performance multitasking between apps is such a breeze. Now the unit i have this comes with 12 gb lp ddr5 ram. Yes, thats, the latest ram you can get out there so most often used apps are also in memory. We ran the antutu benchmark and we got 6 lakh 78 000, which is amazing for this chipset. Then we also get ufs 3.1, so excellent, read and write speed and that enhances the performance drastically. We also played a lot of bgmi and even though im not a gaming enthusiast, the super smooth experience really got me hooked on in the graphic settings we got smooth and extreme, which is like 60 fps, but trust me. It felt like 90 fps so well, optimized. The phone did heat up a little, but not to the extent of getting uncomfortable all thanks to the vapor chamber with graphite sheets. Also, the good thing is that it cooled down really quickly. So if youre, looking for a phone for good extreme gaming and dont want to spend like 50 000 on a flagship phone, the poco f4 is an excellent option to consider.

Now this phone comes with bluetooth 5.2, which means its more efficient and stable connectivity coming to the battery. So we get a 4 600 mah battery that can easily get you through a day of medium to heavy use. The saving grace is the 67 watt charger. It charges the phone from 0 to 100 in 37 minutes now, practically speaking, i have never needed to charge the phone for more than 30 minutes and thats, because i never waited till the phone battery was completely depleted. It would usually be between 10 15 or 20 percent, and i would put it on charge and it would get me full in just 25 or 30 minutes, sometimes even lesser imagine if this phone had 120 watt charging support. Oh my god. That would be next level. Coming to the camera, so the rear, 64 megapixel camera does a really good job during the day, as well as indoor artificial lighting, the colors look gorgeous, maintaining clear shadows ultra wide, on the other hand, are decent. The exposures do get blown up at times and night mode isnt, the best the 2 megapixel macro is ok. As long as you dont zoom into those images, its good for casual, close up images in welded situations, then you can record 4k videos up to 60 fps and thanks to os its stable and super smooth. Also ois helps to get blur free images and thats. Why the images look so good Music, then the 20 megapixel front camera is quite reliable, good skin tones with clear, bright images.

Portrait pictures have good edge detection with nice bokeh effect, so the poco f4 5g has literally everything you need its got. A powerful and stable processor flagship level performance e4 amoled display theres, dolby vision, theres dolby atmos, the latest 12gb ddr5 ram its got good cameras, its got fast charging with this gorgeous nebula green and a super slim design. Trust me its a lookup. Sadly, we dont have the price at the time of making this video so ill mention the price availability details card offers. If any and the purchase links below in the description, if you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out now. One thing i can very confidently say seeing pocos track record: not only will this be aggressively priced but its also a safe, buy, it takes everything. So i hope this video was helpful comment down below.