What does it mean to have a device thats VIP? Well, it means youre getting this now. I want to give a big shout out to infinix for sponsoring this video, as we check out the note 12 VIP as a gaming smartphone and by the way the price point is quite delightful for a device like this. Now we have a device here that has a 6.7 inch display: 120 hertz plus 360 Hertz touch sampling, so you know what that means as Gamers. It means better touch sampling, of course, while were playing our first person shooters and also faster refresh rate for the games. We like to play now: this is all powered by the mediatek Helios g96. You should give us some really solid performance and we also have eight gigs of RAM on this model with 256 gigabytes of storage, so youre going. Eight gigs of RAM is nice, but you know when Im playing a lot of games Im moving from game to game. You know that might not be enough and thats true, which is why they have something called mem Fusion or memory Fusion, where you can go in and actually expand your memory using the storage uh in increments of either two three or five gigabytes. So you can go up to 13 gigabytes of RAM in terms of uh using more RAM while youre gaming. So I really like that feature and thats one that is easily accessible in the settings lets get into the Crux of the matter.

Right lets. Look at some of the games we like to play start off with Call of Duty mobile Call of Duty mobile plays well, we get a solid 60 frames per second were running this at high settings on this device. Here, with the note 12 VIP. What I like about it, it just feels really smooth and really comfortable now. The other thing to note is that, while you play games like Call of Duty, mobile and pubg mobile, which youll be checking out later, of course, temperatures are very very important. This has nine layer, graphene cooling, to basically cool down the device so that it doesnt stay super hot, while youre going through your gameplay sessions. Now, when we move over to pubg mobile, we play this at smooth Ultra and were getting a solid 40 frames per second, which is to be expected and were getting some really nice gameplay moments here and again solid performance all around. So I think what were seeing from this device is just really impressive, gameplay now. The one thing I want to add, though, is the game center or you could say The Game Hub. If you will, this is accessible uh from your in game menu by swiping left to right from the left hand, side of the screen – and this gives you some nice simple, clear options. You can go in customize your notifications. You can also go ahead and screenshot screen record, but you can also remap buttons and youre going with buttons.

Am I supposed map your volume rocker, so you can actually remap the volume up or down buttons for specific functions. For me, I like to remap my volume up button for my reload function, so Im playing Call of Duty mobile. I can go ahead and reload my weapon whenever I need to, and I like that, even though this doesnt have a lot of physical buttons, as maybe some gaming devices will have the fact that they were able to look at that and pinpoint that, for that is Really good, I absolutely love that, and I think thats a great thing to have in the device like this, especially when youre spending time gaming for long periods of time. Now, of course, I wanted to see how we do with games with high refresh rates. I went ahead and played some real racing. Three now real racing, three uh can go support up to 120 frames per second were getting about 86 on this, and it was really good, solid, gameplay performance all the way. I think a lot of people will like this. For what it is and youre going, okay look Sunday e youve shown us three games they perform well now. How much is this device well its 2.99, so think about all the gaming performance. You just saw at a price point: thats 2.99 and I havent even talked about the camera. This video really isnt about the camera, but you have a 108 megapixel shooter right here and, of course, a 60 Mega shooter from prison camera, which means it should be getting some really solid photos at this price point plus being able to play the games.

You want to play thoroughly. I think that is one of the best things about this and, of course, some of you are going to ask what about Genji impact. Yes, I went ahead and played gentian. I played gension at standard settings and I was able to get 29 frames per second, which of course gets you runs at 30, and that is what this device can definitely do, and it does a fantastic job at it. So what do you think of the note? 12 VIP. Do you think this is the device that you like for its price point? Its 300 bucks with, of course, is expandable Ram, as well as also the fast charging and some of the gaming features weve seen using the military check Helios g96.