Camera battery gaming and durability lets get started, so the v20 comes with an extra screen protector included in the box, a 33 watt charger. I pick to open the phone and the big boy itself: the doogee v20 a screen protector comes pre installed on the back screen. This phone is not really shy about sway its a really big phone and it really show so on the left side of the phone. You have a dedicated camera button and a sim card tray that you can open with that pin and on the right side. You have the lock button which double to the fingerprint sensor and, of course, the volume marker and on the bottom, you have your covered usb charging port. The back has a smooth carbon fiber finish and its really resistant to fingerprint. You also have a screen protector. Pre installed on the phone, then you have your back screen, which is to control the music and look at the time, but disappointingly the phone doesnt come with enter 12 out of the bug. So i think the design of the v20 is really solid and serves this purpose ill. Give it two out of two in this category, but now, with the main event, the durability of this phone, which is the main purpose. This phone was designed around youll, be actually surprised on how much this phone can handle so im to start with spraying the phone with water just to test the water resistance of this phone lets watch, and then i decided to kick the phone, but i actually missed It, but i decided to include this just for fun – that was a total fail, but anyway, im gon na drop the phone now and see how it does with a drop test.

Okay, so this one was actually accidental and the phone fell right on its face, but theres no, a single scratch on this phone im. Quite amazed. So now im gon na put the phone in a pan of water. The reason is: im gon na freeze the phone im gon na smash the phone with the ice on the floor, so the phone is actually frozen now and you can see its still on lets, switch to the clock and lets smash you on the floor. Okay, this its okay. I actually feel sad for this phone and how much is going through and now with the fire test. I actually dropped the phone five times on fire just to get these shots, so the phone did actually go through so much more than its been shown in this video, and i was really shocked that every time i pick up the phone from the fire, the phone Looks like hell and im like this phone is definitely dead and i pick it up. I clean up and its fine, as you can see here now, im going to show you the phone after its been dropped for the fifth time in the fire, but the minute i clean the phone. It looks completely new im really surprised with the design of this phone, its been through so much in this video and behind the scenes, and it did really well so its fairly obvious that this phone is gon na get two out of two in the durability department.

So now lets talk about the camera im going to take some pictures and show you some picture samples and tell you my experience with this camera. From my experience, the main shooter is really good. I like the colors. I, like the details and here im, trying to take a picture with the wide angle camera until i get attacked by the housecat. The wide angle. Camera is not bad. The detail is good theres, some distortion, so its actually passable and here im trying to take a close up shot just to see the details and, as you can see here from the pictures, the detail is fine. The color is nice and so far its doing pretty. Well, with the camera and as im trying to take a selfie here to try the selfie camera, i get attacked again by the cat. I actually do like the selfies with this one. I, like the details, its actually blown up a little bit, but i do like it as for the video, its actually horrible theres, no way you could film a video with this phone, so dont even think about it. On the flip side, this phone actually has night vision. I havent seen any other phone with it. This is in complete darkness, as you can see here, im going to compare with the s21 ultra heres, the s11 ultra and heres the same scene. At the same time – and you can see anything so i do like the main shooter and the selfie camera, but im okay with the wide angle the video was horrible.

So i give it a one out of two in this category, so the battery life of this phone is something you dont have to worry about, whether youre a gamer and you like the game for long sessions and you play pubg all the time or you like Me and you like to binge netflix every night or you discuss steam deck, and you really want to show in this video to make other people jealous. So you take pictures of it. This phone is not gon na die. Its gon na give you two to three days. In my experience, the fast charging will fill up your six thousand milliamp power battery pretty fast. Sometimes, you dont even think about charging this phone thats, how long it lasts and giving you that battery comfort. This phone gets a two out of two in this category now lets talk about gaming now bear in mind. This is not by any chance a gaming phone, so im gon na do here. Im gon na run three different games, so this is pub g im gon na show you the settings. The game runs at so the game was a hd and high frame rate. Of course, this is not gaming phone, so you cant really expect much, but the game actually runs well. You can actually play with it. The frame rate does drop here and there sometimes, but its not bad and its really doable for a survival phone. Its not really a gaming phone, so its not bad now, of course, were going to try call of duty mobile because its one of the smoothest games out there, the game runs really smoothly.

Im very surprised with it, as you can see here from the settings at medium settings and high frame rates, the frame rates werent really bad. I feel like the game was really smooth. I had fun playing it even for a longer session. This game, uh, the frame rate, doesnt, really drop that much so its really fun to play, and, lastly, were going to do apex legends its one of the best games out there right now. To be honest, i really enjoy playing this game, and surprisingly, it runs really good on this phone. As you can see here from the graphics, it goes to ultra hd and the frame rate is a high. This means it could go all the way to 40 frames per second, and from my experience it didnt really drop below that even the fighting scenes and everything the frame rate was always at 40 and was really smooth experience. So, im really surprised how this phone could handle apex agents, which is one of the most demanding games out there. So, even though the games run actually acceptably, i dont think its a gaming phone, so im gon na give it a one out of two in this category its been a pleasure using the v20 as my daily driver for two weeks. This phone gets a very good rating of 8 out of 10 in this review, so for those who watched till the end, thank you so much for watching this video.

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