If you are new here, welcome, i am ashley im a homeschooling mom with seven kiddos, our oldest um just turned 13 and we go down all the way to um about a year and a half. So i am super excited to do this video um. This is something that i have done. A lot of research on um, as our oldest was about to turn 13 um. He just turned 13 in may and um. We have not had cell phones. My kids have not had cell phones um up until this point, so i wanted to do a give him a um phone that he could access. We could have access to him. He could call us, we drop off our oldest two, you know at sports and dance and all that every day, pretty much, and so we wanted them to be able to get in touch with us um and also to be able to communicate with their friends and Whatnot um, our almost 11 year old, does not have one yet um, but we are pretty much right at that point because they both get dropped off for 13 and our 10 year old both get dropped off equal amount of times so um. I wanted to show you the um gab phone um. If you go onto their websites, gabb um, if you go into their website, you will see that they have like watches um for more for the younger kids. I mean, i guess the older kids could use it too, but typically um.

The phones are usually for the older kids and then the watches the younger kids can do now. I dont plan on getting my younger kids watches because i dont really feel a need to, and i just dont want to spend money on it um. But that is an option. If you want, you know, if your kid is in public school or your kid is in daycare or your k, whatever the case may be, and you want to be able to communicate with your kid and they are away from you quite a bit. So we obviously opted for the phone. I want to show you this because he put a sticker on the back, but that easily comes off but um. It just comes off, but it comes with it but um it looks like a smartphone. Obviously so this um, you can get different cases. I opted for a case that um could not easily where the phone couldnt easily be cracked or broken. They have different accessories, they have different colors, they have different types of cases etc. But, as you can see, it looks like your typical smartphone. So theres, no, like you, know big clunky phone that stands out. That looks obviously like its a kitty phone um. But this, let me show you so here is the screen im gon na try and do it without like a super big reflection on there, um looks just like the smartphone okay, you can obviously change the background.

You can change, etc. Um. The battery i have found to last a long while it holds its charge very well. He usually charges his at night um. You know he can have it during the day in his room, but at night it charges outside um. You know in the in the kitchen area and so hell plug it in and then ill usually unplug it before i go to bed and it holds its charge. So that is a plus two, because, depending on how much they use it, you know um. It does obviously it does not have internet, so there is no um. There is no concern with unnecessary apps or internet connection or any of that, and that was a big plus because if, if they want to play games which they do or theyll play, minecraft or whatever they do that on my phone or you know, theres no snapchat, Theres, no none of that, and so, if any, if they want to look up anything or do anything internet related its on my phone, so they still have that option im, not cutting them off completely but on their phone or his phone. I say there because shell be getting one soon, probably on his phone um. It does not have any of that stuff. So i just want to show you. It has your typical swipe up to the camera and it looks just like mine um, so you can um. Do i pay extra to be for him to be able to send picture messages or send video messages you dont have to do that um.

I felt fine with that. So um the watch as opposed to the phone. The watch has like a limit of 10 contacts. I think that you can have on the phone i mean on the watch. The phone has unlimited, i dont know if you can, if you can restrict that or not, i didnt feel it necessary. So i was okay with that and hes good with, like you know, can i you know add my friends number from taekwondo. Yes, thats, fine and i think thats like super key. Is that just being open – and you know that line of communication um – is what is going to help them and to and to um um get these good habits going for a cell phone to later turn into a smartphone? So it has the video it has the photo um you can do the timer for the um phone. I mean for the picture just like just like our phones, it has the code. So obviously we know the code. You can do a fingerprint also. It has the emergency, i mean all of this looks identical, so i just want to show you he put some widgets on here um so that he could easily access it. So, for example, im going to see if i can, this looks a little bit dark there. We go thats a little better um. Hopefully you guys can see that he has. It says wi fi on here.

The only reason that there is wi fi on here is because it has a tracking um gps that we turn on, and you can also limit that. I wont go to it because it shows this phone number but um. That is the reason theres a wi fi on there, because it i have the location on. So if your phone gets lost or your kid is lost, or for whatever reason you can track the phone and see where the phone is, i think it automatically sets to a certain time like from you know. 9 00 am to 7 p.m. Keep it refreshed like refresh the location, i think it refreshes it every like 10 or 15 minutes um, but you can change that on there as well. So the main i just want to show you what apps it actually comes with. It comes with a calculator. It comes with a calendar, it comes with the camera, the clock, so you can use that as an alarm and get those good habits going and you know waking himself up. It has the contacts the file manager, which just has, i guess, like the pictures and things like that it does have a radio um. So he can listen to the radio as well um. He will. He has bluetooth speaker, a bluetooth, speaker and bluetooth earphones that go with it. I mean we bought separate, but it can connect to this. I think with the radio you have to have, i think, um the plug in the earphone plug in.

So there is a little spot here to plug in, like actual earphones, so he has like earphones that he uses as well: um, okay and then um. It has gab music um, we havent figured out, we dont have the option yet. I know the newer phones um. They have a clean selection of music. We dont have that on this phone, but you can put like on the music app you can. I havent figured out how but you can transfer music and to have a selection of music of his own liking on the music app so um i havent, like favorites, recently played folders, etc. So we dont have that yet, but that is an option. Um, the gab id so that when you click on it, im not gon na um, sh, im, not gon na show it now but um. You have also a connection on your phone, which will show you, and i cant show you because i record on my phone, but it has um thats, where his location is going to be thats, where you can press a locator button. If you lose the phone and then it makes a noise um, basically his information on your on your own phone, so it has the gallery here. It has the messaging um. Actually, i think my gab yes, so my gab to pulls it up, and then it has his phone number on there um. Then the phone, the settings um, which are going to give you the same, almost identical to what my phone looks like where you can change the display, tells you, the storage, the sound you can change, um, the battery etc.

Then it has the video button and it has a voice recorder as well, and that is it um. Those are the apps that it has like. I said he put some widgets on here so like battery data usage recordings list and where he can, you know um easily, just click on the buttons that way, but that is it um, i just kind of for me. There um, we did just the one year. Um contract, i think its like 25 a month. I think um for uh, the just you know to be able to use it. So just thats, like your plan, um the phone itself, i think, was 199, but there are so many influencers that have codes like fifty dollars off um, which is one i used um. I cant remember even which influencer i used, but if you you can easily find that um, whether its youtube im sure theres plenty of videos for the gab phone where they have a discount code. It is not connected to any um uh like verizon, or anything like that. It is its own thing, its own company, its own phone um, and so it does not. You cannot go to verizon and switch out your phone or you cant, go to sprint and switch out your phone. It is strictly its own company, its own little entity um and they use their own. I dont know you know what towers they use or they go off of, but it is strictly their own thing.

You cannot interchange them with another cell phone carrier, so the phones are are strictly to them. The plan is strictly to them. You cant, you know, change it with another company, so um. That is it. I am very pleased i feel like um. This is a very good starter phone for him and not even a starter phone. I mean this is just a good phone in general um to have because it it forms those good habits and you can have those discussions um. You know, as far as just like i said, the open line of communication as far as who youre talking to and things like that and you dont have to worry about all the unnecessary junk and drama of other apps and and social media, and all that kind Of stuff dont need any of that. So if you have any questions about this, let me know i was super excited to get this and he you know. I i find i genuinely feel like him being homeschooled has a huge advantage over not caring about having a smartphone that this phone is fine for him and he was okay with this. He just wanted a way to be able to contact us. He wanted a way to be able to connect to his friends that he doesnt see very often or that he does see um a lot, and this is a good option. So let me know if you have any questions down below um.

I am happy to answer anything and some i might have to look into because, like i said, we just got this, and so i mean its been about a month, but we just got in and so were still just kind of trying to figure it out and Certain things and certain um highlights that it has on here.