This is why google has come up with the amazing google pixel 6 pro device, with a 6.7 inch display weighing 210 grams, which shows of a new design language for google pixel. It comes with a bolder curves and lines, but we covered glass around the back and front of the phone all projected by a gorilla glass victims, the front camera located at the center of the phone with an optical in display fingerprint and the phone screen. Placement is really really good by the way this device is an android 12 version. Google sets this new smartphone to you, the best expression of android, and we are here to process the test. As usual, you already know im joycee of dresden, tv and today were doing a review of the google pixel 6 pro before we get into this adventure kindly subscribe to our channel, if youre, yet to like and comment on this video, as you help us grow now, This phone might not be a perfect phone, so to say, but it is certainly one of the most satisfying pocket friendly devices. You can ever get for a pixel and if you know georgia too well, you would know that im such a big fan of well detailed ages for a phone, so the google pixel 6 pro is bigger and better. I tell you it is way better than the recent google pixel 6 that was made to the market before the 6th pro. So this phones design is bold, comes with a curvy line covered with a glass in both back and front all protected by a gorilla glass vectors, as i already mentioned.

So this phone has a selfie camera in the top middle of the screen, accompanied by the optical fingerprint sensor on the screen too. So the frame is made of a polished, aluminium all round except the top part, which has a plastic cover. This design is enjoyable. Quite all right, very enjoyable, but im not a fan of the rubber case that the pouch accompanied with google in the packaging of this phone. In my opinion, this rubber case allows dust to pass into the phone easily and you know that can go a long ways damaging your motherboard and you know the consequences. So if i were to purchase this phone, i would say skip the rubber case and then go for maybe a customized rubber case. You would love or silicon glass whatever so skip the rubber case. If you really want to enjoy this phone for such a long time, so the google pixel 6 pro has the largest display screen that any pixel phone is yet to have, which is the 6.7 inches ltpo amoled and a qhd plus screen and a 120 hz refresh Rate this phone grows its brightness all the way to 860 thats quite impressive. So there are just three color display settings without any option for customization in this phone and thats uh. To me a bad flock for this phone so today, but the natural theme has a cool feature. Trust me, when i say it does the speaker of the google pixel 6 pro is certainly louder than an ep, so in some cases you might not even need your earpiece because the speaker is really pumped in so the google pixel 6 pro comes with a 5000 Mah power battery, which is pretty large for a pixel, but that doesnt reflect in the index score, which is an update that was recently installed by the google pixel.

So the screen brightness consumes a lot of power, which is advised that users reduces brightness level except where necessary, for the google pixel 64 does not come with a charge adapter. That means after purchasing the phone, you have to purchase the charge adapter separately and thats. Not so bad, because google has made provision for its head to head charger that compare this phone with maximum speed that you need to purchase and youre Music fully charged another mind. Blowing development of the pixel 6 pro is that it is the first ever device to come with a customized chipset made in collaboration with samsung. It was designed by google with a superior custom belt machine in the engine which makes the hardware strong and works really well. So that means the google tensor software has a storage capacity of 12 gb ram lpddrs, so performance with google pixel 6. Pro is excellent, with a beautiful graphic and benchmark test. Give this phone a beautiful experience for gaming, but this device, i would say, is not really a gaming device. I mean it is good, but its not a perfect device on the samsung s22 ultra an iphone 13 and other devices ive already reviewed it. Doesnt give you a perfect gaming experience, but the google pixel 64 is one of the most visually pleasing device to have for an android. Other amazing features are the voice typing one much more smoother than what an ai could do. So when you voice type it punctuates automatically when necessary and sends the text when the user actually says send another mind.

Blowing feature is the live, translate, which is quite cool because it is done automatically without switching back and forth to change languages. So there is a live, translate for a live, caption live videos and more really really cool features there. So there are three new camera sensors on the pixel 6 pro, including the 50 megapixel main cam, a 48 megapixel telephoto camera a four times: optical zoom and a 12 megapixel optical camera, and all the sensors are larger than its predecessors. So the main and optical camera has a stabilization capacity to stabilize videos and audios colors are vivid with its white balance, tone perfect something. So there is the most sharpening in pictures and really cool textures. The camera has a full zoom mode, which fits and capture your subject very, very well so detailed and with nice textures every photo taken with the pixel 6 pro is very much realistic. I tell you: there is no photo that comes out as true and real as part of the pixel 6 bro. Of course, pixel 6 bro from the name you can tell so with night sides enable i can get a perfect night to graphics and even the sky will glow in some cases. So the front facing 11.1 mp selfie camera shoots really great. Looking selfies with nice details and pleasing colors, this looks quite cool, including the presence of the hdr plus. So you get a brighter like unusually brighter and clearer picture.

Iphone 18 pro max is no match. You can do the test yourself. If you have this device in handy so with the google tensor, google applies hdr corrections to video frames, much quicker, all the way to 4 000 at 60 frames per second, so video qualities look really nice with pleasing color. The video stabilization feature sings a lot about the pixel 6 pro, so this applies to even selfie video recording with the speech enhancement mode. It is able to deny some unwanted sounds in your videos, so my verdict about this phone is that um, this phone is a premium smartphone and a perfect mid range android with a powerful hardware to make a really compelling device. Beautiful performance, good cameras, good setup, a huge battery capacity on a striking new design which drives the phone all the way to android 12 version, which leaves its ranking with the iphone 18 pro max, the s21 ultra s2 ultra and its lights. Even though it has your miner minor problems and conditions that i am gon na spell out now, but this phone is not available in all markets. So if you have an access to this phone, it is worth my recommendation and i assure you this minor problems are almost unnoticeable. So if youve got this device in your country, dont hesitate, lovelyz go grab it now. So the big question i always ask goes like this: is this phone worth the hype? Is it worth your money? Is it worth choosing it over the flagship phones, then my answer is sure.

The pixel 64 is an exciting challenger to some of the very best smartphones. In the market, so if you are in doubt about these devices, then dear dont keep your doubt, get this phone now and enjoy one of the best smartphone experience you will ever get. This phone has a solid all around performance and even arrive out to the apples. Iphone 13 pro and the galaxy s22 ultra. Just certainly you can go for it, although it has some minor faults, as i promised to spell out like no fast charging and no face unlock, but excellent. Camera neat, android interface and its attractive design, with a very good hardware, storage and a good performance capacity has made up for all these flaws. Remember there is no electronic that is without loss, so df go for it and be rest assured that you are choosing it right. So i remain joysy of jewish tv and if you have not subscribed to our channel, do so now by hitting the subscribe button.