So we are talking about this phone right here. This is the honor magic 4 pro and ive had my sim card in it for the better part of three, maybe even four weeks now so weve got a lot of testing time in with this phone and, interestingly enough, this is actually the first honor smartphone that Weve had here in the studio and for good reason its because honor doesnt actually sell phones here in the united states, now shout out to honor for sending us this phone to review and asking for our honest opinion over it. So with all that being said, lets get into it. Lets talk about the honor magic 4 pro now im not going to lie to you when honor first reached out and offered to send us his phone. We were definitely, you know, excited to see what the phone is all about, but actually didnt know too much about honor as an actual company. So, prior to the phone getting here, i actually decided to do some research and try to find out what they were all about and heres what i essentially found so honor used to be a subsidiary of huawei, where huawei would manufacture high end smartphones. You know like your flagship, caliber, android phones and then honor would manufacture your more budget level, entry phones to try to appeal to a different customer base, and you know im sure some of you are aware that a couple years back huawei ran into some issues where They couldnt really cell phones here in the united states anymore, and they also stopped using google services and googles apps on their smartphones and when that happened, honor essentially broke away from huawei and kind of became their own standalone company, and this is their adventure into flagship.

Smartphone territory – and i got ta – tell you theres a lot to like here whenever it comes to the magic four pro when i first finished setting up the phone and i started using it. I definitely thought to myself that honor took some inspiration from other smartphones that weve seen in the past, like when you look at the display head on, and you see the pill shaped cutout on the top left. I immediately thought back to the galaxy s10 plus now. I know that pill shape was on the top right and this ones on the top left, but you turn the device over and that giant circular camera system on the back reminded me a lot of the nokia lumia 1020. But as you start using the phone, you realize that they might have taken inspiration from other phones or other designs, but theyve actually improved upon those designs and made them really good. So that front pill shaped cutout, actually houses a selfie camera and a 3d sensor for face unlock technology. That is sophisticated and secure enough for you to use, as lets say, like payment authentication and were gon na get to the camera system on the back. But there are five different lenses in this camera system and they all do something different. That leads to a flagship, quality, camera experience and of course, you still have what you would probably be looking for in terms of flagship level build and design.

So you have the ip68 water and dust resistance rating. You have top and bottom firing speakers which, by the way, these are actual top and bottom firing speakers. So you have a speaker grille on the bottom of the enclosure and another speaker grille at the top. So its not what we normally see bottom firing and then combo microphone or earpiece and speaker in the display, its actual top and bottom firing speakers and you also get goodies like wireless charging. Reverse wireless charging and well touch on it again a little later, but wire charging speeds on this phone rated for a hundred watts. So great looking phone and also well built and honor did a really good job of making sure that, regardless of what aspect youre actually looking at this phone in its flagship all around. So if youre, looking at it head on at the display 6.8 inch, ltpo oled hdr10 plus certified its bright, its punchy, its saturated reminds me of samsung quality. Quite honestly, ultrasonic fingerprint display built in and its also got that variable refresh rate anywhere from 1 to 120. Hertz so display quality is amazing, now internally, its also a flagship with the snapdragon 8 gen 1, which is what weve seen on all flagship: android phones for 2022, paired to 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage at the base configuration which, i think is Definitely plenty generous and as far as anything, you want to do on this phone performance related its fantastic, no issues, no problems whatsoever.

You want to multitask, have different apps open at the same time, go for it. 3D mobile gaming go for it its fine, because all thats paired to a 4 600 milliamp hour battery that even when im running this phone at maximum display resolution at the forced 120 hertz refresh rate, all of the built in settings enhancements like video enhancement tools, color Enhancement tools, all the things that would increase your battery life im still getting to the end of the day with like 45, maybe 40 percent battery life left over and again, if you live in an area where you can actually purchase and use this device, it comes With a 100 watt charging brick inside the box, so if youre the type of person that burns through a lot of battery this phone charges about as fast as you can take the battery down so again its just, i mean its a flagship all around now. If we flip the phone over which, by the way before we get into this spec monster of a camera system, they sent us the magic four pro in the cyan color uh. I didnt ask for this color, but it was the color i was lowkey hoping for comes in three black gold cyan, and i just want to give you a heads up if youre like me and you like to use your phone without any sort of case or Any sort of skin for the majority of the time the cyan color picks up fingerprints like nobodys business like i clean this phone, the back of it at least one time a day, because about halfway through the day, its got so many fingerprint smudges on it.

That, if youre like me and you like your phone clean, you might want to, you – might want to consider carrying around a microfiber cloth with you if youre going to own this phone. But all that aside lets talk about this gigantic camera system, because there is a lot going on here. There are technically five lenses that youre going to see in the system, but three of them are used for photography. Two of them are used to kind of enhance your photography results if you will so lets start right from the top 50 megapixel wide angle, lens 50 megapixel, ultra wide angle, lens with a 122 degree field of view and the option to take photos using super macro Mode which is dope now in the middle, you have a 64 megapixel periscope telephoto lens capable of three and a half times optical zoom and up to 100 times digital zoom, which is not something that is necessarily new, but its still just crazy. To think that that is a capability on the smartphone now the other two lenses on the bottom are going to be a flicker sensor which is supposed to help with reducing flicker when taking photos its actually one of those things where, if its doing its job, i Cant tell and if its not doing its job, i cant tell because i didnt have any problems with flickering. As i was taking photographs of this phone and the final one is going to be a 3d time of flight sensor, its going to help with establishing better depth.

So you have more realistic bokeh whenever youre taking portrait mode shots of this phone. All in all, in terms of camera performance, i got ta say its also flagship level photos look great, regardless of which lens youre using or what type of photography youre trying to use. So i found the wide angle to be really reliable. It takes great photos if you need the ultra wide angle. For any reason, those photos look great, albeit slightly more saturated than the wide angle. In my opinion, and when it comes to macro mode, i used it. I really enjoyed it. I still think macro mode is super dope and definitely underrated and should be on more flagship, caliber smartphone systems and in terms of the zoom capabilities i tried it out inside. My house took a photo of a chandelier zoomed in at three and a half times took another one. Zoomed in at 10 times took another one. I tested out the 100 times zoom and its just one of those things where, when youre testing it like in an indoors environment, you really cant even see what you end up, zooming in on so its great that its there. Just you know, and ive said this before just dont be weird about it. It might not necessarily be like the best smartphone camera experience that you could possibly buy, but the way that i gauge it is if this is the only phone that youre going to have in your pocket, which the majority of people out there who are going to Buy a smartphone is going to be the only one in your pocket.

Are you going to be worried that youre not going to get great photos, whether youre out during the day, whether youre out during the night, good lighting conditions, bad lighting conditions? This is a great camera system and, with all of the lenses, its very versatile and very capable in all different types of photography. So again, i think honor did a great job here, not the best, but still very good. What took me the longest time to get used to with this smartphone was the software experience, not that it was bad by any stretch of the imagination, but, like i said at the beginning of the video, i dont have any experience with honor smartphones, or at least I didnt, prior to this one and ive had no experience with huawei smartphones either. So it might just have been a case of me getting used to this type of software which, by the way in case youre interested, is called magic ui6 on top of android 12. and from what ive gathered while magic ui6 is developed by honor theres still. Definitely some heavy huawei impressions going on in terms of the look and feel of this particular software, its still good, it might not necessarily be for everyone, it all kind of depends on what youre looking for, but i actually found it really feature packed and honestly and Im only referring to this, just because of the type of smartphones we have here in the us, but it honestly reminds me a lot of how much samsung packs in a ton of features to their android experience that you might not necessarily find on other phones.

So, with the magic four pro theres a whole bunch of things that you can dive into in the settings to turn on to turn off to change, how the phone behaves adjust your themes and colors and settings. But what i will tell you is that, if youre someone who prefers a lets, just call it closer to stock android experience, because i dont even know what stock android would be considered anymore. But if you would like a software experience that is going to be more bare bones, more minimalistic, more of like lets, say a pixel type experience. I dont know if this is necessarily the operating system for you, because there is a lot going on here. At the very least, it is based on the latest version of android android 12, but, like i said it definitely deviates from your standard android 12 formula, but at the end of the day, its still going to be great software and im sure it appeals to a Lot of folks who are actually in the market able to buy this particular smartphone normally at this part of the review, we basically ask ourselves like: is this phone worth buying, but its going to be tough for me to kind of piece that information together for you, Because for where i live, or if you live in the united states, this phone is not available to buy, so i actually dont even know how much it would cost, because if you check honors website, uh purchasing in the united states is not actually an option for This phone and obviously depending on your geographic location, the cost of the phone, is probably going to be different as well, so its not necessarily for me anyways, a question of, should you buy it its more so like? Can you actually buy this phone if youre in a market or region where you can buy this phone and youre on the market for a new android flagship phone? I think you should definitely give the magic 4 pro some serious consideration.

It is a flagship, caliber smartphone by every possible measure and whats better. Is you get a 100 watt charging brick inside the box, so i mean it checks all the boxes in terms of what youre, probably looking for when it comes to a flagship, android smartphone. At the same time, you get some absolutely ludicrous charging speeds and, while theyre not here in the united states, yet i dont know if thats something that is going to happen in the future. I think it would be really cool to see what it would be like if this phone ended up actually hitting the united states. My t mobile sim card is in this phone and it works. I dont necessarily know if ive had 5g capabilities on it. I dont think i have, i think, its just been 4g anytime ive not been on wi fi, but either way calls and texts, and things like that actually work. So this is clearly a global model that can support some of the you know, cell frequencies, that we have here in the united states. So i think it would be really cool to see honor make that transition. But again i dont know if they actually will just figured id mention it. If you enjoyed the review, make sure you hit like and subscribe down below again shout out to honor for sending us this phone to review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you.