We also received this monster not long ago. It doesnt have a lot of stuff in the box, a 33 watt charger with a type c port, a bunch of menus and a pin c2c charging cable no case, but this phone doesnt need a case either. When i picked up the phone – oh my god, it was really too big and heavy the weight of over 500 grams and the thickness of a nearly three centimeters makes it impossible to operate the phone with one hand. If you just look at the back and block the camera, you might not even be able to tell its a phone. Such a thick body also has an advantage that the camera doesnt pop out the entire back, is almost flat thumbs up and to prevent scratching of the lens. The camera module has raised edges at all four corners. It has a speaker at the bottom of the back, which is loud and not blocked by your hands. Even if you dont like the quality of this speaker, it does have a headphone jack. It has nfc support for google pay and a sim card tray that supports tf cards and two sim cards. The whole phone is made of metal and rubber because its big and heavy so even though it has ip68 and is drop proof, you dont want to drop it on the wooden floor of your house, its likely that the floor will get a hole in it, whether Its a good design or not, everyone has an opinion, but at least when you answer the phone calls with it.

Everyone knows you are not to be messed with. Next, up is the battery, which is your main focus. The wp 19 has a superb 21 000 million power battery. We love to do a battery tester for you, but its so big that we cant really drain it. So we can only provide you with some reference information. 35 hours of 1080p online video consumes 27 of the battery, for our pubg consumes 15. We got the phone with 85 power and it hadnt been used up by the time we finished uploading this video, which is quite a stunning battery life. There are also some official test data that you can refer to as well. We werent able to drain it, so we couldnt do a charging speed test either. The good news is that the wp 19 is a 33 watt charging power and can charge up to 80. In three hours, most people who use a phone like this should plug in before going to bed, though so as long as it can be fully charged overnight, charge, speed, isnt, particularly important to it remember the c2c charging cable that came in the box, because the wp 19 supports a reverse charging. It can really act as your power bank to charge other devices thats why it comes with a charging cable that is c2c, not c2a. I have to say that the ok w2019 is really well thought out. Of course, it doesnt have a high reverse charging power.

Our usb power meter shows it supports 8 watt hour pd charging. It might be difficult to be your daily use power bank, but using the wp only as an emergency power supply should be no problem. Not surprisingly, the wp 19 is powered by mtks entry processor, the helio g95, which is not very powerful, but is very power efficient and the wp 19s long battery life is also a credit to the processor ill write this benchmark score on the screen. So you can check it out: weak performance doesnt mean it cant play games at all, pubg can runs at steady 40 fps and the 90 hertz refresh rate screen also makes you feel smoother during daily use. Yes, screen is otherwise no different from any other rugged phone, but the 90 hertz refresh rate is kind of a major selling point for it. Another selling point is android 12, which is at least much better looking than android 11 in terms of ui. Photography is not a part of the rugged phone strength, so you cant expect the wt19s camera system to be very popular. You can check the quality of the photos for yourself, Music, Music, weve reviewed a lot of rugged phones this year and wp19 is one of the few rugged phones. Weve been really impressed with its the first time, ive seen a phone with such big battery. Although i dont need such a phone in my daily life, there are definitely some users out there who wont be able to recharge their batteries for long period of time.

If you need a power bank that can really make your phone calls, that is one you want.