I want to review a little special phones, that is, google pixel 6a. This is a full review since ive been using this, as my main daily driver during my vacation in Terengganu back to my hometown and then ive paired it with my other devices, such as TicWatch 3, Pro for detecting my daily heart beat and my blood oxygen reading And a few exercise, if i exercise you guys, should also know that i review this phones as a person who always uses a flagship phones. So this is the cheapest option for getting the google tensor chip, google, software and camera performance, so theres people who wants what google offers here this price RM2200. Is it value for money? Aite lets talk about the OS performance and processor performance here. This is the first google phones using tensor chip for a flagship and cheap phones, but theres a few differences that you guys might notice, such as google pixel 6a, only using 6GB RAM only if looking at Pixel, 6 and 6 Pro they are using 8GB until 12GB. Ram that is offered by factory, so you have no other options and the storage is 128GB depends on you guys whether it feels valuable or enough with the storage. If you want to add more storage, sorry cannot Orite done talking about the specs lets talk about the software performance, the first time. This phones was announce this year. They are being presented along side with Android 13, but this one is still not using android 13, but instead still running Android 12.

So when you look at the pixel, 6 and 6 pro its the same when you looking at the looks interface features, many of them are the same. Is there a differences that i have to take note if buying this phone, because price differences is huge? Rm2200 from RM4000 RM5000, because i know people who wants to buy this phone is really tight into budget people who wants to buy this phone doesnt want to spend more than RM3000 i understand. here. I would like to confirm the phones doesnt feel cheap, compare to cheap phones as a daily driver, especially – and i can see it with google tensor chip and 6GB RAM doesnt feel a differences performance wise feels just the same if open, apps, fells snappy as usual, like The flagship pixel 6 pro, even though theyre using 120Hz, it really doesnt, look too much off if im, comparing it without the 120hz skrin advantage. This is where i would recommend a phones that is not really expensive. Even though series A is a affordable model, doesnt perform like a affordable phone, so fazli your saying that the phones doesnt have any bugs and crash there is but apps. That crash is not really and apps that i take it as important, such as an example im trading in crypto. So when i use the app is okay, but when not using it, it keeps crashing in the background, so im not sure whether the apps is the problem or the software is the problem, meaning the main app is doing just fine, such as messages calling whatsapp, instagram, Etc, so that is a good thing for me, there is something i would critic the software, for example, even though the app is still remain in the background, but it doesnt stays there to be use, meaning the app is there, but you cant just use it without Reloading it its just need to reload it to where you left it before.

Can you understand that, if you left an app in the background, they will stay there with your original page, such as you open a facebook group, they save the path its not like. They refresh the whole thing and brings you to the home page instead, its just. They need to download it all back. So here theres a good and bad about how they make it respond. But my main argument is: we want it fast, but they need to reload it back defeats the purpose that is still slow, but its still better. You dont need to reroute back to where you left. Your apps is still a convenient, so that is pixel 6a software process. Your daily task, the main thing people talk about when owning a pixel, is the fingerprint scanner. I really understand their feelings, especially when i use it. My own google pixel 6 pro. So this thing has a lot of problem. This thing has a problem: the fingerprint is not fast and usable. The error is too many. When you try to open at times it feels like better use. A password is more fast and reliable. Can you see the problem? Pixel 6 pro has so. Is it improve here ive using the fingerprint scanner, as my main, unlocking option for pixel 6a, so theres only two options that is fingerprint and password and path to unlock the phones. This phone doesnt have a face unlock. I can confirm that i can say they improved it.

They really improve from pixel 6 and pixel 6. Pro you can see here when resting your fingerprint. It will unlock instantaneously the difference between pixel 6 and 6 pro. When you rest your fingerprint. Sometimes you need to adjust some times. You need to press a little harder, sometimes it doesnt even detect. So that is the problem. Pixel 6 has that pixel 6a has already been upgraded. Butttt … theres a but here, even though i say that pixel 6a fingerprint scanner is improved version of pixel 6. They are still not as fast as other phones. What i mean by that dont get me wrong, theyre fast, but not as fast as Samsung. Galaxy S22.