So lets dive straight in so first up you can see the packaging is rather slim, which means no charging brick in the box. You do get a cable under sim ejector tool. Any charger youve had previously will work fine, but be aware that you will need to add buying one to your budget if you dont have one already, as is the case with a lot of phones these days so on to the phone itself, and there is a Lot to like weve got a big 6.6 inch. 1080P ips lcd display with gorilla glass. 5. weve also got a large 5 000 milliamp hour battery theres a 50 megapixel f, 1.8 main camera sensor and theres. A few photos here for you as well to have a look at just to give you an idea. As you can see, the the colors are quite natural, looking and theres plenty of detail. This is a nice upgrade over the a12 and competes with some of samsungs mid range options. Theres a side mounted fingerprint reader and face unlock, both of which are nice and quick. Weve also got microsd card support, plus what i always love to see. A headphone jack weve got a plastic body that is light durable and comfortable to hold. You also get long term software support from samsung, with two major software updates and four years of security updates. But there is one major downside to this phone and thats the performance. You can definitely game on something like candy crush, but if you want to try something like pokemon go as you can see here, it honestly feels like its running about 10 fps.

So i wouldnt, i wouldnt. Try that its kind of choppy to say the least, but if youre, not fussed, about a lack of power – and you just want the basics covered from a brand – that you trust, then this phone is still a good option. The upside to that lack of power, however, is that youll get stellar battery life and you can likely get a couple of days out of the phone before you need to charge it again, which is a good job really, because it only has support for 15 watt Charging the ultra wide and macro lenses arent great, but this is a budget phone after all and its still nice to have that versatility. The selfie cam does a lot detail its a little bit soft but, as i always say, use the main sensor. Instead, once you get used to using that and using the volume keys to take the picture, youll youll get much better images, as you can see right here. Sorry about my face, so this is the front facing camera on the samsung galaxy a13. This is limited to 1080p 30 and, of course, weve got no image stabilization here. As far as i can tell just like on the uh on the rear, cams and heres some rear camera video footage with audio bring it here. Then one issue that i found when i was out taking pictures and video around the the part. The other day is that the a13 does not have an ambient light sensor.

So, as you can see here, shining the torch on it from my other phone, it doesnt react at all, whereas when i reverse it and do it to the other phone, the screen brightens up as you would expect. So one thing that i would say with this phone is to have the brightness set at 50 minimum uh at all times, dont even bother with adaptive brightness, because it doesnt really work very well, just a single speaker on this phone and it to be fair. It does it does still sound, pretty decent and gets fairly loud, so heres a quick test. Music theres no 5g on this model either, but there is a 5g model available if that is of interest to you, overall, its a solid phone with plenty of features and a pretty usable main camera that could really just do with a little bit more power, but It covers the basics quite well. If you need better performance, there are a bunch of other budget options out there to look at thanks for watching and, if theres anything else that you would like to know or see about the samsung galaxy a13 drop a comment below and well get back to.