The sony xperia one mark iv, probably my most favorite phone in the last year – definitely rivals my appreciation for the pixel six and six pro in different ways. I dont think theres a fifteen hundred ninety nine dollar phone. I i really think that theyre shooting way over the moon for that theyre, taking advantage of people who are interested in the states here, especially when you can get the international model for 11.99, and i think 11.99 is a fair price point for this. Granted. It works properly and i tested it out and i used it and i used it for like the first week without any problems, and then i went and started recording outside i made a video the other day, the orange lights back. There mean that its like its like a meteorological report, maybe like 50 chance of a rant like its not guaranteed im, not starting off yelling talking about this phone. They did a very, very poor job when it comes to heat mitigation. On this phone heat piping, the the complete lack of it basically theres, no thermal displacement in here and the phone is incredibly small. So when you get a powerful processor inside a tight space like this, you dont allow any room. You dont have any cooling, theres, no active cooling. Whenever it comes to smartphones, you might can get a fan and put on the outside, like asus republic of gaming phones do and that helps out somewhat.

I even bought one here. Let me show you this, so i bought this one, its an aftermarket one. It goes on the phone and it does help cool it off. I actually tested this sucker out. I went outside you know its 100 degrees outside and what happens with this phone is inside of about two minutes and 50 seconds. Typically, recording 4k 30 frames per second outside in the shade itll give the thermal an overheat warning, which is bad, because that means that its bad for the chip anytime, you overheat your processor. Every time you do it, it weakens it. It compromises the integrity over time. It makes it more prone to overheating, so you dont want your phone overheating on a regular basis when youre trying to use it. So i bought this to see if it would extend the life i got to over five minutes, so basically double the time that i was able to use it outside. But as i really queued in on that and started and ive been using the phone again. As my as my daily driver sim card in it, i took it out of my apple phone, my iphone 13 pro i i havent been using an iphone for like two weeks now and i havent missed it and thats something else i want to talk about in Another video, but this one there was so much promise and hope its like anakin skywalker. I guess thats something that we can talk about right now, because the kenobi show no spoiler alerts.

I was always a big fan of anakins character. I love star wars. He was a chosen one right. He was going to bring balance to the force and this phone was finally going to bring balance to the smartphone world. It was going to give you so much stuff going to give you the opportunity for pro level cameras. You got the continuous zoom youve got all the great stuff in here. Youve got the complete pro manual mode. Youve got your shutter button, your active iphone because theres so much stuff in here that sony did right. They improved the app they improved the camera, they gave us a new selfie and then you go outside and try and record for a few minutes and you overheat the phone. Now a lot of testing was done with this phone months ago and it was cooler and i had a protection. I had a prediction like this for the oneplus 9 pro last year, because it would overheat in about two or three minutes as well. It would get very, very hot overheat very quickly, and that was problematic. I made a video about that too, but it seems like im one of the only people that consistently talks about heat performance when it comes to phones. Well, this one very, very abysmal performance and even when youre using the camera. So if youve got, it turned on youre using camera, app outdoors snapping a couple of pictures, itll even overheat that way and its just terrible that it does that, because thats the whole reason to buy this phone and half of our life is presumably lived outdoors.

Its not just okay, let me shoot pictures inside. Let me set up my photo studio. Let me set up my youtube recording setup like i have right here and record inside its 68 degrees in here. The humidity is at 45 percent. All that great stuff. You can record for a while. It doesnt really have a whole lot of problems. Ive recorded a 10 minute, continuous video before and thats. Why? When the phone first came out and people were talking about it on a smaller level, i was like whats going on this things, not overheating its fine and then, as i kept using it more and more. If you use the screen for an extended period of time, it even gets really warm and then i was like you know what i want to play this new apex game. So i fired up apex apex legends on here and i played one game and the phone gets so hot. You can almost not even hold on to it its so incredibly hot. I had to have a case on it. It was still crazy hot. So that tells me not enough thermal mitigation, no heat piping, nothing on here to dissipate this heat. I dont know what kind of lab testing sony was doing for this, but this aint, it chief and i even had people like. Oh, you shouldnt use it with the case on it thats going to trap the heat in. I take the case off and get the same.

Exact result, its not the case its, not this flimsy case that you put on it thats, retaining all the heat causing it to overheat, its not because its being used outside lab conditions, its just bad and im going to talk about my buddy tech tablets. He bought one too on my recommendation. I told him it was good and he bought one for himself. He was super excited about it, as i was because its like okay cool, we can use this as a content. Creator camera this could be my go to phone. I can leave maybe my dslr at home. I can leave that. I can take this out and shoot videos with it and then you get out in the real world setting. Of course he lives around spain, its hot right. Now they got a heat wave too, when youre looking at 90 to 100 degrees, some people have said thats extreme weather conditions. Well, thats. My weather conditions here is over 90 in houston, probably seven months out of the year so yeah. Maybe if you live in oslo, this might be a great phone. If you live in fairbanks alaska, this might be a good phone. If you live down in chile, santiago near the andes mountains, then its probably a good phone, but its not if youre trying to use this anywhere anywhere within a couple hour flight of the equator. I think i said eight hours the other day, so ive tested this extensively, ive been using it for two weeks and sadly, i think im gon na return it.

It pains me greatly because this phone, i totally love. I really like this phone a lot. I love the form factor, i love being able to use it. One handed i like the increased improved haptics on it. I love the 4k screen. I love the vibration when you watch the videos on here that really makes it more of an immersive experience. I like having the dedicated fingerprint sensor over here on the side, theres so much stuff, thats good about this. The cameras set up its top notch, and if you really invest yourself into trying to take good pictures with it, you can take some amazing photos with it and its one of those things where i think it comes down to what kind of photos you want to Take because you can tell when somethings post processed and a lot of that you get with the pixel the s20 tool to the iphone. So much of the enhanced great looking picture experience is post processing with the computer, the algorithm, the ai, based photography all that stuff. This is a workhorse, a workhorse of a smartphone camera and what you can do with these cameras is really impressive and when they say theres no replacement for displacement in a car engine, saying oh, the bigger the engine size, the more ccs, the more power you cant Make up for that i mean you can put a supercharger. You can put a turbo charger. You can throw your nos boost on there.

You can do a lot of stuff, but theres only so much you can do if youve got a small engine blocked its just. How life is so when it comes to this phone plenty of displacement, but theres, not any heat mitigation? So what you get is something that that burns brightly for a very short period of time and then overheats and you have it dropped down from 120 to 60. Hertz, you have the thermal warning that pops up the phone gets incredibly hot and it can degrade the performance of the phone. Even stuff gets laggy like if youll press the button to turn the screen off, and then you try and turn it back on its like four or five seconds before the screen will even come back on its definitely bad for the phone, and i feel its just A really sucky proposition, because if i hold on to it basically im stuck here with a phone that could be problematic for the long haul and honestly i may end up keeping it just so i can continue to make videos because i there are people that want To buy this phone, there are people that are going to shrug this off, or this doesnt apply to me its not that big of a deal who records four minute videos anyway, hey there are people that want this, just because it has sony on it. There are and thats fine use your money make your choices on your phones.

However, you want im not here, to tell you what to buy and what not to buy im here. To tell you what my opinion is, so you can make an informed decision thats why? You dont ever get im not like oh go out and buy this or very rarely do i say, dont buy something, and i love this phone. I could sit here and happily use it for about 90 of the time i dont even game that much, but sometimes i want to fire it up. Sometimes i want to play apex. Sometimes i want to play pub g. Sometimes i want to play call of duty or my league of legends wild rift, but the phone gets crazy, hot and thats not good for it long term, and then some people are going to say its, not a gaming phone, well anything with the snapdragon 8 generation. 1 and 4k screen is and should be, a gaming phone, but the big moral of the story here is the reason you buy. This is right here: youre not buying a sony phone, because it has a great level of support. It has two years of operating system to your security patch updates. If you want support youre going to buy a pixel even arguably the camera experience is better with the pixel 6 primary shooter than with this one. You can point and shoot some amazing photos with the pixel 6 and 6 pro even the s22 ultra, even the iphone 13 pro.

There is so much to be said about the flagship level. Phones are out right now because they take some amazing photos. Heck ive taken amazing photos with the pixel 4a. So if you know what youre doing most smartphone cameras that are made by google and samsung and apple are pretty darn good these days, which is why its hard to sit here and advocate for a 1200 to 1600 phone. That is inherently flawed and overheats, and people have said this from the get go there were people asking me as soon as i got the phone is, overheating is overheating the xperia 2 xperia 3? They all overheated and at the at the get go. I was like. No, its im not having any problems with it and then, as i used it more and more over about a week to two week time frame, i noticed it really started to warm up. I actually made a video recently after about a week saying it wasnt heating up that much well its starting to heat up more and as im using it. If i sit there and use it, maybe like 30 minutes with the screen on, you can feel the phone start to get warm and it it does not get rid of heat quickly. This is one of those things where its a slow, build and kind of get the ember smoldering underneath the metal here and then it starts to get really really warm, and then it takes a long time for that to go away even 20 minutes later.

Youll be like wow, my phone is still warm. I think what they did here is theres, like this point of no return with this phone, where, when youre using it, it can compromise and it can compensate for about two to three minutes of super intense usage. Like 4k video and then it just cascades and it cant contain it anymore, and then it just goes and starts having the overheating issues. So even like i said, even if you were to put this on there, this this cooling apparatus, this cooling fan. It only buys you a few extra minutes outside now, if youre in a normal setting, 70 degrees, low, humidity, yeah youll, probably get 10 15 minutes out of recording, and i think thats, okay, so depending on where youre at and what kind of lifestyle you use with Your phone with the things that you do with your phone, this could still be an okay phone for you, but if its a hot area you live in – and you like to record outdoors, this is not the phone for you and theres a lot to be said About the experience, because thats the reason i dont want to get rid of it, i do like the camera, but again i like the form factor 4k screen. I like the haptics. I like the camera on here. I, like the fingerprint sensor. I, like i like how thin it is. I like how easy it is to carry around one handed theres, just so much to like about this phone and its just one little tiny detail where again, the legacy of sony is heat problems with their phone and its still prevalent in this one.

They refuse to change their ways. I mean the phone is essentially the same for the last three models: yeah. They threw a 5 000 battery in here, thats great, but it gets hot and overheats and then, when it does overheat, it starts killing the battery faster. So if you let this get into heat zone on your phone, then the battery life, you could see it start going down much much much quicker so using it as a daily driver. I was getting about five six hour screen on time, which i thought was pretty acceptable until you start using it as a camera. You want to play some games and you can stream directly from this phone. You can play games and record directly stream from this phone. Its really really crazy that you can even do that and oh boy, you want to talk about making your phone hot, so every little thing that they put in here to optimize this, for being a creators, platform fall short. It really does, and when i talk about getting insanely like burning surface of the sun, hot try playing a game like apex legends on here for about 10 15 minutes and youre gon na feel, like you lost the fingertips that your fingerprints on your on your fingers. It gets it gets so hot and you cant do that that thats thats bad business. For for how you make a phone, especially that costs this much money. And if you want to talk some people like, oh well, other phones, overheat when they get out in the sun, not this guy.

I took the s22 ultra out direct sunlight direct heat 100 degrees. I recorded for 10 minutes and i finally gave up because i didnt want to stand out there any longer recording but theres big differences here. Look at the landscape! Look! How much bigger this phone is. Look how much wider this phone is. Look how much thicker this phone is that allows for more air movement. It allows for better heat piping heat management. Sony has to make a bigger phone if they dont make a bigger phone and they arent going to invest in any sort of cooling technology. In here to radiate that heat away from away from the processor, its going to be like this again next year, so theyve got to change the design of this phone. Otherwise, its going to continue to be plagued because thats what happens with these chips, even though they make them more streamlined, theyre, more optimized, its a four nanometer processor, its super super tiny, thats great on multi, core mode, doing low low powered stuff. It can do that stuff all day, long without breaking a sweat, but whenever it breaks into okay, i need to unlock the v8 in my sports car. We need to go from four cylinder mode to eight cylinder mode. It cant do it for very long and then it starts having problems so thats. Basically, my verdict on this phone improved in so many ways improved in so many ways: the selfie cameras so much better.

The camera app and stability and performance its better. The cameras on the back fantastically better, i think the continuous zoom. I totally love it great addition on this phone. Its still got the headphone jack its easy to pop your sd cards in and out ip68 dusted water resistance. Its got pretty much everything you can ask for in a sony phone and then it falls short in this area so ill. Leave that to you to make your decision on what you want to do, im still on the fence, with whether im going to return it or not. I its a hard one because i want to use it, but i want to use this phone and continue using it as my daily driver, but its very problematic when it keeps warming up on me. And if i go outside – and you know, i dont really shoot a lot of video outside so its not the end of the world for me, but for people that want to use this the way its designed to be used like i could foresee this. If i want to go to my kids football game, this fall, i cant use this phone out there. I wont be able to use this on the sidelines to take pictures of video clips of my phone of my son playing football, and those are the things you need to think about. If you want to buy this so thats all ive got. This is almost a 20 minute video way way way too long, but it needed to be talked about and at length.

So you guys know what youre getting yourself into. If you want to buy this phone, so thats all ive got. If you have any questions or comments, please go down in the comment section. I will get back with you if you enjoyed the video. If you found this helpful, then please hit the like and the subscribe button and little notification bell.